Snow fell past the boy's azure eyes. He despised the cold, and here it was mocking him in his own back-yard. This place managed to feel like a home after a mere week.

Deidara turned back inside. The full Akatsuki, so he was told, was rarely in the same place at the same time. Everyone had their missions which came in a seemingly endless stream. However, whether the poor weather was to blame or there was truly a lack of errands, all nine men and one woman were in the hideout on this day, and had been there since yesterday. Everyone had made a point to introduce themselves to the blonde newcomer...that is all but Itachi. Then again the Konoha native was his recruiter; it was not like Deidara did not know him. The raven kept to himself as far as Deidara observed. One must assume he shared some things with his partner, the brutal Kiri native, Kisame, but you would never see this.

Deidara's own partner was somewhat of a recluse as well. Sasori remained in his own quarters doing god-knows-what sort of experiments on those puppets of his. Deidara managed to speak to the man on two occasions, which was odd since they were supposed to share a room (this was a sort of "bonding technique" brought about by one of the higher-ups...Deidara suspected the woman). The young ninja was left to assume Sasori spent his nights held up in his private quarters working for days on end. Deidara admired that sort of dedication to art.

Now Deidara was headed to his room, nothing seemed to be happening right now. He sprawled across his bed and let out a half-yawn-half-sigh before noticing his partner was asleep on the other bed. Deidara stared at his doll-like face, so childish, for a moment before shutting his own eyes. It was only midday but he could use a nap.

As he drifted off Deidara recounted his "recruitment" by Itachi, as he had every day since he joined the Akatsuki. Sasori may be the only other proclaimed artist in the organization, but Deidara saw Itachi as the true unrivaled artist. Nowhere had he seen such execution of skill. If course he was envious, he was still but a boy of was just in his nature. He was also slightly obsessed. He tried in vain to catch Itachi's attention, to speak to him, to sit and just take in his beauty without interruption. He was truly infatuated with the older shinobi.

Deidara awoke abruptly. It was well after midnight and Sasori was gone. Deidara did notice that his blankets had been pulled over him as he slept...another mystery to the character that is Sasori.

There was a knock at the door and Deidara rose to answer it. Outside, barely illuminated to the point of recognition was Kisame.

"Deidara-kun, I was wondering if I may have a word."

"It can not wait till morning?" It wasn't like he was going to sleep.

"It is urgent; I need you to follow me."

Without so much as a thought towards what this may be about, Deidara grabbed up his jacket and followed Kisame. He had paused over his bag of explosive clay but decided it would not be necessary.

Kisame lead him out of the hideout and into the forest. Deidara shivered, his mood was certainly taking a turn for the worse.

"Hey Kisame-san what is all this, un?"

Kisame kept walking for another minute then stopped and turned to the boy. He advanced on him, towering over Deidara; a sick smile displayed his crudely sharpened teeth. He reached foreword, his large hand brushed against the youth's cheek and down to his slender neck.