Dear Zelda,

Surprise little miss boss! I bet you weren't expecting this to be waiting for you! You can call this little surprise revenge for your Loftwing waking me up. However, this isn't only a revenge letter; it's something that I've been meaning to do for a long time.

Remember when we were kids and you said that you were my Zelda? Well, I never stop thinking about that. It was the most comforting thing I've ever been told. I hope that you one day understand just how much courage that inspired in me. I never would've mastered my Loftwing if it wasn't for the knowledge that even if I failed you'd still be there. For a long time I've wanted to tell you that I'm your Link, but I guess you figured that out a long time ago. You were always the smart one.

My point is that I love you Zelda. I know that many fine suitors are waiting for the chance to vie for your heart, Groose not included in that list. The absolute only thing I ask of you is that you think of me when the time comes for you to choose who to spend the rest of your life with. If not me, then it better be someone who will treat you as greatly as I would.

You keep telling me how you dream of the surface and all the great things there; how various races of beings must coexist in some form of complicated society in order to peacefully occupy the same space. I'll never forget you telling me about how the robots you think are down there. That was so weird! Of course I believed you, but you have to admit that the guy at the scrap shop is just a few feathers short of being a baby Loftwing, if you catch my meaning. The truth is that I dream of that world too, though with less robots and one detail that is significantly different from your dreams; you're there with me. That's how I want it to be Zelda. Wherever you want to end is where I want to end up. Our fates are tied together and I know you agree with me.