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Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini were the best of friends. Although if you said that term in front of them, they'd deny it immediately. Best friends sounded too feminine for the guys who were once considered sex-god royalty during their stay at Hogwarts, but that's exactly what they were.

Lady Malfoy and Lady Zabini raised their boys together and hoped that one day they'd be as powerful as their fathers. They were, if not stronger. Draco followed in his father's footsteps and became a Deatheater, while Blaise resisted the Dark side and stayed neutral. Draco applauded his friend's bravery and sometimes wished that he could have stayed neutral and didn't have to bear the Dark mark on his forearm.

During their seventh year at Hogwarts, when the war broke out, Draco had a change of heart. His loyalties no longer lied with the Dark side, but they didn't exactly lie with the Light side either. All he wanted most was for his family to break away safe and his best friend to get away. When Deatheaters attacked the school and Draco heard rumors of the Slytherins being locked in the dungeons, his first instinct was to save Blaise.

So that's what he did.

Instead of attacking fellow students who were guarding the school, he apparated to the dungeons and pulled Blaise to safety. He later stayed behind to make sure that his mother and father left The Dark Lord's side and got away as well. Although his parents had gotten away for a while, they were soon found and charged for their crimes when they had served the Dark Lord. Lucius got his very own cell in Azkaban for life since he was part of the Inner Circle and Narcissa only got a few months with the help of Harry Potter. Draco had made a clean escape from the Wizengamot with testimonies from both Blaise and Harry. Since Draco never went through with his task of killing Dumbledore and his wise choice of not giving up Harry in Malfoy Manor, they had come to the conclusion that he was innocent.

After narrowly escaping a sentence to Azkaban, he vowed to turn his life around. He and Blaise took out a good sum of money from their families bank accounts and put themselves through college. They didn't know what they wanted to focus their career on, but they did know that whatever they did, they wanted to open up their own business together. After a couple months of goofing off, they had managed to rule out anything dealing with Magical Law and Teaching Positions. They put their heads together and found out that they had a similar interest in Care of Magical Creatures. Blaise, having known some stuff about the Muggle world, had read that Muggles opened up offices that took care of animals.

That's what they were going to do.

After taking all the mandatory classes they needed, they were going to open up an office that would tend to Magical Creatures in Diagon Alley.






Seven years later; wherever you found Blaise, you found Draco. Having opened up their business after college, it took them a couple of months to become recognized amongst their fellow witches and wizards. Much to their surprise, one of their frequent clients was Hagrid. After getting over his initial shock, Hagrid enjoyed the fact that both the Wizards matured so much and put the past behind him.

Fang was as healthy as ever.

. . .

. . .

Winter was in full swing and the ground was freshly covered in two feet of snow. Night had quickly fell upon Hogsmeade Village and caught all the unsuspecting Witches or Wizards in it's cold wrath. People wrapped their cloaks tighter around their bodies and forced their way into any open business in hopes of escaping the chilly air.

Walking into the Three Broomsticks, you would be able to find Blaise Zabini and Draco Malfoy sitting at the bar- butterbeers in hand.

"Rosmerta!" Blaise waved his hand in mid-air and beckoned over the always beautiful bar maiden. "Can we please have two more butterbeers and two shots of firewhiskey for my best mate?"

Rosmerta looked up from cleaning the glass in her hand and smiled at her frequent customers; nodding her head. She served the boys their drinks, placed them in front of them, and went back to cleaning dirty glasses.

Draco picked up one of the butterbeers but before he could fully bring the glass up to his lips, Blaise slapped it away from his face. "OI! The butterbeers are mine. You need to down some firewhiskey and forget all about tonight's disaster of a blind date."

"It wasn't that much of a disaster." Draco defended himself before he put down the butterbeer; picking up a shot and downing it in one quick gulp. "Besides, I was the one who said that if she didn't shut her mouth for five seconds that I was going to hex her into oblivion."

"Is that why she slapped you!" Blaise chuckled.

"Yeah." Draco answered with a small smile on his face. "And that's why she accidentally tripped over her own two feet as she walked out of here. Gotta love that tripping jinx."

"You truly are an arse." Blaise grinned as he finished off his butterbeer.

The two friends finished off their drinks in a comfortable silence and then gathered up their cloaks; heading out into the night.

The icy cold wind had finally stopped blowing but still not a single soul inhabited the streets. Draco and Blaise were walking through the alley behind a pub when they heard a whimpering noise. Coming to a sudden stop, the whimpering sound continued from the end of the alley ahead of them and then completely stopped.

Curiously glancing at one another, both men pulled out their wands and muttered "lumos", lighting up the tips of their wand so they could see in the dark. Blaise kept his wand low to the ground while Draco held his up in the air so they could see what was in front of them. Blaise noticed a couple of blood splotches in the snow and pointed them out to Draco as they kept walking forward.

Finally at the end of the alley, they came across a wounded animal laying in the snow. Their instinct for taking care of animals kicked in and both men dropped to the knees next to it. They could tell that it was still breathing, but it seemed to be in an immense amount of pain since it was passed out. Coming to the conclusion that it was late, extremely cold, and they had alcohol in their system- their best best bet was to apparate to their flat and work from there. They didn't want to chance messing up their place of business if things got out of hand and they needed to call in for some help. People finding out that they were slightly drunk and working wasn't good for their reputation.

Passing his wand to Blaise, Draco ripped off his cloak and wrapped up the wounded animal before apparating home. He landed in the living room and the crack! behind him let him know that Blaise was there. Quickly transfiguring their coffee table into a high counter top, Blaise picked up the thick blanket from the sofa and laid it on top. Draco placed the animal down and unwrapped it, getting ready to check it for wounds.

Once Draco and Blaise got a good look at what they were saving, they both took a cautious step back even though it was unconscious. What they both thought was a dog wasn't a dog at all, but a wolf.

A reddish-brown wolf with a silver cuff around it's right front leg.

"Y-you check it!" Blaise muttered as he nudged Draco forward.

He rolled his eyes and stepped closer, plastering on the famous Malfoy smirk. "Really, Blaise? We deal with Hagrid's creatures daily and you're scared of tiny unconscious wolf?"

"Yeah, well," Blaise tried defending himself; thinking up an excuse. "If that thing wakes up, it's gonna wake up in a very bad mood. You'll be the first it attacks."

Draco scoffed at the lame excuse and held his hand out for his wand that Blaise was still holding. After taking possession of his wand again, he turned around and waved it over the wolf while muttering a few incantations. As he was muttering his incantations, Blaise stepped forward and was lifting up it's back legs and then examining the silver cuff on it's leg. A purple light glowed around the wolf's rib area, a white light glowed all along it's spine, and red spots glowed here and there all around it's body.

"Damn." Draco muttered. "It has a couple broken ribs and a bruised back. There are also some gashes all around it's body. I guess that explains where the blood came from."

"Looks like she was abused back there." Blaise concluded. At Draco's curious stare, Blaise explained further. "I took a peek at it's bits when you were checking the injuries. It's definitely a she."

"Oh." Draco sighed. "Well, I guess we should wake her up to make sure she's fine and heal her cuts. Then we can put her back to sleep and mend the broken ribs so she's not in much pain."

"Alright." Blaise stepped away from the living room and walked into the kitchen where they kept emergency potions. Instead of wasting time searching for the right potion, he accio'd a sleep draught straight into his palm and went back to the living room.

"You ready for this?" Draco asked as he heard the footsteps behind him.


"You might want to step back in case she attacks." Draco chuckled.

"Just shut up and wake her up so we can get this over with and then get some sleep ourselves."

Draco chuckled one last time before pointing his wand at the wolf. "Rennervate."

The wolf woke with a start and immediately started whimpering in pain. She tried to lift herself off the counter top, but Draco gently pushed her back down. Sensing that she still might be in danger, the wolf snapped it's jaw at Draco's hand and started to growl.

"Easy, easy." Draco tried talking in a calm voice. He peered over his shoulder and caught sight of an amused looking Blaise. "A little help here, please!"

Upon hearing the voices, the wolf lifted it's head and stared at both Draco and Blaise. The growling suddenly ceased and it laid back down. The whimpering came back.

"Well if that isn't a sign that she trust us; I don't know what is." Blaise mumbled. "Come on, how are we going to heal this one?"

Draco moved closer once again and started to examine all the cuts. "Well, we need to clean off all this blood and clean out the cuts." He mumbled. After casting a quick scourgify, the blood disappeared and the cuts cleaned out. "We can heal the cuts with a simply spell, but I don't want to take chances with the ribs. A mending potion will slowly mend the ribs and the bruising will go away on it's own."

"Alright. Let me go get the bone mending potion. I forgot to grab that one." Blaise left the living room once again.

Draco moved to the front of the wolf so he would be in her line of vision. He gently ran his hand over her head and between her ears. When she didn't snap at him again, he smiled. "You're a tame one, aren't ya?" When the wolf kept on whimpering, he continued his examination. His eyes caught sight of the cuff and decided to see what it was. As he turned the cuff around it's leg, he noticed a name was engraved into it. "Snuffles?" He mumbled to himself. "What kind of person would name their pet Snuffles?" The wolf snorted as if Draco offended her and he smirked. "Sorry."

"So how are we going to do this? I hold her down and you spill the potions down her throat?" Blaise asked as he reappeared yet again.

"No. I have a feeling that if we tell her what's going on, she'll cooperate with us." At Blaise' look of disbelief; he continued. "I don't think this is an ordinary wolf. She seems pretty smart."

Blaise shrugged. "If you say so. But you're pouring them down her throat."

"Okay. This is what we're going to do." Draco stared the wolf in the eye. "My friend, here, is going to heal your cuts with a quick spell. We're going to feed you a bone mending potion for your ribs and then put you directly to sleep afterward so you don't have to feel the pain." Draco explained. "I'm gonna have to open up your jaw with my hands to pour the potion down your throat. Please don't bite me."

The wolf relaxed on the table and Blaise got to work. He pointed his wand at the wolf, muttering a spell and watched the wounds disappear.

Draco slowly started to open the wolf's jaw open and poured the sky-blue potion down it's throat. He saw the wolf swallow and then immediately picked up the sleeping potion, pouring it down her throat as well.

The sleeping potion took immediate effect and the wolf fell asleep right before their eyes.

"Well, it's Friday night and we have the weekend off. What are we going to do with the wolf?" Blaise yawned.

"We take care of Snuffles." Draco answered. "Then when she's better, we find her owner."

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