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Three months have passed since Draco had been registered as a legal animagus. And it's been three months since Hermione figured out that Draco harbored a crush on her that led her to take a chance on him.

The two couldn't have been happier.

Ever since taking the next step from a casual friendship into a romantic relationship, the only thing that changed was the fact that they stayed at each other's flats now. Draco had his own drawer in Hermione's bedroom and Hermione had the same at Draco's.

Draco was currently at Hermione's flat taking a shower and getting ready for a small get together that Ginny had planned. And Hermione was sitting at her vanity mirror, staring at all the moving portraits that clung to the sides of the mirror. She couldn't keep the smile off her face as she thought about how lucky she was to have such amazing friends and now such an amazing boyfriend.

. . .

. . .

Since Blaise had forgotten something at his and Draco's flat and gone back to retrieve it, he was the first to figure out that something was going on. One look at Hermione kneeling in front of a pure white wolf and it all clicked in place. "It's about bloody time." He had muttered before running up to his room and getting whatever he needed.

Harry and Ginny were next in line to find out. Having gone back to Harry's place after leaving Draco's, Harry had asked how everything went. Sensing that Hermione was somewhat jumpy every time Draco's name was mentioned, Ginny called her out on it. "What happened with Malfoy? Why, all of a sudden, do you seem jittery?"

And that was all it took for Hermione to crack and spill everything. She told them of Draco's choice of animagus form and even spilled the beans on what she thought was harmless flirting. Ginny giggled when Hermione mentioned their flirting, but Harry seemed to have masked all his emotions. When Ginny urged Hermione to continue, she also told them of Draco coming clean and telling her of his crush he'd had on her since their sixth year.

And that's when Harry smiled. "I always knew something was different about Malfoy when he kept staring at you during Slughorn's class!"

Ginny broke off in another round of giggles and Hermione breathed a sigh of relief. She knew Harry accepted of her new found relationship with Draco when he pulled her into a brotherly hug and whispered in her ear. "If he ever hurts you, just say the word. I'll hex his arse so bad, he'll wish the Dark Lord was back to protect him."

The last to find out about Hermione's relationship was George and Ron. Having been her ex-boyfriend and the one who took the longest to believe Draco was a changed man, Hermione was scared to tell him. Her reasons for keeping it from George was that since he no longer had his twin, Fred, he confided a lot more in Ron now. Telling George was just as good as telling Ron.

Of course, all secrets must come out. And when this secret of Hermione's came out, Ron wasn't too happy about it.

Harry, Ginny, George, and Ron had invited themselves over to Hermione's flat and they were just sitting around chatting. Hermione knew she had to tell George and Ron soon but she just couldn't find the courage to do it.

Apparently the sorting hat had placed her in the wrong house.

And so there they were all sitting around the living room when everyone heard the familiar sound of a crack! and Hermione froze. Harry threw Hermione a worried glance and Ginny sat there as if the most amusing thing had just happened.

"Hey, 'Mione. Were you expecting anyone else?" Ron had asked as he glanced back and forth between his friend and her kitchen door to where the sound came from.

Hermione didn't speak but she didn't have to because Draco chose that exact moment to burst through into the living room. "Babe! Where are you-" And that was as far as Draco got before hexes started flying in his direction.

It only took a couple of seconds and before anyone knew it, one clenched fist connected with Draco's jaw. After that, it was a screaming match that resulted with Hermione kicking Ron out and George following soon after. George was the only one who hadn't said anything but he still chose to leave after his brother.

Finally after a month of ignoring each other and throwing around hurtful words, Ron came around. His only problem now was that it was tough to stop calling Draco a 'stupid git', but that was fine with Draco because he couldn't seem to stop calling Ron a 'red-headed weasel'. As for George, well he was now able to sit in the same room and be himself but he still found himself not being able to think of anything to talk about with Draco. This didn't go unnoticed by anyone, but they figured there was nothing they could do. If George wanted to take his time with accepting Draco, well then they'd let him take his time.

. . .

. . .

"Draco! Will you hurry up, please? We're supposed to be at Harry and Gin's in a few minutes." Hermione shouted at the bathroom door.

Before she could even blink, the door swung open and Draco walked out, rolling up the sleeves to his black button down dress shirt. "Okay, okay. Don't get your knickers in a twist."

"My knickers are not in-" and before she could even finish her statement, Draco swooped in and placed a chaste kiss to her lips.

"I was only joking, love." He wrapped his hand around Hermione's wrist and apparated them out of her bedroom to the front doorstep of Harry's.

When she finally felt solid ground beneath her feet, Hermione started to smack Draco on his shoulder. "You know I hate side-along apparition. You could have at least warned me first."

Draco, who was laughing as Hermione hit him, never got to defend himself because Ginny had opened the door. "Stop abusing the bloke and get your bum inside, will ya?"

Taking the opportunity when Hermione got distracted, he quickly stepped around Ginny and patted her on the back. "Thanks, Potter." And he hurried to the living area where Harry was mostly likely at.

When Draco was out of ear shot, Ginny pulled Hermione in. "Looks like the ferret trains well."

Both women snickered as they slowly walked back to the living area where both their men were waiting for them. Upon arriving, Ginny noticed that the last three had also showed up. George, Ron, and Blaise.

"Well now that the whole gang is here, let's pass out the drinks." Ginny beamed.

. . .

. . .

Being that Molly had decided to take care of the children for Harry and Ginny, George passed around butterbeers for the ladies and Firewhiskey for the men. Everyone fell into a comfortable chat and laughter rang out from everyone in the room.

After a couple of hours of laughing and poking fun at one another, everyone seemed to have separated into different groups. Hermione and Ginny talked amongst themselves. Ron, Harry, and Blaise sat nearer each other and got talking about the best Quidditch team, in their opinion. And then that left George and Draco to themselves.

After a couple minutes of awkwardness between the two, George stood up and walked over to the coat rack and rummaged through his pockets. The only one to notice that George wasn't sitting down anymore was Draco himself. Eying George warily, Draco watched as he pulled out a small square box and walk back to his seat. Fidgeting with the box, George quickly dumped it in Draco's lap and went back to nursing his Firewhiskey.

"Um. Is this for me?" Draco turned the small box in his hands.

George downed another shot of Firewhiskey and turned his gaze to Draco. "I dropped it in your lap, didn't I?" Being as those were the first words that George ever muttered in Draco's direction, everyone stopped talking and looked at him. "Open it."

Draco had just ran his finger beneath the paper when everyone suddenly turned their eyes on him and all shouted at once. "NO!"

"Are you crazy? You never open a gift from a Weasley!" Hermione started. "No offense." She then turned her gaze upon Ginny.

"I'm a Potter now. No worries." She grinned.

"Blimey, Draco." Blaise spoke up. "I don't even know George that well, but even I know better than to open a gift that came from him." Harry nodded his agreement and Ron just laughed.

"Oh, will you give it a rest." George defended himself with a small smile adorning his lips. "It's my peace offering. I'm not trying to off the bloke." When everyone glanced curiously at him, George explained himself as he faced Draco. "It wasn't fair of me to hold a grudge against you. After the war, anything or anyone who sided with the Dark Lord was scum to me. I know you've changed though," He added when Draco opened his mouth to respond. "When your and 'Mione's relationship came into light, I didn't know what to think so that's why I just left that one day. I've been thinking about it after all these months and I just realized that I need to let go of the past. It's time to move on, you know?" As George looked around the room at the people around him, he saw that everyone was wearing a small grin. "This gift is just a token of starting fresh, I guess." He stopped talking and drank some more of his drink.

Hermione stood and walked over to George, giving him a great big hug. "Thank you."

Draco nodded his understanding and continued on with opening his gift. When Draco lifted all the paper off and was faced with a velvet box that one would usually find jewelry in. "Aw, you shouldn't have." Draco cooed.

"Don't be a prat and open, will ya?" Hermione scolded him.

The whole gang sniggered and watched as Draco open the lid to the box. Inside was a silver chain necklace that was similar to Harry's, but on his nameplate he found his own nickname engraved into it.


"Hey! Would you look at that." Ron leaned forward as he got a better look at the necklace. "George layed his claim on you like he did with Harry and Hermione."

Draco scowled at Ron and Blaise laughed. "Well if I can get a cool necklace like that, I'd gladly become a wolf."

"Thanks, man." Draco stared George in the eyes as he put the necklace on. "It's really cool."

Harry walked over behind Draco and clamped a hand on his shoulder.

"Welcome to the wolf pack."

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