Authors note: Hi everyone, this is the new chapter one, am sorry for the big change. I simply thought the story would be more effective if it was laid out in this way. Now I will write the story in first person, and switch POV every chapter or few chapters, with a few minor changes to the story. The reason being so you can see more of the characters personality, and how they deal with certain situations. This chapter will be in the POV of Laura Nelson, the social worker.

Chapter 1:

I clutched the steering wheel tightly, as I drived frantically through the night-time traffic. After two years as a social worker, I had never been ordered to go to a crime scene. As I waited in the traffic, with a ciggarette dangling from my mouth, I glanced at the notes I had scribbled down earlier Travis County, Trailer Community, Trailer 12. Looking down, I sighed with frustration, it was supposed to be my night off from work. I had just slipped into a seductive red dress, and was just about to leave for a romantic date, when I had heard the phone ring. It was Frank Miller, my irritating boss. He had demanded I leave for Travis County, he informed me that a young, teenage girl had watched her father brutally murder her mother, before blasting his head off. Thinking about, I mumbled "sick bastard, in front of his daughter", as I shook my head in disbelief.

As I drove towards the trailer park, I was disgusted yet intrigued. The small area, laying just outside Travis County, was littered with dirty rubbish, and the bitter stench of alcohol and extrement hung over the area, like an invisible cloud. "How could somebody live here" I asked myself, as I parked outside the trailer park, locked my car, then double checked it was locked. It was better to be safe, then sorry. Just looking around, I could see that the occupants of most of the trailers, consisted of alcoholics, bikers and prostitutes. All of them looked dirty and diseased, they gazed at me with an intense glare when I walked weerily through the park, I guessed they were jealous and envious of me.

I was trembling with nerves, I didn't know what to expect, I just prayed I wouldn't have to stumble into a horrific crime scene. Scowering the park for the trailer, I stumbled upon a police officer. Hurrying towards him, I quickly introduced myself "Hi, I'm Laura Nelson. I'm from social services". The police officer stared at me with a look of confusion, I noticed him gawping at my clothing, then I realised I didn't look like the typical social worker. I was still wearing the seductive dress, I was supposed to be wearing for my date. Smiling at him, I giggled "Long story" before he grunted "are you here, for the girl".

I nodded my head, and replied "Yeah"

"Poor thing, she watched her mother suffer an agonizing death, then she found her fathers body. His head splattered across the wall" explained the police officer with a look of sorrow

"Oh god" I gasped, wrapping my arms around myself almost protectively, "where's the girl now"

"She's over there, she's been waiting for you, for a while" complained the police officer as he tucked his hands into his pockets, stepped onto his tip-toes and nodded towards the police car. I looked over my shoulder, I saw the young girl. Her hands were covering her face, and I wondered how she must have felt. Isolated and scared. When the girl moved her hands, she revealed her huge, sparkling, forest green eyes and her pretty face with delicate features. She had thin, arched eyebrows, a small cute nose, thin soft pink lips and her cheeks were decorated by light brown freckles. The girls strawberry blonde hair, was long and straight, but looked shiny from being unkept and greasy. The girl looked skinny and underweight, she was wearing ill-fitting jeans which were wripped at the knee's and a baggy over-sized sweater.

The girls eyes, were glittering from the tears she must of shed earlier, when I calmly strolled towards her. Sitting beside her, I rested my hand gently on her shoulder and told her "Hi, I'm Laura" before I was interrupted by the girl when she sniffled "you're from social services"

"Yeah, that's right" I replied with a glistening smile, before I assured her "I'm here for you". Rushing my fingers through the girls hair, I asked her "what's your name, honey"

"Jade Hewitt" replied the girl, in a quiet whimper

"It's okay, I'm here for you old are you"

"I'm fifteen" answered Jade as she wiped a tear from her cheek. Patting Jade's shoulder, I explained "I know this must be hard for you" then I added "now, I'm going to see if we collect some of your clothes"

"Why" spat Jade, before she stood up and questioned worryingly "where am I going"

"You can't stay here" I acknowledged, before I assumed "I'm going to take you, we'll find you a relative, to stay with temporalily"

"What d'ya mean, I haven't got know one" cried Jade as she stumbled backwards

"Don't worry about it, for now" I advised, before I turned around and walked towards a police officer "Hi, I'm going to be taking Jade. Jade Hewitt. May I collect some of her things". The police officer spun around, and chattered to several other collegues before concluding "yeah, you can go inside".

"Jade" I yelled, waving to her to come to me, which she did, before I stammered "we can go inside".

Jade walked me to a small trailer, which was squashed between several other tatty trailers. The walkway up to the trailer was cracked, in those cracks bloomed weeds and dandelions. Red roses grew wildly in thick batches by the gate, and the moonlight had cast a ghoulish glow on the lonely trailer. Vines formed a twisted maze upon the side of trailer, reaching their tentacles towards the roof. The trailer's walls showed black decay by neglect. Splotches of original paint hinted at the trailer's former prosperity. Cobwebs covered the corners of the front door, were tiny black spiders prowled.

The front door opened begrudgingly, almost daring me to enter, once I did a musty, smell crept into my nose. The house was for most of the time, dead silent, except from the intermittent creaks and moans. Black and brown mold dotted the ceiling in clusters, evident of rain seeping through the roof. Windows were covered with grime and dirt, the calm moonlight often struggled to penetrate the darknss in thin thread rays. I noticed how the windows were covered with grime and dirt, and how the calm moonlight struggled to penetrate the darkness in thin thread rays. Sofa and chairs laid overturned, revealing deep grooved on the ground where they once sat. I saw how most of the wallpaper seemed to be clawed off, and some of it laid curled on the floor. Several picture frames hung on the walls, though nearly all of them were off-centered.

It was spine-tingling to think a brutal murder-suicide, had took place in this trailer, and the innocent daughter had helplessly witnessed it all. I just wanted this to all be over quickly, I was tired, stressed and annoyed. "Get some clothes" I ordered before I realised my harsh tone, but before I could apologized I noticed Jade had vanished. I found her in the next room, Jade had buried her face in her hands, and was rocking back and forth. Between loud sobs, she whimpered "am-all-alone", she then looked up at me, and I noticed the tears streaming down her cheeks.

Sitting beside her, I cradled her in my arms and insisted "don't cry, don't cry" before I caringly told her "your okay, am here...don't worry, am going to find you someone". I spoke to Jade for over an hour, she'd grabbed my attention by informing me about her family. Her mothers side was filled with raging alcoholics, and cheap prostitutes. Her fathers side: The Hewitts, she was clueless about, her father never mentioned them. "You think they'd take you in" I blurted out accidently

"Uh-I-dunno" Jade stuttered

"Well, their worth a try" I admitted flashing a reassuring smile

"They won't want me, they don't even know me" assumed Jade as she grabbed the bag.

"They will want you" I lied, knowing there was a chance they wouldn't want the orphaned teenager. Extremely tired, bored and annoyed that there was by now, no chance I'd return in time for my date, I acknowledged "why don't you take a few things, to remind you of your parents" before I left the room. Phoning my boss, I explained "Mr Miller, I'm here with the girl; Jade. She believes she has extended family, who may take her in"

"Well, give 'er to 'em" Frank demanded

"Okay, I'll try" I murmered

"Try" gasped Frank, before he nagged "Your gonna' have to do more than try, do you know, how many god damn kids, we're gonna be takin' in, she's just one of hundreds"

"Okay, okay I've got the idea" I insisted

"Good" replied Frank before he hung up.

Tucking the phone into my pocket, I turned around then rushed back to Jade and asked "where about do they live, your fathers side".

"I remember Daddy, he said they lived in Travis County" mentioned Jade before she remembered "not to far, from here". I wathed Jade enter her fathers room, and then look inside his desk, she then announced "I've found his address book". Jade stumbled back to me then observed "Where they live, should be in here...but am sure Granddad's dead, don't know about Grandma, he never talked about them"

"Who's alive" I spat in frustration as I watched Jade sit down, then flick through the books pages.

Fingering through the pages, she suddenly announced with a smile "I've found one"

"Great" I gleefully smiled as I rushed towards Jade

"Luda Mae Hewitt" Jade read before she thought "I think, that's daddy's mom"

"How'd you know" I questioned as I wripped the page from the book, then placed it in my pocket.

"I'm sure I can remember somethin' about daddy, telling me stories about Luda his mom, and his brothers...I think it's Tommy, Charlie and Vilmer, and how he'd have fun in their house. Am sure, he said they lived at a plantation house" babbled Jade with a faint smile

"Well, maybe now you'll be able to see that house" I claimed before I continued "come on, if we're quick, we'll be there soon". Jade tossed her bag into the car, then jumped in the passenger seat, and I leaped into the drivers seat. "You ready" I asked as I started the car engine

"Yeah" replied Jade as she stared out of the window.

Chapter 1 finished.

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