My very first Over The Hedge fanfic although it's rather short. So, enjoy.

Stella's Kiss

A year had passed since RJ and the others managed to defeat Vincent the bear and two humans named Gladys Sharp and the Verminator for attacking them after they stole Gladys food to survive the winter. We see Verne and the others hanging out at a pool in Gladys houseyard, celebrating that they've survived the winter thanks to Hammy's nuts which were filled in the log. Meanwhile, we see Stella, the skunk, looking at some flowers far in a neighbor's yard, a few miles away from the forest and picks out a beautiful rose. She smells it and sighs at the lovely scent of it and considers it the most beautiful thing to do since the others changed her into a beautiful looking cat. Then, Tiger appears and walks to her before purring on her for a second or two.

"Hey there, Tiger", said Stella, "Why aren't you with the others?"

"I wasn't that interested with the pool", said Tiger, "Just thinking about going into the water makes me feel... well, uh..."

"Optimistic?", asked the now concerned Stella.

"No, not exactly", said Tiger, "Stella, I have something that I want to say since the day I met you and the others."

"What is it, Tiger?", asked Stella.

Tiger looks around and then smiles before putting his right paw on Stella's face and spoke.

"You're... so beautiful", said Tiger.

"Dang", said Stella, "Thank you, Tiger."

She blushes for a while, then suddenly, without hesitation, she and Tiger slowly kissed each other and they have never felt like it for the first time in their wonderful lives. She stopped and looked at each other happily before Stella climbs on Tiger's back, allowing him to ride back to the forest and find the others on the pool and then started to hang out with them for nearly two hours. Later, they've finished and went back to the forest to dry themselves up with dried up green leaves. Then, RJ spoke.

"What did you do today, Stella?", asked RJ.

"Did you find any flowers you wanted?", asked Verne.

"We had a great time, Tiger and I", said Stella and gazed at Tiger for a while, now glad that he had confessed his love for her.

Sorry for making this short. I just wanted to kill some time very fast.