Opening Up – 1827 after inheritance arc

Tsuna just had the last of the dying will pills that Basil had given him. Expecting the arrival of more today, he carelessly opened the jar that Reborn had put in his care.

"It was delivered today. I trust you know what to do with it," Reborn had said, a mischievous glint in his eyes. Reborn left to meet his fellow Arcobaleno.

'Dying will candy? That's new. I wonder if Basil made this,' Tsuna thought as he looked at the pink, round balls. He decided to try one before going to school. Dismayed that the pill did not work, he put another into his mouth. Maybe they were just ordinary candies after all. They tasted of strawberries. Tsuna looked at the clock hanging above the dining table. 'I'm going to be late! And Hibari-san is going to bite me to death!' Grabbing his bag and slipping his feet into his shoes quickly, he opened the door to his house.

"Good morning, Tenth!" Gokudera said cheerfully.

"Haha, we're going to be late! Race you there!" Yamamoto grinned and shot off like a rocket. Clearly, the baseball freak was very fast.

Tsuna looked at the smiling idiot's back shrink into the distance and started running towards school as well.

"W-wait, Tenth!" Gokudera raced after him.

Throughout the day, Tsuna was feeling dehydrated. He had had several drinks but he felt like his condition wasn't going to change. At the end of the day, his face was completely red and the teacher wondered how an idiot like him could get sick.

"Sawada, I think you should go to the infirmary."

"I shall accompany him there!" announced Gokudera, beaming.

"N-no it's fine. I can go on my own."

Tsuna stumbled in the corridor after convincing Gokudera that he would be okay. 'I think I have a fever. I better rest before going home.' He couldn't make it any further through the hallway when he tripped over and fell forwards. He was held up by Hibari Kyouya.

"Well, what do we have here? A herbivore."

Tsuna was still conscious when he fell into Hibari's arms. 'I can't control my body! Most of my muscles aren't responding…'

"Hibari-san…" he tried to say. "It's… really hot."

"What are you talking about, Sawada Tsunayoshi? This school is perfectly ventilated." Hibari countered. "Only herbivores like you get sick."

"S'not me…" Tsuna tried to explain.

"I shall bring you to the infirmary, come on."

Hibari held Tsuna on his back and involuntarily touched him in a place that would have made him shudder, if not from the paralysis. There was no time to think about how wrong it was, a student from Namimori was sick, Hibari rationalized. The poor brunette was slipping off his back and was breathing hard. It was hard not having to hold Tsuna's behind to push him properly onto his back.

Hibari opened the infirmary door with one hand as the other kept Tsuna propped up. The raven-haired boy lay Tsuna down gently on a bed. He felt the younger student's forehead. It was burning and it looked like the poor boy had trouble breathing. Hibari panicked a little and looked around the room for towels. Just as he spotted some and was about to leave Tsuna alone on the bed, a hand pulled his sleeve.

"You'll rip my armband off," Hibari scowled.

He looked at the sick boy again. He was making tiny sounds, like a dying animal would. Hibari finally turned to get towels.


'Stop saying my name, you herbivore,' Hibari thought. 'You're pathetic.' He wet a towel, folded it, and placed it on Tsuna's forehead. The brunette was given a look of contempt. Tsuna could deal with his overheating body but not with Hibari's killer gaze. He flinched and closed his eyes, hoping the older student would leave him be.

"Hey. You better take your clothes off." No response. "Hey."

Hibari shrugged, he would have to remove the stupid boy's clothes himself. While unbuttoning him, Hibari's face turned red. He was feeling too warm. 'Am I sick too? Impossible.' As he was pulling down Tsuna's pants, a weak hand reached to touch him.

"I… This isn't… good…"

"It's not whether it's good or not, it's…" Hibari stopped. He was undressing a male student in the infirmary. Anyone walking into the room would misunderstand. He wasn't taking advantage of him or anything. The bell rang and interrupted his thoughts. The last class of the day was over, and he had missed part of it. What was he doing in the hallway anyway before he saw the sickly herbivore? Returning from the toilet, it had seemed. The prefect was still holding on to Tsuna's uniform pants and thinking at the same time. He clenched the pants harder each time he was trying to recollect his thoughts.

"Hi…bari… Stop…"

"That's Hibari-san to you." His eyes looked amused as he knew it was taking a lot out of Tsuna just to protest in his weakened state.

"Tenth! I have come to see how you are doing!" Gokudera's loud voice echoed in the room. "Wh-what are you doing to the Tenth!"

"I was merely helping him. You do the rest." Hibari shifted his eyes to Gokudera and let go of Tsuna's pants. "I have a meeting."

He walked out hurriedly. Once he went past the infirmary doors, he put a hand to cover up his face and looked down. Hibari, normally as calm as a river was, after today's incident, felt like lava. 'He owes me.'

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