The Stick


Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I couldn't really think of anything better, tbh.

Toon Link and Ness sighed as they both watched the Tow Tows in the ranch, the two young boy Smashers bored out of their minds. The plains were green and grassy, and the sky was clear blue with white puffy clouds in the sky. Toon Link placed both of his hands on his face, sighing as he turned to Ness.

"I'm bored as a rock." Toon muttered as he sighed, glancing up at the sky and then back at the Tow Tows.

Ness nodded in agreement. "Yeah... surely we could do something fun, no?"

Suddenly, a smirk appeared across Toon's face. "Wait, that's it! Let's do something fun as opposed to just standing here bored!"

Ness rubbed his right arm. "But what do we have that could stop our boredom?"

Toon giggled as he pulled out a sharp stick, pointing at it. "This, of course! Why, we'll have lots of fun!"

Ness lowered his eyes. "A stick, Toon? Really?"

The stick then popped up to life. "Not just a stick, the stick!"

Toon and Ness dropped their jaws in disbelief as the stick grew some typical Banjo-Kazooie esq. eyes, jumping out of Toon's grasp as he turned around to face the two boys.

"That's right! I'm a stick who thinks for himself! Kinda surprising, no?" The stick pointed out.

Toon and Ness both were still in shock.