Toon Link, Ness, and ROB were at the Smash Mansion, where they watched as the stick was harming the Smashers. The Ice Climbers and Lucas were both set on fire, running around as they screamed in pain. Peach and Zelda were stripped of their clothes, left naked and hanging upside down from the windows. Waluigi, Lucario, Meta Knight, and Wario were all merged into one cube, the four of them struggling to break free. Toon and Ness gasped as ROB had a determined face on, ready to stop the stick.

"This stick has had its fun," ROB stated as he fired a Gyromite at the stick, getting his attention, "But this madness ends now."

The stick turned around, chuckling as he jumped up and down. "So, I see that you decided to try and stop me, eh?"

ROB approached the stick, picking him up from the ground. "Yes. And I'm not going to hesitate at doing so." He then broke the stick in half, effectively 'killing' him. ROB then dropped the broken pieces of the stick, turning to Toon and Ness. "Well, you two go run off. I'll clean up this mess. Just don't cause anymore problems, okay?"

Toon sighed of relief as he waved at ROB. "Don't worry, Robert! We won't be reckless, right Ness?"

Ness farted loudly, placing his hands behind his back as he blushed. "About that, Toon..."

Suddenly, the green fart cloud emitted from Ness morphed into a giant smog monster in the form of a Tow Tow, attacking the mansion full on. Toon and Ness looked at ROB, who had an angry expression on his face. Toon and Ness giggled nervously as they ran back down the southern direction, with ROB having to fix both the mansion and take care of the new smog monster.