It was, as usual, a beautiful day on the planet Mobius! The sun was shining, the birds were singing, Sonic the hedgehog was running, and Amy was chasing. Sonic wasn't going full speed, of course; that could discourage even the most relentless fan - which Amy wasn't very far from anyway. Just fast enough to stay ahead of the girl; it was a common activity (almost a game, really) for both of them.

"Sonic! Just slow down a little!" Amy called, already sprinting even though the cobalt hedgehog in front of her was accelerating away without breaking a sweat.

Sonic merely smirked and began to speed up a little. Amy copied, pushing herself to go as fast as she could, and keeping her eyes locked far ahead on the dwindling sight of her hero. With her sights fixed so far ahead, she paid little to no attention on her own footsteps. Suddenly, her right leg seemed to fall out from under her and she didn't realize until too that her foot had fallen into a carelessly abandoned mole hole.

Amy gasped quickly before yelling out in pain, immediately falling to the ground and clutching the throbbing leg tightly in her hands, as if to hold the sting where it was rather than allowing it to spread up to her perception. It didn't work, of course, so she could only sit there crying out in agony until Sonic heard and came rushing back. Upon seeing the pink hedgehog's pained expression, he collected her gently into his arms and rushed straight to Tails with no questioning whatsoever.

After they had quieted the still yelling girl, Tails did a quick examination of her leg in his medical infirmary. Sonic decided to stick around and make sure Amy was okay before taking off again, but was met by Tails wearing a somewhat grim expression as he exited his room for the analysis.

"She's got a broken leg," Tails announced, causing Sonic's eyes to widen as he woke from the half nap he had fallen into, "here, see?" Handing Sonic the x-ray and pointing out the break, he added, "It's right at the knee joint, so she shouldn't be able to move or bend her leg at all for at least six weeks."

"SIX WEEKS?" Amy yelled from the other room, having been purposefully excluded by Tails until he gave Sonic the full run-down.

"STAY!" Tails yelled back-almost as if commanding a pet-gesturing for Sonic to come into the room with him to prevent Amy's further protesting.

She sat obediently still on the little examination bench, arms crossed and her eyes matching in a glare, though her mouth contrasted the angry facade as it hung agape. "You're kidding, right?" she demanded and Tails shook his head warily.

"I can take the cast off every-"

"CAST?" she groaned, cutting off the enduring fox.

"Yes, cast," Tails said finally, "which I can take off for you every week or so to check the progress of the healing. But you will need a cast, which will prevent you from bending you leg and walking until the bone grows back." He handed her the x-ray and pointed out the little chip in her knee joint, "After that, you'll have to take some time in physical therapy and work slowly, but I'd say you should be back to normal in about two months, if everything goes right."

"TAILS!" Amy yelled, her voice jumping up several octaves, "Two. MONTHS?"

"It's not that bad," Sonic attempted to comfort, which only earned him a glare.

"Sonic's right; it could be worse. At least you won't need any surgery or anything; if the bone had been separated any more you might have needed it, which could've taken six months rather than weeks."

"Like…how much more?"

"Well, it should be fine as long as you can keep your leg completely still; I'll put a cast on in a minute, but even then you'll have to make sure to be careful," Tails warned, causing Amy to cringe slightly.

"Okay," she groaned, knowing that she'd have to be good about this if she wanted to be back on her feet any time soon. And the sooner the better; who knows what Sonic could get into in six weeks? She thought.

~~~. . .~~~

Later that day, Vanilla and Cream-pretty much the only ones on the team to own a normal car-came over to Tails's workshop to pick Amy up and take her home.

"So what happened to your leg anyway?" Cream inquired.

"I was running after Sonic and I fell in some old hole," she admitted timidly.

"Oh, well I hope you're alright," Vanilla said over her shoulder.

"Yeah, I'm fine; I'll be good as new in no time!" Amy tried hopefully, attempting to make herself believe the words.

"It's a good thing Tails is such an amazing doctor! He'll be able to help you get better," Cream built onto the cheerful atmosphere.

"And you know you're always welcome to stay with us until you're feeling better, dear." Vanilla offered.

"No, I'll be fine; besides, I'll see you everyday anyway. Thanks for the offer, though." Amy said politely and Vanilla nodded.

Amy smiled and settled back into the seat. She could put on a happy face at least while she was with Cream; there would be six whole weeks to mope at home, anyway. One car ride playing cheerful couldn't hurt, after all.

Meanwhile, Sonic stuck around to visit with Tails awhile.

"Amy's pretty bummed about this, huh?" Tails began after waving goodbye to the others.

"Yeah; I feel really bad about it," Sonic sighed.

"Why is that?"

"Because… I feel sorta responsible for everything. We were…well, she was just chasing me, like we do every day, when she tripped in the hole."

"Well that doesn't make it entirely your fault or anything," Tails comforted while tossing Sonic a soda.

"Yeah, but if I had waited a little, she might have been watching where she was going and seen the hole." Sonic protested as they both slumped onto the couch.

"Well you know what you can do to make up for it?"

"No, what?"

"Amy's gonna be pretty lonely stuck at home all day while Cream's at school or I'm working on my ship; you don't have anything to do, so you should go and hang out with her."

"Huh, really?"

"Well yeah! And she wouldn't have to stay home as long as you were with her and you make her stay off that leg, so neither of you could get too bored."


"Of course! If she stays on those crutches or a wheelchair or something it should be fine; just you'd be responsible for making her."

"I can do that," Sonic affirmed.

"Plus, I know Amy would like spending time with you; she gets upset when she can never catch up to you anyway, but she probably feels pretty hopeless if she can't even walk."

"That's a great idea! Thanks lil' buddy!" Sonic said, ruffling Tails's fur a little, "Cream and Vanilla will probably hang out there for now, but I'll go over first thing tomorrow!"

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