"C'mon love, get those magic fingers out again, I need to be fed," the mature woman pleaded, Neil simply trying to stay away from her.

"No! Clear off!" his drink started spilling slightly as she grabbed the crotch of his jeans. Lisa was quick to get involved, grabbing the much older woman's wrist as she tried to get into Neil's pants. Kitty, as she was known to the boys, squared up to her younger counterpart, barely coming up to Lisa's neck before grabbing her hair. Her three friends stopped dancing and drinking, rushing to help the incapacitated Lisa.

"Alison!" Will called after the blonde.

"We'll be right back!" she replied, storming over to the situation.

Shit, shit, shit. This was not going to go well.

Alison, Jane and Lucy manhandled the cougar, pulling at her highlighted hair, her earrings and her arms. "Leave her alone you cow!" Jane yelled at her, grabbing her waist to try and toss her away. Kitty fell to the floor once Jane dropped her.

"You're one to talk aren't you?" Kitty rebutted. Jane's eyes widened, she bared her teeth, and ran at the aggressor. Toppling down on her, they scuffled on the sticky dance floor, prompting the other girls to fend her off as well.

"Simon!" Will shouted, "What are we going to do?"

"I don't know mate...let them finish...?" the spiky haired lad suggested.

"Oh yeah. Great advice that mate, let them scratch Alison's flawless face. Brilliant."

Simon raised his brow and his hands, "How am I supposed to know?! I've never been in a fight, let alone stopped one!"

"Except for that time that twelve year old beat you up, and when I did," Jay interrupted, his timing perfect as always.

"First of all, he caught me off guard and he had back up, second, we barely had a fight."

"I still won though," Jay said triumphantly.

"Are we not forgetting what's currently happening?!" Will reminded, pointing to the three young women grappling the middle aged woman in the centre of the club.

"Oh yeah," said Jay, before laughing.

"I can't watch this...I'm going in!" Will ran at the pile and jumped on Kitty heroically, hoping to impress Alison by protecting her. He flailed as Kitty caught him, digging her false nails into the side of his face, knocking his glasses off the dance floor. The girls starting hitting her, yet she clung on to the dark haired teenager, his blurred vision stopping him from doing anything useful. Simon, Jay and now Neil stood watching Will get thrown like a rag doll all over the club.

"It's a bit tragic now," Jay stated nonplussed.

"Yeah," agreed Simon and Neil in unison, the trio heading over to the fight.

"Come on you lot, break it up," Neil stressed, pulling Lisa from the floor. Jane stood up as Lucy and Alison stopped pinning Kitty to the floor, the two girls following suit.

"Keep your hands off my fella!" Lisa screamed at the older woman.

Kitty put her index and middle finger up to her lips, feeling for a cut, "I had him first love, and I want him again." She grinned.

"Piss off you wrinkly old bag," Jay added.

"Is that your missus?" Kitty asked, nodding at Jane, "She must like tiny cocks." Jane went for her again, her boyfriend held her back as the other lads tried to stifle a laugh. Kitty turned her attention to Neil again, "Unlike this one, my word..." she scanned the tall young man, "Shame I never got a go on him." Lisa was furious. "But never mind..." she began again, "When Karen finishes having a shit, I'll have him."

"That sounds a bit rapey," Simon commented, grimacing.

"Ah, speaking of which...here she is," Kitty announced, her right arm jiggling when she pointed. Karen was a large woman, she was easily about eighteen stone, but was strong rather than obese. "Get these little girls away from my man."

"Er, Kitty, is it?" Will asked politely, "Have you even taken Neil's opinion into account?"

The dirty blonde scowled at him, "He doesn't know what he wants. When it comes down to it, who would you rather have? A skinny little tart, who couldn't handle a man if she tried. Or a real woman, with curves?"

Will performed his usual condescending eye roll, left to right, "I'd rather have a girl my own age."

"Then fuck off four eyes."

As Alison heard this, she whipped around to defend her boyfriend before being pushed hard by Karen. She hit the floor hard, the music was almost deafening, which was rare for 'their club', but in its defence, it was a Saturday in Malia. Alison saw stars, the group of people erupted into shouting unheard by any staff the club may have been hiding, yet when Will crouched to her vision, she could feel herself smiling. She felt like he actually cared for her.

"Alison! How are you feeling?" He went from buffoon to emotional in half a sentence.

"Better now that you're here, Specs," she grabbed his shoulder and he helped her to her feet. "Nobody can make fun of your glasses, but me," Alison declared to him, the music suddenly quietened in the moment.

"I'm going to put an end to this," Will exclaimed, sitting his girlfriend in a tidy booth and sneaking to the bar. Shouting and swearing between the two parties turned the air blue and turned people away from Marco's. Will just wanted to go the hotel, or drink. Finally making his way to the bar, the lone man sat behind it had seldom looked from his newspaper and stack of magazines all night, only noticing people out of the corner of his eye.

"Excuse me!"

The bartender didn't hear him.

"Excuse me, sir!"

And again.


He looked up.

"What can I get ya?" He wasn't even phased by the arguing.

"Can you get those lunatic old harpies out of here? They're ruining our night!"

"It's just a spat, it'll blow over," he calmly explained.

Will could feel himself getting worked up, "It's been going on for at least ten minutes now!"

"Waste of time unless someone's been hurt."

"That fat one shoved my girlfriend!"

The bartender glanced over, "Three of 'em are fat."

"The fattest one then!" Will seemed to scream at the worker. This prompted the bartender to pick up his walkie talkie, it looked as if it had never been used.

"Door staff to the dance floor please, we have a scuffle down here," he said exasperatedly.

"Thank you, was that too hard?" Will questioned in his almost mocking tone.

"I'm going to ignore you now unless you're here to buy drinks."

"Yeah...I thought you might say something like that."

The two doormen trudged down the stairs, they glanced at the shouting women and then glanced at each other. Will, Simon, Alison and Jay could only watch as a screaming, flailing Kitty was grabbed by her arms and launched upwards by the bouncer, her heels leaving her feet and swooping across the club. They could hear the bouncer telling her to leave without him having to drag her, but she didn't listen. Karen was taller than the second bouncer, and he looked intimidated but she simply set off walking, the man placing his hand on her back and escorting her upstairs. A furious Kitty was yelling at her, wondering what her best friend was doing, only to hear a reply of, "Leave it love, they're only kids." Will felt a sense of triumph as they watched the two women leave Marco's.

"See Neil, what'd I tell you? Shag a MILF and you'll only get grief," Jay 'reminded' his spindly friend.

Will and Simon both arched an eyebrow at the shaggy haired enigma, "You've never been with an older woman," said Will.

"And she isn't a MILF by any means," Simon continued.

"Yeah, well, you're all just jealous of my vast experience," Jay defended.

"If by experience you mean wanking, then no, there's a reason we don't go round your house, your sheets are crusty."

The girls contorted their faces as Jay simply shook his head.

"You wanna get out of here?" Jane asked, "I'm not too fond of the atmosphere we created."

"Definitely," Alison agreed for everybody.

The eight of them left the club, Will and Alison said their goodbyes to the rest of the group, as did Neil and Lisa. Jane wanted to feel the breeze on the beach, so Jay went with her, whilst Lucy wanted a few more drinks, so Simon inevitably stayed with her. The (most normal) couple wandered down the strip, the Saturday night life teeming with university students and mid-twenties age defiers. It was loud, bright and yet it had a quality about it that made it more than that, it would actually be memorable. Simon had his arm around Lucy, as she squeezed his waist, it felt oddly perfect despite the fact that Simon had been covered in a pink cocktail, and Lucy's make up was smudged from the fight. The noise felt like a low din, it was barely registered by the two as they made their way through the crowds at two in the morning, Lucy smiled widely, she felt happy with the young man, the young man who, only a couple of days ago, was besotted by Carli, his neighbour, his classmate and his first kiss at age eleven. She felt lucky.

Coming to the pier, Lucy held his hand and led him down the sand underneath it. There was a small area underneath where the two could lie down, the waves barely splashing their toes. The two of them kissed under the moonlight, both of them just past the point of tipsy as they took off some clothing.

"Simon..." Lucy mumbled between breaths.


"I want my first time to be right...this is nice, but..." she stopped kissing him, and her big eyes moved away from his face.

"It's okay, me too," he kindly smiled back at her reassuringly, sand slowly creeping into his boxers.

Lucy felt her head collapse on to his chest, the two of them in their bare essentials as she dotted kisses on his chest and neck, "I want to do this though..." she grinned coyly and stroked around his shorts.

Simon made sure to tell me all the gory details from his walk with his girlfriend, how they'd gone for a stroll by the pier, went to have a lie down, and how, for the next five minutes, Lucy wanked Simon off until he spunked in the sand. Beautiful. Meanwhile, I had walked Alison back, hugged and kissed her, made sure she felt okay after the two beastly culprits hit her, and went on my way back to our shitty hotel, but not before seeing a familiar face.

"Oi! You!"

Will squinted into the darkness to his right, the side of the road was covered by shrubs but he could vaguely decipher a figure crawling out from under them. It was James, the club rep.

"Erm...hello?" Will called back.

He crawled out on to the road with a bottle of Jäger, he was covered in dirt and his clothes were ragged, yet, frustratingly for Will, he was still handsome.

"You-you're that g-gullible twat's mate...aren't you...?"

Will realised how horrendously drunk James was and replied, "Simon might be a bit of a twat sometimes, but he's a much better person than yourself."

"How'd you pull 'er then...?" James asked almost sincerely.

"A gentleman never tells," the bespectacled youth stated.

"Are...are you bent or summink...?" James simply sneered before feeling his body collapse underneath him, his chiselled face connecting with the concrete.

Will continued, "Clean yourself up, you'll attract the wildlife."

As I walked away from the limp, drunken body in front of me, I realised that we had won. We had finally got a win amongst our peers. Though at school we were ridiculed, cajoled, wedgied, spat on, and sometimes just ignored, out here in Malia, we were kings of our domain. The pupils at sixth form held the cards just above our heads, begging us to jump and beg and plead for just a tiny fraction of their social life, and yet, here we were, having snatched the cards from under their very noses. I'm not bitter, I just wish they sometimes that they felt humiliated and embarrassed for once, just to know how awkward we felt all the time. Oh yes, and the best part was, there was a good chunk of the week left to come. I didn't want to go back home.

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