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Chapter 41


I lay in bed and listened as Edward talked to his daughter through the monitor in our room. He was so sweet with Abby. She loved him so much and I could say the same of him. From the moment I told him that I was pregnant he was all in. I sold my apartment in the city, I hadn't used that old apartment since I stayed away from Edward that week of the competition, anyway. I also bought a new Q7. Now don't get me wrong I kept the R8, I just felt safer in the roomy Q7.

I reduced my hours at the dealership, and later in my pregnancy, I took a job in the office of the service department. I took care of the books in there, I had to make sure all of the service tickets were paid in full and the parts distributor's bills were taken care of. It was a sit down job and it worked for me, for now. The other good thing was that Carlisle expanded my office and I can take Abby with me to work when I get ready to go back. It really did pay to be related to the boss. One day I will walk back out on that showroom floor and sell cars again but for now, I loved the way my job worked for my family.

After Edward and I came out about our relationship, things were easier at work. It helped that Emmett, Rose, Alice and Jasper could be free with their information. When Edward and I kept our relationship a secret, they had to as well. They all said it was like walking on egg shells to know what to say and what not to say. I had no idea it was that big of a deal for them, I felt terrible.

Neither Edward nor I wanted it to be that way. At first we started out to keep it from Carlisle. I didn't want him or Edward to think that I was opportunistic and only dated Edward for their name. Then I worried that as a woman salesperson I would get shit from all of my coworkers. There weren't many women who sold cars, especially high end cars and I had to fight, claw and work harder to get to where I was. I did it, without complaint, because I loved the cars and wanted to sell them. I didn't want to defend myself and my decision to anyone. I also didn't want Edward to have to defend me either. In my mind it was just easier to hide things.

I saw now how much that was wrong. First of all, it sent the wrong signal to Edward, it made him feel like he wasn't important enough to me to be able to come out to our friends and co workers. I also took away his ability to defend me. I loved that he wanted to take care of me, in all ways. He and I both knew that I was capable of doing it myself but he wanted to make my life easier and more comfortable. So I let him. I didn't know if the fact that I allowed him to take care of me meant that I no longer fit in with the strong bra burning women of corporate America or not but it worked for the two of us, so who was to tell me I was wrong?

I snapped back as I head Edward begin to hum to Abby to get her back to sleep. He must have feed her, changed her and I knew that now she would get rocked back to sleep by him. I told him that I would do the overnight shift since I was still at home for now, but he was stubborn. He wanted his alone time with his Little Pretty, as he had called her from the first moment she saw her.

He said she looked just like me, I said she looked like him. She definitely had that bronze unruly hair of his, no doubt about that. He said that was my nose and lips on her beautiful face. I, secretly, hoped that she had his lips because his lips were simply to die for. I loved them so much. I guess we will have to agree to disagree on that one because we were both so sure that we were right that there was no point to argue about it any longer. Better to let it go and think what we want.

Tomorrow we were getting together for lunch at Carlisle and Esme's house. All of our family would be there, including Charlie and Renee. When we announced our pregnancy so long ago, both sets of parents were thrilled about the news. My parents had given up hope for a grandchild, they both assumed that since I chose my particular profession that I would not have kids. I had discussed with them how difficult it was for a woman in my field and how much harder I had to work. I guess they assumed that meant that I would never step back to take the time for kids.

And until I met Edward, I had never thought about it. He was the first person that made me want to try for a family and a career at the same time. I knew he would be a perfect father and I would never deny him the chance to be that to our kids. Besides how fucking sexy was it when I walked in to find him shirtless, pants hung low, with Abby in nothing but her diaper asleep on his chest as he still rocked her?

Abby loved her momma, there was no doubt about it but not as much as she loved her daddy. When he walks in at the end of the day and she heard his voice all activity stopped for her. She searched for him until he talked to her or picked her up. She couldn't stand to be away from him and I loved the fact that she loved her daddy so much. I was a lifelong daddy's girl so it didn't bother me at all that she had ended up the exact same way. I guess I would just have him knock me up again so I could have a baby boy that would be a momma's boy just for me.

Edward walked back in the door of our bedroom, he still held Abby in his arms. She wore a clean gown and was wrapped in a pink fuzzy blanket. He looked sheepish and I knew what he was about to say. "Hey, baby, what are you doing awake?" He leaned down to kiss me. "I thought for sure you'd still be asleep." He walked back around to his side of the bed and sat down. I knew it, I knew he was going to bring her to bed with us. I teased him and called him whipped but deep down inside, I loved to open my eyes and see the two of them all huddled up together. More often than not I would scoot over and huddle right along with them.

I dropped all pretenses and just scooted closer as soon as he settled Abby in the middle of our bed. His smile was infectious once he saw my intentions. I reached out and took his hand and intertwined it with his. We settled down right away.

Just as I thought he was asleep, I heard a small whisper. "Thank you, baby, you have given me everything I ever wanted. I love you."

"This little girl," I took our entwined hands and tapped her back gently. "Just makes my heart feel like it will swell so full that it would overflow." I admitted with the start of tears in my eyes. "I love you, thank you for putting up with me."

"For better or worse, that's us. All in for the whole time." He smiled and touched my cheek as I leaned forward to kiss him. Our little family drifted off to sleep together.

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Metal Pointe

I yelled back for the first time, I told her that she could take her money and go, I didn't need her. I yelled at her for the fact that she was never satisfied with me, how I was never enough. She slapped me and stopped the car. I grabbed my bag and got out. Thankfully my wallet was in my bag, otherwise I would be have been stuck.

She drove off and all I could feel was relief. I was actually thankful that she put me out. I could show her now that I didn't need her. I hailed a cab and threw myself inside the first one that stopped.

"Double occupancy, please, my fiancé will be here later. He had to work so he caught a later flight." I spoke with confidence and smiled at her when I was finished. She smiled back in return. I loved that she bought my lie, that she though I looked like the kind of person who had a fiancé that would fly into the craziness of New York just so he could see me, to spend a few hours just to make me feel better.

His voice filled the line. "Hello?" I could only cry harder. "Baby, is that you?" I just cried even harder. I needed him so damn badly, I needed to be held by him, loved by him. His voice rose as he asked me again. "Princess, can you talk? Are you alright?" I knew I had to talk to him before he panicked too much.

I knew that he was not in the best place possible and while I want to think that I asked him to come to protect him, I didn't. I asked him to come for me, it was a selfish act, I needed him and him alone.

I moved off the bed and took a shower, I threw a simple t shirt on and crawled into bed to wait for him. I prayed he would be here soon, so he could stop the aching inside of me.

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