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"Hey!"- Talking
'What?'- Thinking
~Time~ - indication of a time skip...although this is obvious.

"I wonder where kaa-san and tou-san are?" a male voice said aloud. The voice belong to a young boy, around the age of 5, sitting on top of tall building. He had spiky blond hair and dark blue eyes. On his cheeks were three whisker-like birthmarks each. He was wearing a black shirt with an orange spiral in the middle of the chest and burnt orange shorts. On his feet were some worn sandals. He was looking at the full moon in the night sky, with a pout on his lips.

"Naruto-kun," and elderly voice said from behind the now named Naruto. The blond turned around and saw and old man, with grey hair looking at him. He was wearing a male blue kimono top and black pants, on his feet were sandals. "What are you doing up here all alone?"

"I'm waiting for kaa-san and tou-san. They told me they were going to get my baby sisters but that was hours ago!" the little boy whined, causing the old man to chuckle. "Sarutobi-jii, do you know where babies come from?" The caused the old man to stop his chuckling and nearly choke on his pipe.

"Why do you ask?" Sarutobi questioned nervously.

"Because I was wondering if it's in a far away place. I mean, Itachi said that he said he had to wait for his kaa-san and tou-san for a long time too when they brought his little brother home." Sarutobi let out a sigh of relief and coughed.

"Well, I'll tell you when you are older. For now, let's go get you some dinner. What do you say to some ramen?"

"YAY! Ramen!" Naruto ran towards the stairs, with the old man chuckling behind him. When he was about to reach the stairs, the blond boy stopped dead in his tracks. His body went rigid, and from behind the old man could see was trembling.

"Naruto-kun? What's wrong?"

"The air, it feels angry," the boy said. "It feels like..."

"Feels like what?"

"It feels like something bad is about to happen." After the blond whispered that a red light filled the air, followed by an primal roar. That was the night the Kyuubi no Kitsune was released onto Konoha.

~2 Years Later~

Naruto Uzumaki, formerly Naruto Namikaze, was sitting inside a class room. His chin was in the palm of his right hand as he rested his elbow on the table in front of him. He was wearing a black jacket over a dark orange shirt, and black pants. He had matching orange gloves on his hands, with blue ninja sandals on his feet. On his forehead was a Konoha forehead protector. On his hip, attached to his belt, was a pouch that was full of various ninja tools like shuriken, steel wire and several explosive notes. His eyes lazily watched the room full of students. 'I wonder how many of here will actually reach the level of the ninja I see everyday?' Naruto thought to himself. He was broken out of his thoughts when the seat next to him was dragged back and someone sat next to him. Looking towards the newcomer Naruto took in his appearance. Next to him sat a boy with black hair done with a small ponytail in the back. He wore a black shirt with a high collar and grey pants. He too had a pouch attached to his hip, and a forehead protector. He crossed his fingers as he sat down and watched the others. The two sat quietly for a few moments, before Naruto spoke. "Hey Itachi."

"Yes Naruto-san?" Itachi replied. This was Itachi Uchiha, the genius of the Uchiha clan, and current heir to the family.

"Do you think it was right of us to skip ahead of all our other classmates? I mean, we are only seven years old after all, and all these other people are like 11 or 12 already."

"I think we made the right choice. Do you want to stay behind with them for another five years?" Naruto rolled his eyes but nodded.

"Yeah, I just hope the team we are put in will like us."

"As long as you don't mouth off at them, then we will be alright," Itachi said with a smirk.

"Haha, very funny," Naruto replied at the jibe. "Then I hope your group won't hate you for bringing along your fangirls." Naruto smirked as he saw his friend shiver.

"Do not bring them up again."

"Aw, is Itachi still scarred from what happened last time?"

"You left me to them, they tried to pull out my hair. They also touched me in places I never knew I had." This time Naruto cringed. He really didn't mean to leave Itachi to the annoying masses of females that tend to follow them, but when it comes to choosing your own life or that of your friends, against fangirls its better to give them what they want.

"Ouch. Yeah, sorry about that." Itachi glared at him from the corner of his eye before looking forward again as their teacher walked in.

"Class, today we are here to assign you to your squads. You will be with these people in the group for a long time. So do come to trust them. No matter what happens from here on, I will always be proud to be your teacher. I also would like to note that, even though two of the students here," the teacher paused in her speech and looked at Naruto and Itachi who were sitting in the back, "are younger than all of you, if they are in your team, treat them as you would your other teammates. Now let us begin. Team 1 Iruka Umino..." After that Naruto drowned out the rest of the speech seeing as his older friend, Iruka, wouldn't be in the same squad as him. It would be a few minutes later that his attention came back to his sensei. "Squad Nine is Itachi Uchiha, Yugao Uzuki and Naruto Uzumaki. Your sensei is Mikoto Uchiha." This made Naruto look over to his friend.

"Did you know about this?" Naruto asked.

"I didn't. Kaa-san said nothing to me about her being our squad leader, let alone both of us in the same team."

"Do you know who the third person in our group is?"

"Its the one staring at us right now." Itachi pointed. Near the front of the class was a girl with long purple hair and. She had one a purple shirt and black bicycle shorts. Her forehead protector was wrapped around her left bicep. Naruto saw that she was looking at them and waved. The girl seemed surprised for a moment, then cautiously waved back.

"Hopefully she won't mind us being her teammates."

"Yes, now let us wait."

After calling all the names, the sensei stopped talking and had the students get into their group to speak to each other. Since Naruto and Itachi were already sitting by each other they didn't have to stand up, but they did wait for Yugao to sit next to them. She walked up the aisle until she was in front of them. "So you two are my teammates?"

"Yup," Naruto said with an energetic smile. He put his hand out for her to shake, "Naruto Uzumaki, nice to meet you senpai. Let's work hard, 'ttebayo." Naruto stopped talking for a minute then slammed his head down before she could shake it. He let out a groan from his position.

"Are you okay Naruto-san?" Yugao asked nervously. 'I hope he isn't crazy.' Next to her Itachi was chuckling.

"I did it again didn't I?"

"Yes you did Naruto," Itachi replied, still chuckling.

"Um...what are you two talking about?" Yugao asked, slightly freaked out.

"You see, Yugao-san, Naruto here has an odd verbal tick. He tends to say 'ttebayo, when he gets excited," Itachi explained. "Back then when we were still five years old, he kept saying it. After a certain incident he vowed to never say that phrase if he could help it."

"A certain incident?"

"I helped Itachi out during one of his fangirl episodes," Naruto grumbled. He sat up straighter in his chair and frowned. "I distracted some of the girls last year, and accidentally shouted out that I'd help him out. I said 'ttebayo at the end of the whole awesome speech I gave. Then it happened."


"He accidentally got his own fangirls. They thought he was cute, charming and loved his verbal tick," Itachi chuckled again, a small smile on his face. "It lessened my group about a third or so."

"Don't remind me. They swarmed me last week when we got our forehead protectors. You had Mikoto-sama to help you, but I had to run into the trees!" the blond cried, as anime tears fell from his face. Even now Yugao was laughing along side Itachi.

"Squad 9," a feminine voice. The trio stopped their antics, and looked over to the front of the room. Standing there was their leader, Mikoto Uchiha, in standard jounin gear: black ninja pants, ninja sweater/shirt, Jounin flak jacket and a forehead protector. He hair was smilar to that of Itachi's, that of course is due to her being his mother. "Would you come with me please." Naruto nodded and stood up, followed by Itachi and Yugao.

"Hey Naruto!" a voice said. Naruto stopped as they walked and looked at the source of the voice. A teen with a scar running across his nose and was more slightly tanned was looking at him.

"What do you want Iruka?" Naruto smirked back.

"Train hard! When the Chunin exams come, let's go together," Iruka said with a smirk.

"You do know that if that does happen, we'll be enemies right."

"Urk..." Iruka stopped talking and blushed in embarrassment.

"Well, I'm off Iruka. I'll see you around, and if we do meet at the Chunin exams again. I'll see you on the battle field." Iruka smiled at him.

"That's Iruka-senpai to you brat!" Naruto waved it off and walked out with his team.

~Minutes later~

The group found themselves sitting in an empty training field. "Okay I'd like us to introduce ourselves to one another," Mikoto said with a smile.

"But you already know us Mikoto-sama," Naruto whined.

"It's supposed to be so that Uzuki-senpai could learn more about us Naruto," Itachi said. Naruto looked confused for a moment, and closed his eyes to think. From her position, it looked like Naruto was some sort of fox. After a moment, Naruto nodded.

"Okay I get it. Sorry Mikoto-sama. Why don't you go first?"

"Alright then. My name is Mikoto Uchiha, and I am Jounin. I was also part of the Konoha Police Force until I decided to train kids like you. I like my family, and I really don't have anything I do not like."

"Wait," Naruto started to speak after she finished. "Who's taking care of Sasuke while you're with us? I mean he's only two ain't he?"

"Yes, I know he is only two Naruto-kun; however, since we will be more likely doing D-rank missions for a few weeks, I can take him with us." Naruto face faulted at her sweet and innocent smile at the mention of D-rank missions. Yugao wanted to laugh and Itachi just shook his head in exasperation. He forgot how much of an idiot Naruto could be from time to time. "Why don't you go next Uzuki-san."

"Hai, Uchiha-sensei," Yugao replied respectfully.

"Oh please don't call me that. Call me Mikoto."

"But..." Yugao knew she would lose this argument so she nodded her head. " Hai Mikoto-sensei. I am Yugao Uzuki. I don't dislike a lot of things, but I like looking at the moon...and a certain person." She said with a blush. "I dream to be part of the ANBU one day and help out our village be at its very best."

"That is good to hear. Itachi-kun why don't you go next."

"My name is Itachi Uchiha, of the Uchiha clan. I like to visit traditional cafes, and I like to eat cabbages or onigiri with seaweed in it. I dislike steak. My favorite word is peace. My dream is to one day see my little brother surpassing me."

"Aw...ain't that sweet?" Naruto gushed. Itachi hit him on the back of the head before looking back at his mother.

"Naruto-kun please don't interrupt others when they talk," Mikoto scold, although only lightly.

"Hai Mikoto-sama."

"Well, you're up next Naruto-kun." The blond nodded and stood up.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki! I like training, reading some books Sarutobi-jii gave me, watering plants and my friends! My favorite foods are ramen and red bean soup, although I hate fresh vegetables. I dislike those who abandon other people! My dream is," Naruto stopped talking before smiling.

"What is your dream Naruto-san?" Yugao asked. He looked towards Hokage Monument, before pointing at their faces.

"I one day plan to surpass all the previous Hokages, 'ttebayo!" After a second Naruto groaned, while Itachi chuckled in the background. "Damn! That's the second time today!"

"Aw...but it's cute Naruto-kun," Mikoto giggled along with Yugao.

"Shinobi's aren't supposed to be cute. We're supposed to be precise, deadly and cool," Naruto grumbled.

"That is true. Well, let us meet tomorrow. We will have team exercises starting at eight in the morning. Be on time, after that, we will start doing some D-rank missions. Itachi, let us go home. Sasuke needs to be fed soon, and I don't trust that Shisui will feed him the right amount."

"Wait, you mean you aren't going to do the second test on us?" Naruto asked surprised.

"What second test?" Yugao asked. "There is a second test Mikoto-sensei?"

"Well, I was supposed to give you one, but I know you three will work well. If not, Naruto and Itachi can easily put you into their formations," Mikoto said with a smiled. Turning to her son, the black haired woman started to walk away. "Itachi let's go. Naruto-kun can explain to Yugao what I mean."

"Hai kaa-san," her son agreed. Turning to his teammates he bowed to them before leaving. "It was nice to meet you Uzuki-san. Let us work well together." That left the other 7 year old boy with the 12 year old.

"What do they mean by your formations?" Yugao asked again. Naruto turned to her and smiled.

"Well, Itachi and I, we're really good friends. Ever since we were kids. Hell, I can't think of a time when I hadn't hung out with him. I was even there when he first got his sharingan: he almost got killed by a bear due to my indecision and it accidentally opened. But that's not what you want to hear right?" The purple haired girl nodded. "You see due to me and Itachi always hanging out, we also sparred a lot. Not only that we also learned to fight along side each other. We learned how to compliment each other in our fighting styles."

"What do you mean?" Yugao was now curious. She wanted to know more about her teammates in order to get along with them better. The two of them were walking back into the more residential part of the village as they spoke.

"You see, he and I compliment each other. I'm more about strength, stamina and taijutsu, more of hand to hand kind of guy. While Itachi is much better at doing hand seals, genjutsu and speed. It doesn't mean we are horrible at it. I mean I can do simple genjutsus and break free from them, I can't do complicated ones like Itachi. While I can last longer in fights compared to him," the blond explained.

"I see, that still doesn't explain the whole formation thing."

"It's basically we do something to compliment the other person's attack. If Itachi uses a genjutsu, I have to take it up close and personal. If I use a wind type attack, he uses a fire type. Simple no?"

"Ah. Where do two seven year olds get time to do this?" The blond shrugged at the purple haired girl's question.

"If you read as much as I do and get trained as much as Itachi does, we have a lot of free time. That is why he and I are in your group. We advanced faster than anyone else in our class. Although it would be nice to have some of them with us."

Yugao was about to speak again, except eruption of noise came from down the street. Looking down the road, she saw a bunch of people surrounding a couple, with babies in their arms. One was a blond man with spiky hair and blue eyes, just like Naruto's. He wore the same thing as to what Mikoto wore, except he had a white cloak over it with orange spike liking the bottom. He two wore a forehead protector on his forehead. Standing next to him was a woman with long red hair and grey eyes. She had on a white short sleeve kimono top, with a black skirt. Black stocking were on her legs, and she too had a forehead protector, just like every other ninja. In their arms were babies, both of which were girls. One was blond and blue eyed, just like the father while the other had red hair and grey eyes like their mother. "Oh my, the Hokage's family!" Yugao gasped. "I didn't know they walked down this way."

"Of course they do," Naruto said with a grumble, although Yugao didn't seem to notice it. "They live down the street. Largest house at the end."

"Really? How did you know that?"

"Passed it a couple of times. I mean who wouldn't know the home of Minato and Kushina Namikaze. As well as the heroes of the village, Yuri and Tsubaki," the blond said sarcastically. This time Yugao did notice the tone.

"Is something wrong Uzumaki-san? It seems like you have something against the Hokage."

"I have nothing against him. Really, I don't." Looking past them, Naruto sighed before putting his hands into his pockets. "I'll see you tomorrow Yugao-senpai. I'll be heading home." Naruto walked towards the group with Yugao watching him.

As Naruto walked he neared the group he could see them laughing with the villagers and it made him feel sick. Trying to walk by the side, Naruto attempted not to be seen but failed.

"Uzumaki-san," a male voice called out to him. Naruto beat down the growl in his throat as he turned towards the people looking at him. Putting on a strained smile he looked at the family in front of him. The villagers were looking between the two and noticed that both the Hokage and Naruto looked similar to each other.

"Good afternoon Hokage-sama, Namikaze-sama," he greeted the family. "How are you and you're family today?"

"We are doing well, thank you for asking Uzumaki-kun," Kushina replied back with a smile. Again, Naruto had to force down the growl threatening to come out of his mouth. "How are you today?" Naruto smirked, but had to resist the urge of rolling his eyes.

"I just became a ninja of Konoha," he answered tapping the thing on his forehead. "As of today, I will be working under you Hokage-sama. Please treat me well."

"I will," Minato replied this time. "You should run along now, your parents must be waiting for you at home." Naruto was happy that at least one of his hands were in his pockets, so no one could see him making a fist at the comment.

"Yeah. They just might be. Good bye Hokage-sama, Namikaze-sama." After that, Naruto turned on his heel and went down the road in the opposite direction of the Namikaze family and house hold. After walking a few blocks away, Naruto let out a frustrated growl and slammed his fist into the wall. "That freakin' prick!" He then winced in pain before looking at his hand. "Tch, Shizune-nee won't be happy about this." Nursing his hand, he continued to walk down the street, greeting other people as he did. He kept walking until Naruto reached a one story house, that was rather plain. A white, light grey paint had fitted the building. It had a large yard in the front, as well as no neighbor on either side.

Going down the beaten path, the blond ninja fished out his key and opened the front door. Again nothing out of the ordinary was inside the living. There was a couch, a bookshelf, a few potted plants and a coffee table. He walked by a plain kitchen, with all the appliances that were just necessary to cook, and out to the back door. That was were most of the ordinary things stopped. The backyard was built like a training field. There were targets off in the distances, a few test dummies for fighting, a small pond to practice walking on water or doing water jutsus. Basically, a ninja's dream backyard. There was also a forest that seemed to extend from where the backyard stopped. Taking a seat on a bench nearby the door, Naruto sat down and sighed. He just sat there for awhile, looking at the horizon, not knowing how much time had passed.

"What's wrong with you brat?" a mature woman's voice asked. Naruto sighed for like the hundredth time that day.

"What's up baa-chan?" he asked the woman who took a seat next to him. He received a small punch to his head when after a few seconds. "OW!" The seven year old he looked at the woman. She was wearing a grey shirt that showed a fair amount of her very large breasts. Over it there was a green coat trimmed with black, and if one were to look at the back they would see the kanji for the gamble. She wore black ninja pants and high heals. Her dark blonde hair was down into twin tails, and she had a diamond shaped mark on her forehead. "What was that for?"

"I told you to stop calling me that! At least call me Tsunade," the one now called Tsunade said. "I am the heiress to the Senju clan after all. Now what is wrong with you?"

"What do you mean?" the younger blond asked feigning ignorance, just like the little kid he is.

"You're staring out into space again when i got here and your hand is bleeding. Don't kid with me, what happened?" It was all quiet for a moment before Naruto spoke again.

"I saw them again." Naruto growled, yet he could feel some pinpricks of tears in his eyes. "They looked like the perfect little family. One that I should be part of." And after that, Naruto started crying. Tsunade moved closer to him and put him in a hug.

"There there, Naruto it's okay," Tsunade cooed.

"It's not!" Naruto wailed. "I don't get it! I don't see why tou-san kicked me out! I don't get why kaa-san doesn't know me anymore! I just don't get it! It all started when those girls were born!" The two stayed like that for a few minutes, Naruto balling his eyes out and Tsunade trying to comfort him. When he finally calmed down, Naruto stepped moved away from her and sighed. "Thanks ba-" he stopped when he heard her growl, "I mean Tsunade-chan. I really needed that."

"You always get like this when they talk to you. I keep telling you to avoid them."

"I can't do that now since I'm a ninja Tsunade-chan." Naruto sighed again and Tsunade got a tick mark on her head. She gave him a light slap on the back of his head, but with her strength caused him to stumble off the chair.

"You sigh to much for a seven year old. You should go out there and have fun. You'll be stuck doing chores, I mean, D-rank missions for some time so I suggest that you have as much fun as you can. Don't let your former family get in the way of you life."

"Yeah I guess you're right."

"You know I'm right. Now let me see that wound on your hand before Shizune comes back. You know how she fusses over you when you get hurt." Naruto showed her his hand while she did a healing jutsu on it.

"She should get a boyfriend already. I swear she's seventeen and single. Must be bad for her."

"Why do you think that?"

"Ero-sensei told me to think like that."

"I see. I'll have to have a talk to with him when he comes to visit tonight."

"Ero-sensei is coming!" the blond asked excitedly. "Maybe he'll teach me a new jutsu today!"

"Don't get to excited brat. After the beating I'll give him for peeking in on the onsens again, he might not be able to teach you anything."

"Aw...Baa-chan! Don't hurt him too bad!" Another tick mark appeared on her forehead.

"Don't call me that you brat!"

~Hours Later~

It was close to midnight and Naruto was asleep in his bed. This was of course after his surrogate sister, Shizune, berate him for hurting himself. Then a dinner which was interrupted by Jiraiya, the legendary toad sage, or as Naruto liked to call him Ero-sensei. After a beating, the old man tried to teach him a jutsu which Naruto couldn't get just yet but promised he'll work on it.

"He cried again you know," Tsunade said to Jiraiya as the two peaked into his room. The man behind her sighed.

"I wish I didn't bring up the prophecy to Minato," Jiraiya muttered. "Maybe if I didn't do that, Naruto would still be with them." Turning over to them who Tsunade would consider her best friend now, she saw the regret in his eyes. "i just thought that he should know about it since it might concern his kids."

"I agree with you there but I didn't think Minato would go as far as disowning Naruto there."

"I also wonder what happened to Kushina, it seems like something happened to her on that day too. As if she doesn't even know she has a son," the toad sage said. "I think something happened that night. Something that forced both Kushina and Minato to act differently towards Naruto."

"What do you mean?" Tsunade asked.

"There is no way Kushina would do something like abandon Naruto. She was so excited when she gave birth to him and was happy raising him those first five years. Something, or someone, must have changed the way they think."

"You mean you think someone attacked them that night?" Tsunade gasped.

"Yes. I think it is one of Danzo's men, probably a Yamanaka but I can't be too sure."

"When did you come up with a time to think of this?"

"When I wasn't looking for Orochimaru for the past two years, I've been trying to think of a reason as to why they would abandon him. That is the best I could come up with." The two stayed silent for a while before Jiraiya cleared his throat. "I think I'll be going now. Visit Minato and have a word with him. Maybe he can shed some light on this situation."

"Alright, go do that."

"Do I get a parting kiss?" Jiraiya made a kissing face, but received a punch instead.

"Pervert, are you still trying to get with me?"

"Maybe..." Jiraiya laughed. "Also I plan to visit the old man, after visiting Minato. How is he doing by the way?"

"I don't know, the fact that he took a blow from the Kyuubi after protecting Naruto from an attack surprised me. I'm happy he's still alive but it will take some time for him to be up to snuff. Heck, he might be more limber than before."

"That's great to hear. Well see you later, Tsunade-hime." Walking down the hall, Jiraiya opened a window and jumped out into the night sky. As he did though there were some thoughts in his mind. Thoughts about Naruto and what his future may hold for him.

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