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Blue eyes snapped open and immediately Naruto regretted it. It was bright out and his body was in pain. He looked down to see himself and saw bandages that were partially bloody covering his torso. The blond took in his surroundings and found himself in what seemed to be a prison cell. None of his belonging was on him. "Ugh...what happened?" he said aloud.

"You're in a prison cell in Iwa," Naoto's voice drifted into his ear. Looking to the left, he saw the Mad Doctor sitting there inspecting his nails.

"How long was I out?" he groaned he looked at the ceiling.

"About two days. I have to say, you have rather remarkable healing. Not as good as the Senju clan's or those of Jinchuuriki but better than what I expected. I thought you'd still be unconscious for at least a week." Naoto smiled and shook his head. "Although, I'm glad you survived. IT would have been terrible if you died. Think of all the bad things that would have happened if you didn't?" Suddenly a small burst of chakra occurred right next to Naoto and Kouga appeared. The Armed Fang appeared and bowed to Naruto.


"I am sorry for trying to kill you Naruto-sama," Kouga apologized in an oddly polite voice. "Please punish me as you see fit."

"Um...it's okay. It was a test after all," Naruto replied.

"No I think I should be punished. I may have killed you and ruined your chance to save your family." When Naruto raised an eyebrow at him, Kouga cleared his throat. "Naoto-san has explained your situation to me. Since you have bested me in battle, I will lend you my aid. But I still deserved to be punished." The blond turned towards Naoto.

"Is he always like this?"

"He…uh…was always behind on the times. He also doesn't have a sense of humor. So please be patient with him," Naoto replied. "He's really a nice person once you get to know him. Also be a bit more forceful so he can understand that it is an order from a superior." Naruto sighed and shook his head. He then turned towards Kouga and cleared his throat.

"Raise your head Kouga, you do not need to apologize. You were testing me and you had it in your right to come close to killing me."

"But-" Kouga tried to speak as his head shot up. He closed his mouth when he saw Naruto glare.

"I said it was fine. I accept your apology but you don't need to apologize to me."

"As you wish Naruto-sama." Kouga bowed his head once more and crossed his arms. "What is it we are going to do about our current situation Naruto-sama?"

"Current situation?"

"We're stuck in a jail cell," Naoto replied. "We may be spirits but we are bound to you for now. Your equipment was taken from you, and now we're stuck. What do you intend to do Naruto?"

"Escape of course," the blond responded immediately.

"As a doctor, I say you are in no condition to be doing anything like that for the next few days," Naoto told him.

"But I need to keep moving. Need to get to Uzu and gather those I swore to protect." Naoto turned towards Kouga.

"What do you think?"

"Naruto-sama is in no shape to travel, hence he should stay in bed and rest," the man replied.

"Even if it is in prison?" Naruto asked.

"Even if it is prison Naruto-sama," Kouga answered.


"Relax kid," Naoto smiled. "We said you do too much work. We never said anything about us helping you break out."


"Kouga and I will spring you from the prison, and all you'll have to do is get a summon to carry you while we battle our way out of the center of Iwagakure towards the city walks. After that, we run for your life. Oh and we also have to get our artifacts back."

"That sounds rather dangerous Mad Doctor," Kouga stated.

"Don't worry about it Kouga. We're going to battle. Just like old times."

"Although Eiji is not with us."

"He will be one day, but for now we have to make do with what we have." Naoto then turned to Naruto. "Naruto do you think you can summon a mount sized summon? Probably one that will make sure you will not fall off its back while we run?"

"I'll try," Naruto responded. Naruto put his hands into the ram seal and started to old chakra. Slowly it began to build up.

"I am surprised they did not put a chakra blocking seal on him," Kouga commented. "It is rather inefficient of them to do so."

"Oh, they did put a seal on him. I just ripped it off when I arrived," Naoto answered. "This will take a while, probably three minutes at the least."

"I see. What are we going to do until then?"

"Stir up some trouble. I'll do the same. Hopefully, Onoki has the right idea and stay away for a bit and stay away from this cell." The two older Uzumaki men nodded and disappeared from the cell in bursts of chakra, returning to their vessels. This left Naruto to concentrate on gathering chakra on his own.

"So what will we be doing with the Konoha traitor?" an old man demanded the Tsuchikage. "We can use him as bargaining chip with Konoha. We may be able to pull something from them in that way."

"I agree," another council member stated, this time an old woman. "We may be able to gain an advantage over Konoha this way."

"I see what you are implying," Onoki told them. "That may be true, but we should wait until he is awake to do anything. Are we all in agreement for that?" He saw all the members nodding. "Good. Now you are dismissed." All the council members nodded and left the Tsuchikage alone. "I wonder what's happening out in research. They took the two artifacts from the boy. Maybe they can figure out what is happening."

In the Research and Development wing of the Intelligence Building, two separate rooms were holding both the Quill Blade and the Kouga's Battle Duster. The scientists who were looking at the Battle Duster were studying the several small seals on the inside of the article of clothing. "I don't get it. All I see are storage seals. There is nothing so special about this thing," a scientist stated.

"That odd person fighting the intruder was wearing this thing. Then after the fight, he all but disappears," another one explained. "Tsuchikage-sama wants to know what he did."

"This is going to take a while though. I don't even know what half of these seals are. These are just plain ancient. I mean there are one character seals for entire arrays here," another scientist whined. "I don't think that's possible outside of the simplest of explosive tags." Suddenly the duster started to glow. "Um...is this supposed to be happening?"

"What did you do!?"

"I didn't do anything!" The glow died down, but a burst of chakra filled the room. The men and women in the room had to cover their eyes and move away from the article of clothing. When the light died down they saw a red haired man standing on the table.

Kouga had reappeared in his duster and looked around. "I am sorry for the intrusion but I will be taking what is mine," he told them. "I do hope that you do not feel threatened by my actions." Two tomahawks appeared in hand. "If shall excuse me, I need to be on my way." Electricity then covered the blades, and before the scientists could react, Kouga hurled the weapons at the wall. Not only did they destroy it, but also it created a large sound alerting the people around them. Kouga then jumped after his weapons.

When he was finally gone, the scientists were able to react. "Notify the Tsuchikage! There is a mad man on the loose!" one of them shouted.

Off in another part of the building Naoto appeared as well. He had taken out the researchers by hitting them with poison laced needles. Since he knew Naruto didn't want many casualties, he just hit them all with sleep coated ones. The medic-nin sighed and looked around. "Time to find where Naruto's stuff is being held," he muttered to himself. He left the room and looked around. Closing his eyes he focused on Naruto's chakra signature. There was one far away, probably the real Naruto, and a few pieces just a few doors down. "I hope they didn't destroy anything he owns. He'd be mad if he finds out that his little paper was destroyed."

Kurotsuchi slowly made her way down towards the jail cells in the Tsuchikage Tower. She really had no reason to be there. She came here to visit the boy in the cells, she thought to herself. To be honest she really didn't like him. She really didn't, but she felt like she owed him something.'Probably because he took an attack for you,' a little voice in the back of her head stated. So that why she was down here, carrying a bowl of ramen, just in case he was awake. Sure he was an enemy, but he helped her out. Leaving him some food was the least she could do.

When she finally made it to the bottom of the stairs and towards his cell, she felt something. She wasn't a sensor type that's for sure, but she felt someone kneading chakra until it stopped suddenly. That made the little girl frown. Someone in the cells didn't have a chakra seal on them? "Humph, it must be a civilian trying to be a ninja," she said to herself. When she got to the cell, she saw Naruto sitting up on the bed with his head against the wall with sheen of sweat on his face. "Are you okay?" was the first thing she asked as she got there.

"Huh?" Naruto opened his eyes and saw Kurotsuchi there. "Oh don't worry about me. I'm just a bit tired." He closed his eyes again and leaned against the wall.

"The doctors said that you shouldn't be up for a week."

"Yeah, my obaa-chan says the same thing after every hard mission when I come home extremely hurt." The blond let out a small laugh. He then opened his eyes and looked at her again, staring into her pink eyes. "What are you doing here Kuro-chan? Don't you know it's dangerous to be around me? I am a criminal after all."

"I just came to bring you food that's all. I mean you did help me out a while back." Naruto seemed to squint his eyes before nodding his head.

"Oh yeah, I moved you out of the way of Kouga's attack. So you are okay?"

"I'm fine. Thank you." Naruto closed his eyes again sand started breathing heavily.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Kurotsuchi asked nervously. It wouldn't do her any good if one of the more famous prisoners of Iwa died on her account.

"I said I was fine." Naruto gave a weak chuckle. "It's just that I have such a cute warden who is worried about me." Kurotsuchi seemed to blush at that.

"B-Baka! Don't tease the person who brought you food!" she shouted. Naruto laughed again and opened his eyes and saw her hold a cup of instant ramen.

"Thanks for bringing that but…"

"But what?"

"I think I'll eat some the next time you see me. Right now I have to be somewhere else."

"Wha-?" She watched as Naruto, as hurt as he was, rush through four hand seals.

"KUCHIYOSE NO JUTSU!" Naruto shouted before touching his hand to the wall. Kurotsuchi opened her mouth to say something but the smoke and the following roar scared her. She looked inside the cell and saw a large black lion with a golden mane. It was roughly as tall as Naruto, but a bit bigger. On the ankle of its front paws were three interlocked bracelets on each. The lion stared at Kurotsuchi and growled. It scared her a bit.

"Are you the insolent whelp the summoned me?"he growled. Kurotsuchi gulped and shook her head fervently."Then who was it?"

"It was me," Naruto wheezed from behind the lion. The large black beast turned around and looked at Naruto with frown.

"You are my new summoner? A weak piece of trash such as you."The lion looked glared."I don't know what Kinshi sees in you. He always saw people with potential, what is so special about you?"

"Being an ANBU captain at age thirteen should be good enough for you?"

"Rank and status means nothing to me whelp. Why are you special?"Naruto glared at the lion and the lion glared back. The lion's glare was condescending and prideful; Naruto's was defiant and calm.

"I'm special because I have something worth living for."

"Worth living for? Don't you mean worth dying for?"Kurotsuchi even seemed interested, even with being scared. She knew she should tell her grandfather, but she was scared of the lion. Even with the bars in between them, she suspected that he could cut through them easily.

"If I die, how can I know they are safe? I'm willing to give my all to ensure those I care for are alive and well. I'm willing to give my all to ensure I live long enough to see them happy years later. I'm not willing to die for the people I love; I'm willing to live for them." Naruto glared again. "That is why I need your help. I have a lot of things to do."

"And if I don't?"

"I'll kick your ass, even in my state," Naruto retorted with a glare. The lion glared back and gave a small growl before making a small purring noise.

"Do not make me regret this boy. My name is Kuroshi,"Kuroshi warned him."I'll put you on my back. I do not usually do this, Shiroshi usually helps transporting people. Find a way to keep you holding on to me."

"Can you mold chakra?"

"Yes, but not as good as toads do."

"Can you support a jutsu I do?"The lion nodded. "Okay let's go." Kuroshi grabbed Naruto by his shirt using his jaw and threw him onto his back. Naruto focused a bit more chakra and sent chakra chains all around Kuroshi's body. Naruto then turned towards Kurotsuchi and smiled at her again. "Thanks for bringing me food. I won't blame you if you report me to the Tsuchikage. You are a loyal ninja after all." He then turned back to the lion. "Hit it."

"Yami Tsume (Dark Claw)!"Kuroshi shouted as he clashed through the bars and jumped over Kurotsuchi and bounded up the stairs. Kurotsuchi listened for a moment and when she heard women screams and manly shouts, she then got up to inform her grandfather of an escaped criminal. The girl wanted to give him a head start after all.

The Mad Doctor knocked on the door to of the Tsuchikage's secretary. He could hear alarms ringing throughout the village but paid it no mind. He was here to get Naruto's other stuff and be on his way. Slowly the door opened and an old woman poked her head out. "Hello there," Naoto greeted cordially. "I hope you don't mind but I am here to take something that belongs to my friend." The woman gave a shout and tried to close the door. Naoto didn't want that happening so he slammed his fist on the door.

"I don't think so," he chided softly. He pushed it open and chopped the woman on the neck. Naoto then closed his eyes and gathered some chakra to find Naruto's things. He found it surprisingly easy. It was just a behind a closet door. As he approached, Naoto felt himself smirk. "This is too easy," he muttered to himself. Resizing the Quill Blade into a smaller form, he started writing a seal in the air with his chakra and wrote the word "Cancel" in the air. Touching it with the tip of the weapon, Naoto pushed the seal onto the door. There was a large burst of chakra and then nothing. Naoto then walked forward and opened the door and nothing happened. Taking a look to the side he smirked.

"Well, it seems like they were prepared for us not to get his stuff," the doctor said aloud. His eye scanned the room and was met with several explosive tags. "Sadly they didn't expect an Uzumaki to handle this." Naoto grabbed Naruto's pack and examined it. He found everything where it should be. "Time to find Kouga and Naruto. We'll have to get out of here."

The red haired ninja smiled as he moved through several ninja and smashed the handle of his katana into the stomach of yet another Iwa ninja. He then spun on his right foot and slammed the dull side of the blade into the woman's neck. She fell to the floor hacking and coughing. "I apologize," Kouga stated. "That was not meant to be painful, but I am trying not to kill you. Ergo I caused you more pain." The ninja then jumped up onto a building before sealing away his katana. He then unsealed a brown staff that had a curved blade at the edge, a naginata. The Armed Fanged then turned towards the Tsuchikage tower where he heard several screams coming from. "It seems like Naruto-sama has managed to escape as well."

Kouga then twisted to the left and dodged large boulder going near him. He then did an upward cut with his naginata and managed to blow away some of the ninja coming towards him. "This was easier than I expected. After about a century, most of these ninjas are rather weak." Kouga sighed. Kouga then ducked another attack and slashed behind him. He heard a man scream. Turning around he saw a young child, no older than Naruto, now missing a leg and was bleeding profusely. "I apologize." Kouga did a few hand seals and cauterized the wound. "It will be more painful, but ask your healers to fix your leg. If they can do it in less than twelve hours you may be able to get it back."

"It's less than six hours you dolt," Naoto stated as he landed next to Kouga. The doctor then threw a few senbon into the child's neck causing him to go unconscious. He then drew the Quill Blade and made an explosive seal. It transformed into several arrows of chakra that flew into several different directions. Several sides of buildings exploded, but they did not fall. It caused what Naoto wanted, more chaos. The doctor then turned towards Kouga. "How many did you take out?"

"More than enough," Kouga replied. "Although it is like they are lambs to the slaughter. They keep coming even though I beat them down, they just keep coming." Naoto gave a laugh.

"That makes things a bit interesting though." The two spirits heard a loud roar and followed by several scrams. Looking towards the source they saw a large black lion land right in front of them, carrying a very green Naruto.

"I feel sick," Naruto uttered as he looked at the two. "Ugh…Kuroshi, I'm injured and you were too bumpy during that ride." The blond boy held his mouth and was about to hurl but stopped when he heard a growl.

"If you so much put a piece of bile on me I'll drop you on your ass and skin you alive,"Kuroshi threatened.

"Um…Naruto who is this?" Naoto asked, although there was a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Guys this is Kuroshi," Naruto patted the lion on the side. "Kuroshi, the two spirits willing to kick my ass to train it." Naruto then looked blearily towards his two companions. "So what is the escape plan?"

"We're going to just plow right through Iwa, all the way up to the gate," Naoto replied with a smile.

"That sounds like a terrible idea," Naruto groaned.

"It is the current and best plan we have Naruto-sama," Kouga told him.

"Fine let's do this." Naruto patted the lion he was lying on again. "Kuroshi you know what to do and I apologize if I do manage to barf on you."

"Shut it whelp,"Kuroshi retorted.

"Okay let's move out…" Naoto stated but stopped when he saw several people surrounding them. "Or not."

"Stand down and give us back the prisoner!" an Iwa ninja ordered them.

"And if we do not?" Kouga asked as he put away his naginata. A daggertail appeared in its place. Kouga snapped it causing the weapon to leave a trail of destruction on the roof they were all standing on. Several ninja took a step back, although the jounins and ANBU didn't show their nervousness.

"Do not worry human, I have this,"Kuroshi told them. Ebony black chakra started to gather around the lion and the surroundings were affected. Several stones started to float and heavy winds started to whirl around them. "Kuro Gao (Black Roar)!"There was a loud roar coming from the lion. A pulse of black energy was shot around all of them. All the ninjas around them were sent flying in several directions and from the looks of things the building was being destroyed.

"Off the building now!" Naoto shouted. Kouga, Naoto and Kuroshi landed on the ground and started to run for the gate. Naruto groaned as they landed, for it was a bit of a rocky landing.

"Please stop doing that, I may just hurl," Naruto complained. "Although you really got to teach me that move. Kinshi only showed me the basic version of that and left. I haven't even mastered it yet."

"Not now whelp, we need to keep moving,"Kuroshi told him as they were making their mad dash. When two ninjas appeared in front of the lion, black chakra covered his paws."Yami Tsume!"Kuroshi slashed the two leaving a trail of three black marks on their bodies.

"They aren't dead are they?" Naoto asked.

"No, although that ability highly impedes chakra generation and healing."

"Nifty, any chance you can teach our ward that?" Naoto slammed a chakra scalpel on a person's leg and then stabbed another person with the Quill Blade.

"Depends."The lion swerved and kicked a ninja behind him.

"Depends on what?" Kouga asked. He threw up the ends of his duster and several kunais shot out. The Iwa ninja dodged them, but those that were hit were paralyzed. It was due to the fact that the kunai had some poison from Naoto on them.

"Depends if Kinshi agrees to teach him our moves."The lion reared his head back and caught a katana in between his teeth. Using great force, he snapped the piece of metal as if it were just a twig. The lion then opened its mighty jaws. "Shishi Gao (Lion Roar)!"Unlike the previous jutsu, this one just consisted of a loud roar that paralyzed all the people around them due to fear. The group that was trying to escape jumped over the now frightened opponents and nearly reached the gate. That was until a large gaping hole hit the area in front of them.

Kuroshi, Kouga and Naoto stared at the hole and then behind them. Flying high in the sky was none other than Onoki. "Well, things just got interesting," Naoto smirked.

"Hand over the boy or die," the Tsuchikage commanded. Kouga and Naoto stared at each other, while Kuroshi just growled.

"We'd rather die," all three of them stated.

"So be it then." Onoki started to gather chakra in his hands and the two ninja knew it was going to hurt if they didn't react.

"Chances of dodging?" Kouga asked.

"Slim to none," Naoto responded.

"Chances of survival?"


"Chances of blocking?"


"You two got a plan for this one?"Kuroshi asked."None of my own jutsus would be able to block this. My boss's would but none of mine."

"Nope. Also I don't think we can out run this move either."

"So we're going to die?" Naruto asked.

"Well chances are he'll miss you on purpose," Naoto told them. Naruto frowned.

"That's comforting. Now why don't we start moving? Since it looks like he's not attacking just yet." The lion and two spirits looked up and saw that Naruto was right. Onoki was just floating there glaring at them. "I think he's waiting for us to move out of his village to shoot."

"Because a Kage won't destroy his own village," Naoto smirked. He then turned towards the lion carrying Naruto. "How fast can you go?"

"What do you mean by that?"Kuroshi asked.

"In ten seconds, how far can you go?" The lion look slightly beyond the gateway and saw a mountain range.

"I can get to the halfway point to that mountain over there,"Kuroshi informed them.

"Good enough. When I give you the signal, you run there got it? Kouga and I will disappear. No matter what just keep running."

"Do not order me around human."Even though the lion said that he got ready to leave the area. Kouga shared a look with Naoto and nodded. In a small burst of light he disappeared and Naruto was now wearing his duster. Naoto quickly scribbled down the characters for 'Smoke' and 'Flash' in the air before sending them up. Onoki had to cover his eyes for a moment and let go of the jutsu, when a bright flash followed by a plume of smoke covered his field of view.

"What are they doing?" Onoki asked. Just as he finished his sentence, he saw the lion bolt out of the gate and speeding away from Iwagkure. The other person was missing from sight. "Well, no matter if they are missing. I just have to stop that lion and we can get back our prisoner." Onoki shot off and followed Kuroshi and Naruto.

While Naruto was on the back of his summon, he noticed that Onoki was following him. "Um…guys, we're in trouble. Old man Tsuchikage is still chasing us," Naruto muttered looking rather green.

"We don't have anything to stop any of hisJinton (Dust Release) jutsus," Naoto told him from within the blade.

"He will just destroy my weapons Naruto-sama. I apologize for being useless," Kouga told them.

"So we're just going to get caught?" Naruto asked.

"I just have to out run him,"Kuroshi told him. Naruto looked back and saw a large square shaped attack coming towards them at high speeds.

"Guys, I think we may just be out of time." Naruto closed his eyes and waited for whatever pain was going to hit him, and he could feel Kuroshi reacting to it too.

"KOUTEI NO RYUU: BAAMIRION UINGU!"a voice called out from overhead. Naruto watched as a gigantic blood red colored tornado fell from the sky and blocked the attack. There was a large explosion and it gave Kuroshi enough time to move away. It stopped to look at the disturbance.

"What the-" Onoki grunted. Naruto had time to look up and see what blocked the attack for two reasons. One was he wanted to see who saved him. The second reason was because that move was one from his clan. The blond was able to tilt his head upward a bit and saw one of the least threatening men he had ever seen floating in the air with what looked like two red wings made out of chakra. He had on a ridiculous purple and red tie-dye shirt and khaki shorts. Around his neck was a red scarf. On his back was, just like Naoto and Kouga, a long white coat. He had a mess of red hair and kind grey eyes. "Who are you?"

The man paid Onoki no mind and turned towards Naruto. "Naoto, Kouga, you two had me so worried," the man sighed. His grey eyes seemed gentle and expressed his concern. It was then turned into irritation as he disappeared, only to reappear next to Naruto. He smacked the air around the blond. Suddenly both spirits were forced out of their items and were clutching their heads. The two had bumps comically growing out of their heads. "You guys had to do something stupid again didn't you guys!" Naruto could feel an incredible amount of killing intent from the man, and it would have been scary if the man didn't look like some comic relief as he shook both of the spirits.

"Sorry!" the duo replied. The man then threw then back into their items before turning to the lion.

"Kuroshi, get a move on," he ordered. The lion stiffened before bowing his head.

"Hai!"The lion then ran away as fast as he could.

"Boy, I'll be waiting for you at the place you intend to go to," the man stated.

"I won't let them escape!" Onoki shouted. The man then turned to him and sighed.

"I'm sorry but I won't let you do that." A large amount of chakra started to spill from the man and the place he was standing on was literally shaking as he glared at Onoki. "I need them to reach a certain place and you will not stop them."

In those short few seconds that they had started to move Naruto was really confused. "What the hell is going on?" Naruto groaned from the back of Kuroshi. "Who was that man?" Suddenly there was an explosion and a tower of black colored chakra filled the sky. Even from where they were, Naruto could feel something pressing down on him. "What the heck?" There was then a ball of light that flew overhead toward the East.

"It seems like he put the Tsuchikage in his place,"Kuroshi muttered.

"What?" The lion then gave a laugh.

"What you need to understand, boy, is that your life was just saved by a man I respect. You were just saved by none other than Eiji Uzumaki, the Implacable Emperor."

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