I've based this poem on the story Entangled when Grace commits suicide.


Where am I?

Is anyone there?


Please help.

It's too late,

This is my fate...

I sit here thinking,


I brought this upon myself.

Sitting in the endless mist,

Why did I do this?

The pressure was too much to take,

I guess you didn't know this smile was fake.

A door.

Nothing less,

Nothing more.

A choice.

To leave you behind,

Or come back home,

To all the lies.

A door to lead me,

To happiness,

To peace.

But in this mist I hear you weep.

The truth.

I am not happy,

Nor "Just Fine".

But none of you,

Read between the lines.

I am not happy at home.

I'm sorry,

But it's true.

I am torn,

Should I go back to you?

I need a new start,

I have lived to long with a frozen heart.

I'm sorry.

The door opens,

And I step through,

Not looking back to see you.