Hello my beautiful, wonderful readers and subscribers...

I have deleted my story but please allow me to explain. I have gotten a very nasty, rude reviewer who thought to private message me and tell me I was an awful writer and wondered why I had reviewers at all. I was gutted! As you all know I had issues with the story, but your constant reviews assured me you didn't care so I focused on updating the story for you rather than re-doing the chapters.

So, what I am spending my post-vacation relaxation time doing? (Week long vacation and this is my first day home! Was lovely, thank you!)

I am going to sit and re-do the entire story, so I apologize for spamming your in boxes but at the end I will post new stuff for you too.

Each chapter posted will be re-vamped, information corrected etc.

However please read this carefully...

While I left off from the meadow in Eclipse I do NOT claim to be sticking to the story line 100%. I will try my very best to keep everything as it should be, but I am not Stephanie Meyers. I am me, writing a fictional story so it will stray from the story line. Edward will not be as you imagined him, and Bella is a ditzy girl who sometimes needs the obvious pointed out to her. It's how I view the characters or how I want them to be.

I'm so glad you all enjoy the story so nothing major will be changed. I will just be improving it so it's easier to read to future readers and makes more sense.

Thanks for sticking by me and supporting me as a writer. I truly love hearing from each of you and love having you!