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The celebration started and ended with an explosion of heartfelt congratulations and applause for the two teens being together for so long. Wally got his cookies, Roy had been granted a few minutes of solitude to get away from the overly excited crowd, and M'gann got her fair share of hours in working to produce the goods needed for the party.

The gathering really wasn't detestable as one would thought. It was actually decent. Who knew a little celebration could be enjoyable? A glitch in the surprise/planned by YJ bash...yes...Superman. Good thing Ollie shut him up before he said his speech. Leave the dialogue and note cards for the public, Supes. Nobody wants to hear that. This is not a grandiose ceremony. After all, Black Canary mentioned to Roy that subtlety was their goal. She was aware that he didn't want things totally publicized.

Drinks, snacks (make it a ton), and a late night movie picked by Artemis; the exhausted duo were ready to get up and zeta back to Star City. Specifically, to Roy's (unofficially "their" apartment due to Wally visiting by so often.) flat. Red Arrow had the bright idea to ask Wally multiple questions about the party. Interrogating was more like it. "Tell me," he faced to turn to the shorter red head, "Why did the team go through all this trouble to throw a party for us?" To Wally, Roy appeared teeming with rage. Secretly, Roy did it on purpose. Call it his "game face", 'cause the trick works one-hundred percent with a point one percent error in various cases. The various case being this one.

Seeing Wally blush, turn his head, then to have it focus on his shuffling feet made Roy almost lose control. The archer had to admit, he did look cute in an invulnerable way. Sadly, repeating the question turned a scared KF to a flustered speedster. Four times, to be exact. Roy perceived this as an accomplishment. A speedster being patient over being asked four times? Yep, cross that off as "list-of-things-Wally-has-achieved" from your memory. Roy eventually ceased, albeit with a smile when prying once more. "I'll stop." They continued to walk without striking up another word.

Once they reached the apartment, Roy fished in his pockets to unlock the door. Playfully deceiving his mind is, he concocted a game. A simple game. "Hand me the keys to our place." Just then, Wally froze dead in his tracks when he heard this. "T-the keys? Um. Totally thought you had 'em, Red." Perfect, he bought it. "Funny. I remember you taking them last." Hey, I rarely have this much fun. Gimme a break. Wally's easy to trick. "You had them. It was you who took them with you on your way out. Hurry up and find them so we can go inside. I'm pretty sure your neighbors will be asking why Red Arrow and Kid Flash broke into your apartment during the midnight hours."

"I don't have 'em." Jokes on you, I lied.

"Yea. You do."

"No. I swear," Roy crossed his heart with his hands. "I don't have the keys."

:"Who does?" Wally was tapping his feet, annoyed that Roy kept on playing with a coy expression.

"That's the question. I have no answer."

"Fuck! Roy, just find the damn keys so we can go inside. My stomach is sending me signals that I should eat. How? I believe it's beginning to eat itself from the inside."

-clink- "Oops." Roy shrugged, picked up the keys and proceeded to the door. The priceless, fuming expression that his partner produced garnered enough satisfaction to keep even Batman smiling. The archer grinned, gestured his hand in a fashion used to let others go by to Wally. Reluctantly, the younger guy accepted it. Roy knew it wasn't over yet. It was fun while it lasted. Once inside, Wally pushed him on the couch. "Dude!"

"What?" he laughed. This made Wally fume more.

"My stomach and our identities were at stake here!"

"Feed your stomach, Wally. And who cares if they see Red Arrow and Kid Flash outside of Roy Harper's apartment? They'd see it as a gesture for help, 'tis all."


"Out of words, I see?"

"No." Wally paused, "I just can't believe I fell for your stupid joke."

"Should've asked where the other key was."

"Where was the other key?"

Roy pointed to his heart. "Here."

"Your cheesy pickup lines are actually working for once. I say we take our fight to the bedroom." The speedster held out his hand, Roy took it and followed him. Many assumptions he had to guess to what his lover would end up doing to him, but right now, he was actually surprised one little line got a ticket to paradise. Could be a trick. Then again, Wally's always finding a excuse to have sex. High metabolism, very high sex drive. A regulars nightmare. Not for me. Just stating the obvious. No one could handle his needs like I can...

"What do ya plan to do to me?"

"You'll see." Wally's mischievous smirk foretold the event that'd take place. Roy being himself, a challenge is accepted regardless the scenario. Roy's a masochist just like Wally. Except Roy turns it up to eleven. "Bring it."

"Shouldn't have said that." The speedster's eyes glistened upon hearing the words. "I'm always prepared for disaster."

"Wally, have I mentioned I love yo-ah!"

Several hours later...

Pale, glistening bodies sprawled out across the king size bed. Roy held his lover close to him, peering to the ceiling figuring what the days ahead would bring. With Wally, it was hard to guess. He could be ominous when angered, but jubilant when cheerful. He put others first before he did himself. Wally was truly distinct. Black Canary turned out to be right. Wally was a lucky one he managed to keep.