A/N: This outtake takes place when Lizzie is five and a half, almost six, years old.


Outtake 4: Disney World
October 26, 2012
Bella's POV

"I never thought I'd be happy about a hurricane in the Gulf," I muttered wryly as I watched Lizzie running around the hotel room.

Edward chuckled, shaking his head. "I know, but it really did work out perfectly."

Because of Hurricane Joan, the weather forecast combined with our personal psychic predicted that Orlando was going to be overcast for several days, so the whole family had decided to take advantage and visit Disney World with Lizzie. It wasn't something I ever thought I'd be able to see with my daughter—if anything, I figured Grandpa Charlie or one of our wolfy friends would have to take her. But this was so much better.

"They're ready," Edward said, grinning, just before there was a knock on the door.

"Let's go, guys," Alice called through the door. "Magic Kingdom waits for no man—or little girl."

I laughed when Edward scooped Lizzie up as she ran by him. She squealed when he held her upside down by her ankles, gently lowering her until her hands were flat on the floor, like she was doing a handstand.

"Okay, Lizzie-bear. Walk," he teased, slowly moving forward as she walked on her hands.

"Daddy!" She laughed as he got a little faster. "Daddy, stop!"

Shaking my head as he pulled her up and nuzzled her neck, tickling her belly, I made my way to the door, camera in hand. "Come on, you two," I said. "Let's go meet the princesses."

Lizzie squealed again, wiggling to get down. Once she was on her feet, she bounced up and down in place, clapping her hands excitedly. "Snow White and Cindewella?"

Alice grinned as I opened the door to the room, saying in answer, "Yeah, baby girl. Snow White and Cinderella."

Lizzie took her hand, and the two skipped down the hall ahead of us as Jasper, Edward, and I followed, smiling at the two of them.

"Happy, love?" Edward asked as we caught up to them at the elevator.

Nodding, I smiled. "Beyond happy."

He pulled me to him and pressed a kiss to the top of my head as we waited for the doors to open.

When we got down to the lobby, everyone else was gathered in the lobby. Besides the other Cullens, Charlie, Sue, Jake, and Seth were all looking nearly as excited as Lizzie.

"There's Lizzie-bear," Charlie said, reaching for her. He smiled when she jumped into his arms. "How's my girl?"

As he and Lizzie chatted back and forth, I turned to the others. "Anyone need anything to eat or drink before we head out? Bathroom?"

"No, Mom, we're good," Jake said with a snort.

I rolled my eyes playfully at his smirk before turning to the others.

"I could go for something to drink," Emmett said, eying Seth. "You wanna volunteer?"

Rose smacked the back of his head before I could. "Jesus, Emmett," she growled low enough for our ears only. "You'll scare the crap out of Sue and Charlie with that shit."

Emmett just laughed, winking at Seth, who was nearly on the floor, he was laughing so hard.

Sue and Charlie, who hadn't heard Emmett's comment, just looked on with amusement.

"No, really, Bells," Jake said, snickering. "We met a few minutes early down here and grabbed breakfast, so we're all good to go. Did Lizzie eat?"

I nodded. "Room service." Looking over at my daughter and her grandfathers—Carlisle had made his way to them and was laughing at something Lizzie was saying—I smiled. "Okay," I called just loud enough for everyone to hear. "Let's boogie!"

"Awe we widin' the twain?" Lizzie asked excitedly as we stepped up to the line to get on the monorail that went through the hotel—the one that would take us directly to the Magic Kingdom, which was our first stop.

"We are," Charlie answered, smiling when she squealed again.

"Down, Poppa! Pwease!"

Charlie put her down, but kept ahold of her hand. "Hold my hand, baby girl."

Lizzie stayed close to him as we stepped onto the monorail, her eyes wide. She didn't move from there the entire ride into the Magic Kingdom. Her head was nearly on a swivel, taking it all in—the people, the noise, the lights—and I thought she looked just like Alice when she got excited about something.

By the time we climbed off the monorail just outside the entrance to the park, her excitement had spread, and everyone was almost as excited as she was.

Looking at Edward, I said, "You're up, Daddy. Lead the way."

Edward, who'd spent hours scouring websites to find the best rides for children Lizzie's age, grinned and stepped forward. "Okay, everybody, listen up. Here's what we're gonna do..."


Edward's POV

Lizzie was wide-eyed the entire walk through the Magic Kingdom. Fantasyland, our destination, was all the way at the back, so there was a lot to see between the entrance and Cinderella's castle. Our first stop was Peter Pan's Flight. Lizzie had just watched "Peter Pan" for the first time recently, so she was excited about flying like Wendy.

"Poppa, Gwandpa, come wif us!" Lizzie begged Charlie and Carlisle.

"Lizzie, remember, only two people can sit together," Bella reminded the overly excited little girl.

Lizzie nodded, pointing to her grandfathers. "He wide wif him."

Carlisle chuckled. "You want me to ride with Poppa, princess?"

Lizzie nodded again.

Charlie laughed. "You and me, I guess," he told Carlisle. "Lizzie-bear, who's your daddy gonna ride with?"

With her hand on her chin, as if she was deep in thought, Lizzie finally pointed to Emmett. "Unca Emmett and Daddy. Mommy will wide wif me."

Everyone else stayed behind as the six of us, much to Emmett's...non-excitement, lined up to ride the incredibly low-tech ride.

"Damn, this is boring," Emmett whined quietly as we "floated" above London.

I chuckled and tilted my head forward. "Yeah, but listen..."

Lizzie and Bella were pointing out sights from the movie—London bridge, mermaids, Hook's pirate ship, the crocodile, and more. Lizzie was so excited as she saw things she recognized.

Laughing, Emmett nodded. "Yeah, worth the price of admission, I suppose."

When we finally piled off the ride, Lizzie was all sorts of talkative. She regaled the rest of the group about everything, including seeing Peter and Wendy on the big boat.

She continued to talk through Prince Charming's Regal Carrousel, proudly choosing the horse covered in gold for herself before pointing out the horses everyone else should sit on.

From there, we went to the Winnie the Pooh attraction, which was indoors. I was nervous about letting Lizzie run around looking at all the little activities, but Bella reassured me she would be fine.

"Edward, there are a dozen of us here to keep an eye on her. You can hear her mind and see her through the minds of everyone else. Relax. Have fun," she murmured softly, slipping her arm through mine as we watched Lizzie beat on the "drums."

When it came time for us to hop on the ride portion of the attraction, Lizzie grabbed Bella's and my hands, pulling us with her. She oohed and ahhed throughout the entire thing, even when it was quite dark for human eyes.

Finally, we stepped back out into the fresh air, and everyone looked at me to see where we should go next.

"How about the Mad Tea Party?" I suggested, rolling my eyes at Emmett's thoughts.

I wonder if I can spin that fast enough to make it fly off the floor...

"I'm sitting this one out," Charlie said, shaking his head. "It's all you kids."

Sue agreed, and the two of them, followed by Carlisle and Esme, headed to the other side to watch as the rest of us lined up behind a bouncy Lizzie.

As we started to scatter to find teacups, I warned Emmett to remember the audience, giving the other humans around us a quick nod.

Fine. You're no fun, he grumped in his head, but then he started thinking of how fast he could go before it was too fast.

Ignoring him and figuring Rose would keep him under control, I climbed into a pink teacup with Lizzie and Bella.

"You going to spin this one, baby girl?" I asked, settling her between us.

"You help, Daddy," Lizzie implored, struggling to turn the wheel in the center.

I chuckled, nodding, and gripped the wheel with her. As soon as the music started playing and the teacups started moving, Lizzie and I began turning the wheel, spinning our teacup slowly.

"Fasteh!" Lizzie begged, trying to turn it harder.

I put a little more push into it, and we spun fast enough that Lizzie squealed, laughing.

By the time we finished, she looked dizzy, but she was laughing and trying to run over to her grandparents to tell them all about it.

After the teacups, we went to the ride Bella was most looking forward to because it was one of the most famous rides for kids at the park.

Watching our daughter enjoy Dumbo: The Flying Elephant with Bella was amazing. At first, Lizzie held on tight to the bar in front of her and to Bella's hand, but as the ride continued and Bella started pointing out all of us below and different rides in the distance, she began to relax and enjoy herself. By the time the ride wound down, she was bouncing up and down for more.

Bella convinced her there was more to ride, but that we'd come back later to ride Dumbo again, and Lizzie accepted that with a nod, asking where we were going next just as they walked out to meet me.

"Yo, Edward," Seth said as he stepped up beside me. "How about some lunch, man? Some of us have to eat."

He laughed when I elbowed him playfully.

"Yeah! Lunch," Lizzie agree, wrapping her arms around Seth's legs and stepping up onto his feet. "Cawwy me to lunch, Sef!"

Seth scooped her up. "Where are we eating?" he asked, looking at the map Bella was holding.

"Hey, little one," Emmett said, ruffling Lizzie's hair. "You get lunch with your mom and dad and everyone, while I go ride some rides with Uncle Jasper. Then we can ride some more rides together after you eat, okay?"

Lizzie nodded. "'Kay, Unca Emmett. Have fun." She beamed as he winked at her, holding his hand up for a high five. She slapped his hand and then watched as Emmett, Rose, Alice, and Jasper took off.

Edward, we'll meet you guys at Monsters Inc in an hour and a half, Alice thought to me as they walked away.

"Is Pinocchio Village Haus okay with everyone for lunch? It should be perfect for all of us," I told the group.


Bella's POV

When Edward suggested the place for lunch, we all agreed, so we walked back by the spinning teacups, then Winnie the Pooh, and finally the carousel before getting to the quaint little restaurant made to look like it came straight from Pinocchio's world.

"Before we go in, Lizzie, come with me." Lizzie hadn't been to the bathroom since before we left the hotel, and I was surprised she hadn't asked to go yet. "We'll meet you guys inside the restraunt."

I helped Lizzie get situated on the toilet, and once she'd done what she needed to do, we washed our hands well in the sink.

"Ready for lunch, baby girl?"

"Mmm, my tummy's gwowling like a beaw, Mommy!"

I laughed and took her hand as we exited the restrooms.

"There you are," Edward said, pulling himself away from the wall and smiling as Lizzie ran to him. He picked her up in one arm and held out his other hand to me.

Inside the restaurant, it was counter service with indoor seating, so we all got in line. Luckily, it wasn't any busier than the attractions had been all morning because of the weather and time of year that we'd come.

Edward was busy telling Lizzie what she could choose from for lunch, and when we got up to the counter, Lizzie ordered for herself.

"Psgetti and meatbaws, pwease," she told the older woman behind the register. "Wif milk."

"Of course, sweetie." The woman smiled at Lizzie and pushed a couple of buttons on the register. Then she turned to Edward and me. "And for you two young people?"

"Nothing for us, thank you," Edward said smoothly, flashing his charming crooked smile.

The woman's heart fluttered once, and she smiled before turning back to the register to give us our total.

"Actually, I'll wait to pay. Add the rest of this group onto my ticket, please," Edward said, raising an eyebrow when Charlie, Jake, Seth, and Sue protested. When he wouldn't budge, they placed their orders, and then he slid a card to the woman, who rang up the total.

Once everyone had their food, we walked through the dining room, which was only about three-quarters of the way full, and found a group of seats large enough to fit all nine of us.

As Lizzie ate her spaghetti and meatballs, grapes, and yogurt, she talked about everything she'd seen and done so far. By the time she finished her milk, she was yawning. Everyone else was finished eating, so I looked at Edward.

"How about we save Monsters Inc and go straight back to the hotel?"

He chuckled, nodding. "Sounds good. I think the others may stay out longer, but I'm all for going back and letting her nap."

"I believe we'll head back with you guys," my dad said, tilting his head at Sue, who was nodding.

Carlisle and Esme nodded as well, but Jake and Seth both spoke at the same time.

"Not me!" they echoed one another, making us laugh.

"I wanna ride Space Mountain," Seth said.

Jake grinned. "Me, too. And the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror."

I snorted at the thought of the two guys who could shift into werewolves and had fought vampires looking forward to "scary" thrill rides.

"Okay, time to head off if we want to meet the others," Edward said, gathering up Lizzie's trash.

"Cawwy me?" Lizzie asked with another yawn.

I smiled and picked her up, putting her on my hip. When Edward joined us again, I said, "Call Alice and tell her we're heading back to the hotel and that she should get in touch with Jake and Seth, who want to hang out."

I knew she couldn't see any decisions we made because of the wolves, so he would have to actually tell her.

"Hey, Alice," he said into the phone. "Lizzie's done for now. We're gonna head back to the hotel with all the grandparents. Jake and Seth want to know where to meet you guys."

"Tell them Space Mountain," Alice said. "And give Lizzie-bear a hug and kiss from Auntie Alice."

He chuckled. "Will do," he told her, hanging up and sliding his phone back into his pocket.

"You heard?" he asked Jake and Seth, who nodded.

"We'll see you guys later," Jake said.

They both dropped a kiss onto the top of Lizzie's head and then hurried out.

When we got near the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, I remembered that Lizzie wanted to meet the princesses.

"How about we stop in here and see if there are any princesses to meet? Would you like that, baby?" I asked the little girl who was valiantly trying to stay awake.

"Oooh, yeah!" She clapped, completely awake for the moment.

As soon as we walked into the Town Square Theater, Lizzie pushed herself out of my arms and down to her feet.

"Mickey!" she squealed, taking off as fast as her little legs would carry her.

The oversized Mickey Mouse was waving at her, patting her head with his large, padded hands.

Raising the camera, I snapped a few pictures. Lizzie was telling Mickey about riding on Dumbo and the teacups, but that now, she wanted to see Snow White and Cinderella. By the time she finished, out walked Snow White, Cinderella, Belle...and Aurora, I believed.

"Pwincesses, Mommy!" she squealed again. She was so adorable, running over to them. "I'm a pwincess, too," she told them. "Pwincess Ewizabeth. Unca Emmett says so."

The princesses fawned all over her, telling her she made a beautiful princess, and Lizzie just ate up every bit of attention. I took more pictures of her with the characters than I had so far at the park.

Finally, she was yawning more than not, and other families were beginning to come in, so I told her, "Say goodbye, Lizzie-bear."

"Bye, pwetty pwincesses!" She blew them each a kiss and then ran back to us, holding her arms up to Edward. "Up, Daddy," she told him, yawning again.

Edward scooped her up and carried her out, and by the time we stepped onto the monorail that would take us back to the hotel, she was asleep on his shoulder.

"Ahh, to be five years old again," I murmured, brushing her hair back away from her face.

Lizzie snuggled into Edward's neck, her little hand fisting his shirt, and let out a little sigh.

It was the perfect end to a fantastic day.