Saving Arienne.


When the Triceratons come looking for Doctor Honeycut and invade earth, Ari gets captured by the Triceratons along with Casey and April. How will Leo save her without alerting his brothers and friends?

Author's Note:

This follows right along the TV series storyline Space Invaders part 1 of the TMNT 03 TV series. I hope you enjoy this, please leave a review thank you.

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Saving Arienne:

"Hey Leo, where you going?" Raph asked him one night as Leo swallowed thickly.

"Out, why? Is that a problem with you now Raph?" he asked him out of defense as he turned to face his younger brother.

"Hey, easy, just curious since you have been acting kind of weird lately and was just wondering if you were alright and wanted to talk about whatever it is that's bothering you?" Raph answered him with concern.

"I'm fine. I just need to clear my head," Leo smoothly lied and then turned around from him and walked out of the lair.

When Leo was safely far away from his home, he ran towards the one person that has been on his mind nearly all day long. Arienne Lyn. Lately they haven't seen one another because of the adventures that Leo and his family have gone through and he missed talking to her.

The last time he saw her was on his birthday and that was nearly three months ago now.

'Too long. I need to see her tonight.' He thought to himself as he ran on the rooftops towards her home that was on the other side of Central Park.

Meanwhile, within her home, Arienne was softly reading a book that she had bought for her classes at the community college that she was now enrolled. However, her heart ached to see the one person that has been gone for nearly three months now.

"Leo," she softly sighed to no one.

Tap, tap.

Alert now and looking at her dark windows, she swallowed nervously because she still couldn't quite get the attacks on when the City was at War with one another. Strangely, after the attacks stopped, Leo had disappeared, as if he never existed at all.

Tap, tap.

Getting up slowly, she held her small book in her hands as she walked closer to the window that was on the second floor of her home. Very quickly, she opened the window and looked outside.

"Ari?" his voice filtered down to her.

"Leo?" she asked him quietly.

"May I please come in?" he asked her hopefully.

She backed away from the window and then turned off the lights as her heart screamed and thrashed that it could be a trap. A shadow and then a familiar figure swung into the room, landing silently and lightly on her carpet floor.

This was the closet that either of one has ever been with each other. She could easily make out the roundness of his back with his two weapons sticking up as his white eyes locked on her.

"If you're really my friend Leo, what happened three months ago? In the kitchen?" she asked him wanting to know if it was him or not.

"You were making stuffed chicken breasts for my birthday dinner. You told me a lot of things about yourself and of your family. I had overheard your two older brothers argue with you when you were attacked by the two Purple Dragons when the City was at War with the street gangs. You gave me a bracelet that I still wear"

"What is the engraving on the bracelet?" she cut him off, her eyes narrowing a bit.

Leo heavily sighed and whispered "I never really got the chance to read it,"

Arienne's eyes flickered up and down him briefly.

"Alright, what did you write to me before you left?" she asked him in code.

Leo swallowed hard, he knew that she was putting him through these series of tests because she didn't quite trust that it was actually him and not someone else.

"Ari, I am sorry for not being here when you woke up, however I had to get back to my brothers. I will meet up with you near the swing. Please don't be late. Leo" he said to her knowingly.

Her eyes looked directly into his as he shifted from one foot to the other. His desire to hold her in his arms was too strong, he had to do something or she would find out on what he truly was.

"I am sorry that I have been gone for a few months, Arienne. It wasn't like I had a choice, I had to look after my family but you were never too far away from me in thought and hope," he said to her truthfully.

"I know, that is why I put the saying on your bracelet because it speaks a lot louder then what I can say to you now," she softly replied to him, slowly dropping her guard completely around him.

"What does it say?" he asked her, not wanting to take off the bracelet that she got him for his past birthday.

"I can't tell you, you have to read it for yourself," she told him walking over to her chair and sitting back down on it.

Leo sighed to himself as he then turned back to the window and closed it. While he was getting his bracelet off of his wrist, he wondered what was so important about the saying. What did she put that nearly had her choking on her own words and emotions?

After he took it off, he leaned forward towards the light that was filtering in through the room.

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never ever the same," it said as he felt his heart stilled for a moment.

He glanced over at her small body frame with her book prompt back in her lap but her eyes were strictly on him. He knew that she was mature then he was and had the knowledge like that of his younger brother, Donny but, he didn't expect this from her.

Arienne watched him carefully, her eyes drinking in his rounded back and his weapons strapped onto his body. He was very still and was looking at her with wide eyes or so she thought.

He had turned around to face her and walked slowly over to her chair. She looked up into his eyes as he held his bracelet in between his two fingers and hoped that she could lock it back on his wrist.

"I don't know what to say but I feel the same way about you too," he softly murmured to her.

Her eyes widen in shock for a split second before she gently took his wrist into her hands and fastened it back on him. Leo was torn between panic and thankfulness. What if she knew what he was? Would she run away from him like so many others have done before her?

"Want to go downstairs? I made an apple crisp pie earlier yesterday afternoon," she suggested to him, making things calmer for his nerves.

"As long as you don't mind walking a head of me?" he replied to her with a smile.

"Alright, come on lion," she teased him and walked in front of him.

"I am not a lion, lioness," he teased back, grinning.

"I am not a lioness," she protested back.

"Yes you are," he chuckled softly.

Leo noticed that while he was gone, she had finished her extra rooms as they passed them. Two bedrooms and an office/study room next to the bathroom.

"I am not the one that is named after a lion, Leo," she grumbled to him.

"What? I was named"

"I know, I know," she softly cut him off as they walked down the stairs and into the kitchen that was dark.

Leo kept to the shadows when the lights came on and waited for her in the living room.

"I guess whatever happened when you were away, has been on your mind lately?" she asked him, softly poking at it.

Heavily sighing he then sat down on her couch and closed his eyes.

"Is it possible for me to fall in love so quickly?" he asked her as she came walking into the living room but her eyes widen a bit.

"Who do you like?" she returned to him and gently put his plate on the coffee table as she sat in the love seat.

"Her name is Karai but she's my enemy's daughter. I fought alongside and I have noticed that she has honor like my family does but"

"She is still on your enemy's side or with her father?" she finished slowly for him.

Her heart was pounding fast, she didn't know that he had met someone when he was gone. Within the darkness of her living room, she down casted her eyes.

"Yes. What do I do, Ari?" Leo asked her for help.

"That is something that I can't help you with because like you said, she's the daughter of your enemy. Just because she's female doesn't mean she will not hurt you just to get what she wants, Leo," Arienne told him wisely.

Leo let her words sink in and then looked down at the plate in front of him. Leaning forward and gently cutting into the piece of the apple crisp pie, he pondered on something.

"Have you ever been in love?" he asked her gently.

"No, not love but lust I have and in many ways I don't like it," she answered him with knowledge.

He looked over at her and then asked "Who have you lust over and why that person was the focus of your lust?"

"Two questions within one wanting to know," she told to him in cryptic code.

Leo swallowed his bite and blushed.

"I am sorry Ari, it's just that we never talked about this subject before and correct me if I'm wrong, but, it seems that you have been hurt by someone-"

"I have and even though I am over the situations, at times my mind can't help but go back to those somewhat embarrassing times," she cut him off.

Leo knew that she wasn't going to open fully up to him on this subject. From the way that she was looking at him and not touching her piece of pie, he softly dropped the subject.

"All I can say is be careful with what you say or do around this Kara?" she told him as he wanted to correct her on Karai's name but he didn't.

"I noticed that you finished your bedrooms since the last time that I was here," he changed the subject.

Arienne nodded silently, she softly chewed her piece of pie slowly. Leo knew something was upsetting her, he just didn't know if the subject that they briefly talked about was it or was it something entirely different?

"Please talk to me, Arienne. Whatever I have said or done while I was here, I am sorry," he told her wishing he knew what was wrong.

"You didn't do anything Leo, it's just that I am stressed from work and college and I haven't slept correctly since we last met," she truthfully explained to him, letting her shoulders sag a bit.

"No one will come here, Ari. I made sure that the wars of this city stopped because of what had happened to you. I couldn't face the truth that you could have been killed because of me," he said, gently putting his now empty plate on her coffee table again.

Slowly looking up at him, Arienne got up and then walked to where his empty plate was and took it into the kitchen. She let his words tumble in her mind.

'If he is so concerned about my well being…why doesn't….knock it off brain.' She thought to herself and sighed.

She walked back the way she came but ran into something and landed on her butt, softly rubbing her nose.

"Ow," she mumbled as she then looked up at the shape of Leo.

"Are you alright? I didn't mean …I…I am sorry," he stammered to her.

"I will be and you are forgiven Leo," she told him while he nodded to her.

She slowly got to her feet and then rubbed her butt with her hands to get the pain to disappear.

"You really are exhausted huh?" he stated to her, as his eyes looked her over more closely.

"Well, yes," Ari said to him.

"Why don't you go to sleep? I will keep watch," he suggested to her.

"But what about you? Your family?" she asked him.

"I'll be fine and besides, they won't expect me home any time soon," he reassured her.

"If you say so," she mumbled low to him and then walked back up her stairs and down her hallway as Leo slowly followed her.

He then noticed that she took the door off of her doorframe that led up to her bedroom. Giving her the privacy to change out of her sweat pants so she could be in her bed, Leo waited below until he saw the light turn off. He walked up the silent steps and then looked to his left. She was snuggled into her pillows and blankets but her eyes were looking directly at him.

He walked the rest of the way up and looked around for any place to hide. There were no shadows since she had put a huge window seat to look out into Central Park. The massive amount of lighting that filter through suddenly made Leo nervous.

Arienne on the other hand saw him enter her bedroom but she didn't turn over onto her back. She was giving him a chance to see that she trusted him fully, whatever he may look like.

"May I close your blinds?" he asked her softly.

"Sure, their giving me a headache anyway," she replied back as Leo softly closed the blinds to her windows.

Now that it was utterly dark, he turned to look at her. She was softly shifting about but, he was a bit stunned since he blushed a bit.

"How's your job going? Still having troubles with Morgan?" he whispered low to her.

"Troubles with whom? She didn't last long, Leo. And it's wonderful, I learn history every single day and I am not just within the Japanese Art area anymore, I have been promoted to other historical arts too," she whispered back to him, her eyes fluttering close.

Leo was happy for her but, she was already fast asleep within her bed. He didn't know how long he stayed in her bedroom nor did he care if he shell cell went off and turned it off with the tracker inside. He was being a bit greedy with his stay with Arienne.

Walking over to her sleeping peaceful form, Leo sat on the right side of her bed. His eyes drank her face in before he leaned down and very gently pressed his lips to her forehead.

"I'll be back tomorrow night. I promise, Arienne," he whispered to her as she then turned towards him and took hold of his hand.

"Catch that fish Leo," she muttered in her sleep as Leo smiled down at her.

"I caught the fish, Ari, now what?" he whispered low to her.

"Eat it," she muttered again and then fell back into a deeper slumber.

Holding his laughter back, Leo pressed his lips one more time to her forehead and tucked her hand under her pillow before he left her house.

The next day, Arienne was up and about since she finally got a good night's sleep. She was hoping that Leo would be within the branches of the trees but her hopes fell when he wasn't.

It was around two-ish when all hell broke loose. The skies were filled with Alien space ships and alien transporters combing the city. Arienne was walking home from work when it happened. She couldn't quite believe her eyes, Triceratops were invading Earth and killing people at random or so it seemed.

Down under, the city within its sewers, the turtles and their father were gathered around the massive amounts of TV's.

"This was the scene moments ago in Times Square," the male reporter said from the TV's.

Leo gasped when he saw Arienne running for her life and then from what looked like it, being stunned or killed by the Triceratons. Turning around and running right out of the lair, he didn't care if his brothers noticed that he was gone or not, Arienne needed him.

"My sons it is very important that you all stay in the lair until…" Master Splinter began but stopped when no one was there, shaking his head.

Meanwhile, Leo and his brothers were hiding behind a water tower as they watched the "aliens" go by on their trans mat and spaceships.

"Triceratons!" Leo informed his brothers.

"I hate those guys! We got to do something!" Raph retorted back, smacking his balled up hand against his other palm.

"But what can we do against an entire invasion?" Donny asked next, looking at his brothers for clues.

Leo had this sharp expression on his face. He wanted to speak his mind about Arienne, but he knew that he couldn't.

"It is the end of the world as we know it, and I don't feel fine," Mikey expressed to them.

Jumping down into a nearby alleyway, Leo stayed silent unless he knew the answer to the questions.

"I don't get it. With all of the planets within the galaxy? Why here? Why earth?" Donny asked out loud thinking on it.

"May be that horn head Zanramon is still mad at us for stealing his personal space courser? He, he. It was a pretty sweet ride," Raph joked and gloated a bit.

Heavily shaking his head Leo then stated "I don't think this is about us. We're not important enough for them to travel half way across the universe,"

Leo listened to his little brother but his thoughts kept circling around Arienne. Was she alright? What did the Triceratons want with her? When he and his brothers had stayed too long within the alleyway, Leo at once had them all hide behind a dumpster.

Slowly waking up and hearing lots of different voices around her, Arienne opened her eyes as she saw a woman with her boyfriend hovering over her.

"Are you alright?" the woman whispered to her.

"Yes, just what is going on?" she asked her back, slowly sitting up.

"We don't know. However, what I do know is that they are gathering people at random and then bringing them here to Central Park. They're not going to sacrifice us to their leader are they?" the woman's boyfriend answered Arienne.

"I don't think so," Arienne whispered calmly to him, her eyes looking around as she saw the large Triceratons holding weapons in a circle around the other people.

"What do they want?" the woman asked Arienne.

"That one I don't know," she replied back slowly getting to her wobbly legs.

The man steadied her out as he put his hands on her hips. His girlfriend and Arienne both looked at him as he then backed away.

"What's your name?" the woman asked her.

"Arienne Lyn, I work"

"At the Art museum, I saw you give a very small tour for the first when I went there a few months back," the woman cut in smiling.

"Oh, well I didn't see you…what are your names?" she asked them both.

"Tracy Evans and this is my boyfriend Russell Day," Tracy replied back.

"It's nice to meet you both but not under these events," Arienne said in a low whisper as the group of people were huddled closer to one another as more aliens came with more captured humans.

Arienne gasped when she saw April and her boyfriend Casey within the group.

"April!" Arienne said to her walking hurriedly over to her and Casey who looked confused on who she was.

"Do I know you?" April asked her confused.

"I'm uhm…"

"Get a move on! Everyone in a single line, head straight!" one of the Triceratons shoved one of the people forward.

Like a herd of sheep, everyone that was in Central Park, formed a line and walked straight to wherever they were going.

"Call Leo and tell him where we are," Arienne whispered sternly to April.

April wondered how this young woman knew of her friends but she did get her weird looking cell phone out and called him.

"Hello?" Arienne heard his voice on the other end.

"Leo, guys. It's April. Casey and I are kind of in a tight spot," April whispered low to him.

"Leo help," Ari whispered low so he could hear her too.

"April, I can't hear you, can you talk a little louder?" Leo asked her as he had heard Arienne's voice.

"Uhm…not really. We're being held by these aliens. Their big and ugly and they stink," April replied to him but Arienne had backed off now, slowly walking in the line of the other people.

"They got a bunch of us here in Central Park," April began to tell him but one of the Triceratons crunched the shell cell up.

Somewhere in the heart of New York, Leo panicked because his heart was up in his throat, Arienne was with April and Casey.

"Hello? Ar-April? No!" he corrected himself quickly before he looked to his brothers.

"They got April and Casey! Their taking them to Central Park!" he exclaimed as his thoughts were now circling around the one person that none of his family, friends or his enemies know about.

Leo was going to go at all coasts to get Arienne out of there, with also getting April and Casey out too. The question that entered his mind was, how? How could he do that while his brothers were with him?

Raph saw a gleam within his older brother's eyes. A gleam that wasn't for April or Casey. It was for someone else beside their friends. Raph thought it over very quickly in his mind and would talk to Leo about whoever he was seeing lately later.

"Then why are we sitting here twiddling our shells? Let's move!" Raph told him and then jumped off of the rooftop towards Central Park.

Leo followed right after his younger brother, his heart was in his throat as he worried about Arienne, April and Casey.

Back in Central Park, Arienne and the other small group of people were crowded around a huge bolder out of protection. Arienne was helping a little boy calm down when they saw the other small group join them.

"Hey! Quit pushing pal!" Casey snapped angrily at the Triceraton guard.

Shoving Casey forward as if it was nothing the guard growled "Get moving weakling,"

"Casey!" April exclaimed worriedly as Arienne then looked above her.

Three hovering platforms circled around everyone, making a tight triangle shape cage with some sort of advanced technology beam ray. Arienne felt the little boy claim up into her lap and wrap his arms and legs around her as he shook fearfully.

"I'm here, little guy, I'm here," Arienne whispered calmly to the boy who buried his face into her collarbone.

Not giving up Arienne saw Casey punch the beam but was bounced back as it shocked him a bit.

"What do we do? What do we do?" the little boy asked Arienne who started to softly cry on her.

"We wait and do as we are told," She whispered truthfully to him as she shifted him a bit in her arms.

Leo glanced at the cage that his friends were in and when he spotted Arienne with a little boy in her arms, he grounded his teeth in irritation.

"Casey and April must be in there somewhere," Donny whispered low to the rest of his brothers.

"Nice, a portable Alcatraz. Now everyone is going to want one," Mikey dryly joked half seriously.

Leo's mind was racing on how to free his friends and the other people in the cage. Raph noticed how his older brother was glaring and grinding his teeth together with that hell or high water expression.

"Let's get ready to kick some shell!" he said to his brothers just to see what Leo would do or say next.

"Hold it, Raph! We're way outnumbered! We need to use our heads." Leo had told him as he put a hand on his brother's shoulder to stop him from going out with his plan.

"Guess that leaves Mikey out." Raph teased Mikey but knew that someone that Leo knew was in that cage.

Mikey smiled and twiddled his fingers against one another as he stated "You know, if all those people were set free at once, there'd be a lot of confusion."

"Mikey had a good idea?" Raph asked Leo stunned.

Leo too was stunned as he said back, "Mikey had a good idea."

Leo looked back at the cage and saw Arienne being harassed by the Triceraton guards. That just about did it for Leonardo.

"Donny, how do we get the cage down," he nearly growled at him.

"Well you see that? The cage is held by those three hovering platforms. If we knock out one, the whole thing should come crashing down," Donny answered him as Leo nodded.

"Get away from us!" Leo then heard from the group, knowing who it was that said it.

"Ari," he barely uttered any sound as he watched two guards looking her over like some sort of prize.

"Mikey, Raph. See that you can set up a diversion so that Donny and I can get in close enough to take out one of the platforms. Let's move!" he told everyone and ran towards the cage.

Arienne was now in the middle of the group with the small boy in her arms. He was sleeping peacefully since it was just too much for his little brain to take. The guards however were nodding and pointing at her, whatever they wanted she had on.

Suddenly a space ship came floating down and very gently landed next to the cage. Arienne's hope was fading, she knew that Leo was here, she could easily sense his presence but she didn't know where he was.

"Hey, little guy, come on wake up," she barely whispered to the boy in her tired arms.

"Hmm…mommy?" he said to her as she blushed a bit.

"I'm not your mommy, little guy but you have to wake up," she whispered low to him as he woke up in a snap.

"I thought that this was a horrible nightmare? Why can't anyone save us?" he whispered back, hugging her neck again.

"Because everyone is confused and fearful of these aliens. I'm Arienne Lyn. I work at the art museum just some odd blocks from here," she told him to ease the tension.

"I'm Cody Weston, I live with my mom but I got separated from her when all of this started," he replied back to her, calming down a bit.

"After this is over with, Cody, I promise to get you back with your mother," Ari promised him.

Cody simply nodded as thick heavy tears trickled down his face.

"It will be alright, a friend of mine will be here soon. I got in contact with him a little bit a go and he and his brothers will save us," she whispered nearly in his small ear.

"He is?" Cody asked her hope filling his heart.

She nodded gently to him and said "He should since he and I have been friends for nearly six months now,"

When the spaceship opened, Arienne stayed near the bolder as more Triceraton guards came out of it and two of them were heading towards her and Cody.

Everything very suddenly happened in chaos. The guards circled the small group as Arienne was pushing Cody up on the bolder.

"Air, but…" he protested.

"Climb, Cody, climb!" she told him as he did what he was told.

Arienne then stood in front, as two other guards joined the first one.

"You stay away from us!" she growled at them.

"Take her! She was recently in contact with the Fugitoid!" The guard told the others.

"Air! Please, don't go!" Cody begged her.

"I won't," she replied back to him but he was already in midflight as Arienne had to think fast.

By sheer luck and jumping forward, she caught Cody who clung to her fearfully.

"Why didn't"

"Because you promised that you would get me reunited with my mom," he cut her off.

Heavily sighing, she nodded and put him on her back. Cody then started to throw small rocks at the guards.

"Stun her!" one of the guards said and fired at her.

The purple beam hit her so fast that she didn't have time to react or move away from it. She fell to the ground with Cody on her back.

"Air! Air!" he cried panicking.

The guards walked closer to her limp body before taking her away from Cody. He threw a rock at the back of the guard's head out of anger and wanting Arienne back.

"You let her go!" he said to them, glaring.

"Take him too," the guard only said as Cody was stunned.

Mean while Leo watched all of this go down from his hiding place. Donny noticed how tense and focused his older brother was acting to this but he also noticed that Leo's eyes were on the young woman and the child being taking away.

"Now Donny," Leo said to him after he and his brother confirmed the diversion was a success by Mikey.

Leo jumped up with unsheathing his katanas and slicing through one of the platforms, breaking the cage open.

Leo looked around as he and Donny were now out in the open, his eyes soon found the guard that was taking Arienne and the little boy to the spaceship.

"Ari!" Leo exclaimed as he ran after the guard and kicked him in the back.

Donny didn't know what to think of his actions or who this woman was. the crowd was running all over the place as they were set free but Donny also noticed that April was on the spaceship where Arienne and the little boy were.

'She must be the one that Leo is seeing. I have to get to them and set them free!' Donny thought determined as he ran towards April and threw his bo staff at one of the guards, knocking him flat on his face.

"April! You get away from them!" Donny then stated as he knocked both of the two other guards away.

"Air! Air! Please wake up," Cody said trying to wake her up by gently shaking her right shoulder.

"I could just kiss you!" April said happily to Donny as she hugged him from behind.

"Really? Oh!" he said smiling and blushing a bit.

When Donny told April to get the rest of people out of the spaceship, he walked hurriedly over to where Arienne and Cody were.

"You get away from her!" Cody snapped angrily at him.

"Easy, I'm not going to hurt either one of you. I just want to-"

"You must be Leo! The friend that she talked to me about!" Cody interrupted Donny who blinked at this new information.

"Yes, now, can you help me so I can get her out of here?" he said to Cody who nodded and then helped Donny lift Arienne up into his arms as Casey had used a branch to knock out some of the other guards.

"Casey! Take her and the little boy to safety! She needs help!" Donny said to him as he very gently handed Arienne's body over to Casey.

"If you hurt her, I swear-"

"Easy kid, I won't hurt your mother. Just take my hand and let's book!" Casey interrupted Cody who glared at him.

"Step back horn heads! Nice and slow," Donny said while he was still on the spaceship.

"Ah!" he said when he got stunned and knocked out.

"Donny! No!" April cried as she couldn't do anything to stop them.

"Take him prisoner," one of the guards grunted and two of the guards took Donny's lifeless body into their ship and started her up.

When Casey was a good distance away with Cody's hand in his and Arienne's body on his shoulders, he glanced around and saw Leo.

"Leo!" he shouted to him.

"Casey, what…Arienne," Leo said back, hurrying over to him as he very gently took Arienne's body into his arms.

"She's breathing, but ow!" Casey began but hopped on his left leg when Cody ran towards Leo.

"Who are you Turtle? Which one of you is Leo that Air spoke of?" he demanded.

"I am the real Leo and her name isn't Air, its Arienne. However, who are you? I know she doesn't have a kid or I would have"

"She's not my mother, she helped me when we were captured in that cage. She promised me to get me reunited with my real mother as I got separated from when all of this happened," Cody interrupted him.

Kneeling down to the ground, Leo made sure Ari's head was softly in his lap as he looked up at Cody.

"What's your name?" he asked him simply.

"Cody Weston. Air said that she had called you and that you were coming to rescue us. Why did that other turtle lie to me?" Cody asked Leo who widen his eyes.

"That was my brother. Arienne knows of him and I am assuming that he wanted to get you both to safety, Cody," Leo answered him truthfully.

"You are just like her, Air I mean. She wouldn't lie to me on what was going on, she kept telling me the truth even though I was frighten. She will be alright, right Leo?" Cody stated to him, hoping that Arienne would be.

Leo looked back down at the unconscious young woman who was in his lap.

"They only stunned her, Cody. She will wake up soon. She's like that with me too whenever I don't want to hear anything that I disagree about," he softly told the little boy.

Casey however was shocked by how Leo was reacting to this young woman. It was as if he was purely in love with her even though Casey never met her in his life.

"Leo, when have you been sneaking out and seeing your girlfriend?" Casey asked him as Leo blushed at this.

"She's not my girlfriend-"

"She's a girl and she's your friend, thus she's your girlfriend," Casey interrupted him.

"Casey, please I am begging you, do not tell anyone of Arienne to my brothers or anyone else," Leo requested from him.

"But Leo, we will"

"I will do whatever it is that you want from me, a movie night with the guys, front row seats to a hockey game, anything. Just please keep this a secret about her and I," Leo interrupted him, begging fully now as he very gently took Arienne into his arms and hugged her to him.

"Alright Leo. I will promise to keep this a secret, however I think Donny will know of her too since Cody here said you were him. But we all will find out about her soon enough as well as our enemies. Nothing can be kept a secret if you're a ninja, Leo," Casey replied back seeing how Leo was finally relaxed and snuggling into Arienne's shoulder and neck area.

Leo ignored the last part from Casey as he then asked "Can she and Cody stay at your grandmother's house out in the country?"

"Sure but, I would have to make a few trips to the grocery store and such," he replied back.

"Leo, why won't she wake up?" Cody asked him worriedly as he knelt down beside Arienne's limp body.

"It takes a lot for a human to wake up after being stunned, Cody. She will be alright now, don't worry. You have to be brave like she was in protecting you from the Triceratons. When you are brave and courageous you will not disappoint her," Leo wisely told him as he looked at the little boy.

Cody may be just a child but he was a lot braver then he looked. His mouse chocolate brown hair swayed in the light breeze his deep royal blue eyes glistened with tears as he wanted Arienne to wake up.

"I'll try, Leo," Cody whispered as he hung his head.

"Casey…never mind he's already on it," Leo mumbled to himself after he noticed that Casey was gone to get the van.

It didn't take Casey long to get to the van and high tail it where Leo and Cody were. Very gently, Leo lifted Arienne's body into his arms.

'For the longest time I have wanted to hold her, to hug her to me but not like this.' He bitterly thought to himself.

When Cody had gotten into the front seat with Arienne laying in the back securely, Leo very gently leaned down and kissed her forehead. Casey didn't miss this as he wondered how long Leo has been seeing this young woman?

"Take very special care of her. She means a lot to me," He said to either one.

"I will," Both Casey and Cody said at once.

"Cody, I want you to see this. This is a shell cell, like that of a cell phone but better. This button that is on hers, will call me at once. Do not use this unless you have no one to help you, do you understand me?" Leo showed Cody his Shell cell to him.

Cody looked it over and then nodded to him.

"Good, Casey, take them out of here before my brothers and April find out," Leo stated to them both and walked away from the van.

"Don't worry Leo, she'll be fine," Casey replied back and started the van back up and then drove away.

"Be safe, Ari," Leo whispered into the soft breeze as he watched the van until it disappeared from sight.

Arienne moaned a little and felt really sore. It was as if she had run nearly 190 miles and then some as she slowly opened her eyes. She wasn't in the city anymore and from what she could see of Cody's eyes looking back at her, she knew that they were safe.

"Air! You're awake!" he exclaimed to her happy that she finally woke up.

"Wha…What happened?" she asked him groggily.

"Leo came and saved us. He beat the bad guys up and then told me and Stacey"

"It's Casey. And you must be really special if Leo risked everything to save you," she heard Casey's voice a little way from her.

She saw him sitting in a recliner that was broken down and looked very old and dusty.

"Leo rescued me?" she asked him, her mind was very slow to get going after being stunned.

"Yeah. You should have seen him Air! He had two swords and he used them to cut the cage apart! He then"

"He didn't cut the cage apart, he cut one of the platforms in half and that what broke the cage kid," Casey interrupted him again.

"Call me kid one more time and I will kick your butt!" Cody snapped angrily at him.

"Easy, both of you. Cody, don't make threats, it's not nice and you can get into a lot trouble with them. A five minute time out should be good for you," Arienne told him with a stern look.

"But! But!" Cody protested as she shook her head at him.

"Sit and be silent for five minutes while I talk to St-I mean Casey," she told him.

Cody folded his arms over his chest and remained silent.

"Did anyone else see me with Leo?" Ari asked Casey who nodded.

"Donny did as well as April and I but, that's it. I don't think Raph or Mikey or anyone else that we know of saw him with you. But like I said to him and I'm going to say it to you too. Keeping this uhm…secret of you two from his enemies will get out and when it does, I won't say I didn't told you so," he answered her with his warning.

"You have known him and his family for some time now, can you tell me what he looks like?" she asked him hopefully.

"Ah! Zip it Cody and no I can't. If Leo won't tell you what he looks like than I won't either. It's something you have to come to an understanding about him and his… uh…unique family. What I can tell you is this: you seem that you don't judge people by how they look, which I think we need a lot of people like you in this world, but by how that person's actions," he said to them both but more seriously to Arienne.

"Will he be here any time soon?" Arienne asked him with hopeful eyes.

"I don't think so, Arienne. He said for me to keep you up here until all of this blows over, which I have a funny feeling that won't be any time soon. The Triceratons are looking for robot who knows how to transporter thing-y and the robot isn't here anymore, or so what the guys have told April and me," Casey explained heavily to her as she dropped her eyes to the floor.

A soft groan came from Arienne's stomach as she looked down at it and blushed.

"Sorry, I haven't eaten anything since lunch," she mumbled to them.

"How about I go and get some groceries? There isn't that much food here and with you living here for a while, I think I need to load the whole van up," Casey sheepishly replied back.

"That would be great," she told him smiling a little.

Casey soon left the house as Arienne was playing cards with Cody. He brought out the shell cell that he swiped from Casey from earlier.

"Leo told me that if you needed anything, just to give him a call. He's really cool Air, I just wish I could tell you what he looks like but I know I would get into trouble if I do," he explained to her and handing it over.

She gently took it into her hands and then looked up at Cody.

"I know that this may sound strange coming from me and all but, I guess since I have waited this long, I can stand some more waiting. I wonder if I would get into trouble if I called him?" she said looking the cell phone over.

'This is really odd. Why would he have a cell phone shaped like a turtle shell? And why did Cody say "shell cell" instead of cell phone? More pieces to this mysterious puzzle I suppose.' She thought to herself as she pressed a button it opened up.

Gasping at this, Cody was right beside her as she then pressed another button on the key pad.

"Cody? What's wrong?" Leo asked her.

"It's me, Ari, Leo and"

"I told him not to call me unless it was an emergency, Casey! I have to go. I will call you when this is over with," Leo sternly interrupted her and then hung up.

Feeling a little disappointed and sad, she looked over at Cody who sheepishly grinned at her.

"I'm sorry, Air. I…I didn't…" he stammered to her.

"It's okay, I wanted to hear him since all of this has started anyway. Now want to help me go exploring around the rooms in this house?" she asked him changing the subject.

"You bet I do!" he replied back excited to do something.

Arienne slowly got to her feet with his help and they walked slowly out of the living room and into the narrow kitchen.

"It's cramped in here," Cody complained.

"It's a country style home, almost all of the kitchens are like that," She commented to him.

What caught her eye then was a few pictures on the fridge. Walking slowly over to them, she saw Casey from when he was a young boy until she saw four people in turtle costumes. One picture had a single turtle person with a blue mask and two swords sticking out from behind his back, just like Leo's. Very gently, she took it off of the fridge and dusted it off.

Cody remained silent and utterly still on her finding.

"I hope Casey won't mind if I keep this," she said to Cody who zipped his lips shut with his fingers.

Tucking the picture away into her pockets she and Cody then walked out of the kitchen and into the den front room area of the house where an old fashion fireplace stood to the right and an old Television set stood with a few chairs and couch.

"Hmm….may be you can help me later on getting the fire going in this freezing house?" she asked Cody who groaned.

"I don't like chopping fire wood," he complained to her.

"You won't be, I will. I just need you to carry the chopped up logs and I will get the fire going. Now where are the bedrooms, bathrooms and second floor to this place?" she firmly told him, not wanting him to get seriously hurt with an axe or the fire itself.

"It's over here," Cody pointed to her the staircase as they made their up towards it.

With a simple glance outside, Arienne saw that the sun was completely gone and it was utterly dark out except the lights from the living room area.

As they explored the second level, Arienne felt something within her stomach. It twisted and turned and she knew that her gut was telling her that Casey wasn't coming back.

"Cody, where's the Ce..I mean the Shell cell? I need to call Leo," she told him worriedly.

"But he said that he would call you when he could"

"I need to tell him that Casey isn't coming back for us with the groceries," she interrupted him with sad disappointing eyes.

"How do you know?" Cody softly asked her confused and sad.

"My gut told me that something isn't right and Casey hasn't come yet within the last few hours," she answered him the best she could.

Cody slowly nodded and gave her the shell cell after he pulled it out of his pocket. Pressing the button just like before and then the first button on the key pad Arienne waited as it rang.

"Cody? Please-"

"Casey hasn't come back Leo and I'm getting worried about not feeding Cody," she cut him off.

"What! Ari, let me handle this and I will personally be up there with you as soon as I can, but right now, the Triceratons are leaving earth and I'm heading home," he said to her softly.

"Hey Leo, who ya talkin to?" Arienne heard in the background.

"I've got to go and I'll handle it," he whispered sternly to her.

"Okay and be careful, Leo," she told him as Leo then hung up.

Cody smiled brightly up at her as she felt much better now. They explored the rest of the house and very soon found themselves outside chopping up the logs for the fireplace.

When they heard a car pulling into the driveway, Arienne had Cody lock the front and back doors, closed the drapes and turned on the kitchen lights.

"What do we do?" he whispered low to her frightfully.

"We wait to see who it is and then if we know them then we come out of our hiding spots, but if we don't, I want you to throw those logs at the person with all your strength, do you understand me Cody?" she replied back low to him.

"I do, Air," he mumbled as they waited when the car drove up to the house.

When the car was shut off, the doors closing and then a jiggle on the door handle, Arienne crouched down with Cody beside her.

"Arienne? You inside?" they both heard Leo's voice.

"I'm back! I'm sorry! I'm back!" Casey's whining voice came through.

"What if it's a trap?" Cody asked her.

"Then we will put them through a little test. Quick, think of what Leo said to Casey that only Casey knows of?" she said to him before she came out behind the couch and walked towards the front door.

"Leo? Is that really you?" she asked him through the front door.

"You wrote a story about a mythical blue dragon and a maid's daughter taking care of the blue dragon," he said to her as she knew it was Leo.

"And what about Casey? Is it really him? Or is this some sort of trap?" she asked him next.

"I told you that I wouldn't say I told you so if Leo's enemies ever found out about you and him," Casey said next.

Not quite believing it was Casey, she unlocked the front door and slowly opened it. There stood Casey with his arms full of grocery bags with a shadow near the front porch.

"Leo are you sure that this is-?"

"Stacey!" Cody said beside her as she glanced down at him as Casey glared at him.

"It's Casey, you know with a C? I'm not a girl," Casey growled low shifting his bags a bit.

"Casey is for a girl dummy," Cody retorted but Arienne very gently flicked her fingers on his left shoulder.

"Ow!" Cody said to her, rubbing his shoulder a bit, as Leo snickered low at this.

"Enough the both of you, come in and Cody and I will stay in the living room area, so you guys can bring in the food," She said to them both.

"Yes Ma'am," Casey replied to her as she put her arm around Cody's shoulders and steered him away from the front door.

"Why did you flick my shoulder? I was only doing what you told me to do?" he exclaimed to her, looking up into her eyes.

"I know, and he passed the test. When they have put everything away, how about I make you some dinner with hot coco?" she replied back to him, gently getting on her hands and knees so she could put more logs in the fire place.

"What are you going to be making for dinner?" Leo asked her as he was carrying the last of the bags from the van.

"It depends on what you guys bought," she answered him, using a stick to move the logs around and the very quickly put in another log and then closed the door as heat flooded the room.

"What makes playing with fire so dangerous?" Cody asked her as she looked at him and then smiled softly.

"Fires are dangerous for the heat and flames that they create. The flames themselves look beautiful but they hurt. Come here," she said to him as he got up and walked over to her before he sat down in her lap.

"Feel how hot the heat is? It's almost like that of the sun's summer rays doesn't it?" she asked him, cocking her head to the right so she could see his face and keep an eye on the fireplace too.

"Yeah, it's almost too hot for me," Cody answered her, moving back until his back was against her stomach.

"Not only does it burn hot but if you knock a candle or a liter over and the flames spread, you will die within them. Now do you understand why playing with fire is dangerous?" she stated truthfully to him.

Cody nodded to her as she then scooted backwards until she got to her feet and helped Cody up as he walked over to the couch and started to play with the cards that they had found earlier.

"You're really good with kids," Leo muttered in the shadows of the stairs.

"I use to babysit for a long time, mostly with children around Cody's age. Sometime it can be stressful but it's rewarding in the end," she shrugged at him as Leo smiled softly at her.

She walked into the kitchen as she found Casey putting away the food.

"What did you guys get?" she asked him looking at the many empty plastic bags.

"Everything from bread, eggs and bacon to lettuce, rice, milk and cereal," he answered her as she nodded.

"We also got some steaks, two whole chickens and some pork," Leo's voice drifted into the kitchen.

"Hmm…Casey, can you get some rice, the steaks, and if you guys bought it some corn, carrots and peas please?" she asked him since she didn't know her way around this kitchen like she did with her own back home.

"I-I ma'am!" he said to her, saluting too.

After Casey had gotten everything out, Arienne smiled at the teriyaki steaks and grabbed those.

"Fry pan with oil?" she asked him looking around as he went and got it for her.

"What about the other steaks?" he asked her confused.

"Can you put them away for me, please?" she told him as she dug around for some pots.

"Yes Ma'am," he said to her as she sighed.

"What are you making Ari?" Leo's voice drifted into the kitchen again.

"You'll see but can you go and get Cody, I want him to see how I cook," she said to Leo.

"I'll be right back," he said in return and very shortly, Cody came walking into the kitchen as Casey was shooed out.

Cody watched as Arienne made dinner and answered his questions to the best of her ability. Leo watched from the doorway of the kitchen where he wouldn't be seen and he was half hidden in the shadows.

Casey was watching Leo, to see if the young mutant turtle was having any kind of emotions that was beside friendship and Casey slowly saw it. It was the way that Leo was leaning up against the doorframe that gave Casey the first clue. Leo had his arms folded across his chest and he was facing her completely. He knew that something will happen between the two, as stealthy as Leo can get, it will only be a matter of time before Arienne is thrusted into one of their enemies.

Very soon, a unique delicious smell drifted around the house as all of their stomachs were growling in protest.

"Leo, Casey! Dinner is ready!" She yelled to them.

"Cody, go wash your hands," she told him.

"But they're"

"Go wash your hands," she gently interrupted him knowingly.

"Yes…" he pouted and marched to the down stairs bathroom.

"Do you want us to wash our hands too?" Leo asked her.

"Yes, please," she answered him as she washed her hands at the kitchen sink.

"Why does she get to have the kitchen sink and us, men get the one cramped bathroom one?" Casey protested.

"Because, Stacey, she was the one who cooked everything," Leo teased him as he guided Casey down the hallway.

After Arienne had washed her hands and put the food on everyone's plates, she walked over to the fridge but something caught her eye. It was a picture that looked very familiar to her. Gently taking it off the fridge, she put it in her pants pocket for now and then opened it up to get the milk out.

When the boys came back after some bickering had gone between Casey and Cody they all very gently took their seats. Leo's plate was on the counter as he saw Ari's back was to him.

"Thank you, Ari for making dinner for us," he said to her gratefully.

"Whoa, yeah, thank you Arienne," Casey chimed in too.

"Thank you, Air," Cody told her as Arienne blushed.

"You're all welcome," she muttered low as everyone quickly dug in.

Leo watched her from his standpoint and watched how she kept her eyes on Cody. Even though she may be in her early twenties, she would make a wonderful mother, if and when that time came for her. Another emotion different then the warmth of this one soon over took his entire being. Could he actually see her with someone else? Someone that was human and not him by her side?

The discussion that he and Casey had while driving up here and getting the food, rang loudly within his ears.

"You're in love with her, Leo. Face it, dude. You love her to the point of putting your own life on the line to make sure she survives whatever it is from,"

"I do not love her in a romantic-"

"Yes you do, Leo. I saw the way you were acting when you saved her earlier from the Triceratons goons. You love this woman and you don't even know it,"

"But I like someone else,"

"Oh? Who? That ninja lady who helped us when the city was at war with one another? That ain't true love Leo. With uhm…Air, she's your true love,"

"Her name is Arienne. Like the name of Arian but differently spelled Casey. And what do you know about love? You never-!"

"Oh but I am Leo and from what I can see you love Arienne just as much as I love April. That ninja lady will only use you for whatever she wants and then leave without a care in the world. Like I said to you, that ain't true love. I will take care of …Arienne as much as possible but, you have got to face the facts sooner or later Leo,"

Leo looked down and wondered if he was falling in love with Ari and just lusting after Karai because she understood his upbringing better then Arienne did?

'But I am keeping a lot of secrets from her. Where Karai has seen what I look like.' He thought to himself as he softly sighed to himself.

His eyes drifted over to Arienne again who was not eating much. This got his attention as he wondered what she was thinking about to make her not eat?

"Aren't you going to have some more?" Cody asked her.

"Huh? Oh sorry Cody, I was just thinking about something," she told him as she slowly began to eat her dinner again.

"What were you thinking about?" Casey asked her glancing over to Leo who glared a warning to him.

"Just random stuff but it's nothing," she said back to him, calmly eating her dinner until she was full.

"One more bite, please?" Cody asked her as she chuckled softly at him.

"Okay, but this is the last one okay?" she told him and when he took her fork, he made sure that it was a big bite for her to eat.

She gently took her fork back, took the large amount of food into her mouth, and started to chew. Cody felt happy as he ate the rest of his dinner too.

Leo softly grinned at this scene and ate his dinner too.

After the guys cleaned up the kitchen and put away the leftovers, Arienne and Cody were softly playing cards again on the couch.

Leo sat on the stairs away from them. With his stomach full and his mind pondering over things, he felt sleepy after today.

"Casey do you have an extra car or something for me to drive?" Arienne asked him as she let Cody win again.

"Uhm…I think so. It's out in the back though," he replied trying to think of something as Leo rolled his eyes.

"Casey, you don't have anything in the barn. Not unless it's hidden under the old moldy straw in the horse stalls," Leo stated to him.

"Thanks a lot Leo," Casey growled at him.

Arienne shook her head at the two and when she saw that Cody was nearly falling asleep, she gently put the pack of cards on the coffee table and tenderly took the little boy into her arms.

He cuddled into her shoulder as his eyes were closed and she gently stood up. Leo had his eyes on her as she walked away from the couch and down the hallway that lead to the first floor bathroom. Here she and Cody found a huge master bedroom with a joining bedroom to it earlier.

"Goodnight, Cody," she whispered to him as she gently tucked him into bed after she got him changed out of his clothes from today.

"Ari," Leo whispered low to her to not wake up Cody.

She walked over to the dark doorframe and looked at him.

"I bought you these for bathing and such. I hope they're the right ones," he whispered to her as she saw the box full of shampoo, conditioners, body soap, a small sponge and other girly stuff.

"Thank you, you didn't have to"

"I know how much women love to keep clean and you mostly love taking showers more than baths," he interrupted her as he looked over at her bed.

She let him into the darkening bedroom as he gently put the box on the newly made bed.

"When this is over with, I will come back and get you," he vowed to her.

"I know you will but I have made my own promise, Leo. I have to find Cody's mother or his family and I am not going to break that promise to him," she told him as he turned around to look at her.

"If you need any help, just call me please," he whispered, leaving one of the shell cells behind on her bed.

"Be careful Leo. This may cause a lot of trouble and heartache throughout the world now that we know that we're no long alone," she whispered fearfully to him.

Stepping very carefully and close to her, the closet that he has ever been to while she was awake, he looked into her eyes.

"I will try my hardest to be careful Ari. Casey and April will stop by in a couple of days, just to see how you are doing. And like I said to you earlier, if you need anything, anything at all, just give me a call," he whispered softly to her.

"At times I really wish I could give you a hug, Leo," she stated low to him as he nodded to.

"I know how you feel. However, I have to get back to my family and see if they are alright. Take care of him while I'm away," he murmured to her about Cody.

"You know about a mother bear and her cub?" she asked him lightly.

Blushing and mumbled, "Yeah I know, nothing can get past her. Keep me in your thoughts Arienne,"

She was going to say something back but he was already out of the bedroom. She couldn't help the smile that formed on her face.

After she took her long awaited shower and got into her new PJ's that appeared out of nowhere on the bed, she was fast asleep before her head hit the pillow.

Leo stayed for a couple of hours before he and Casey headed back to New York City. Casey wouldn't say it on the drive back but Leo knew that slowly, ever so slowly he was falling in love with Arienne.