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"Mr. Taylor?"

I spun around at the sound of my name. It had been a while since someone other than Brian had called me that.

"Who's asking?" I asked, unable to keep the apprehension out of my voice.

I adjusted my bags at the sight of the man standing there. He was dressed in a suit and was holding a large briefcase. My mind immediately classified him as a lawyer. It had been almost three months since I moved in with Brian.

It had been a rocky start, especially because I refused to let Brian fuck him but they had come to a point where we live smoothly together. Well sort of.

"Excellent. My name is Albert Longsworth. I'm the lawyer for the Huntington family and I am here on business of the estate." the man said.

I felt too many emotions pass through me. I knew that name. The Huntingtons were my mother's family. I motioned for the man to follow me and led him inside. I opened the door to the loft and let the man in. I moved to the counter and placed the bags on the marble.

I turned and looked the man in the eyes, arms crossing over his chest.

"Why are you here Mr. Longsworth?" I asked, voice hard.

It had been a while since I had thought about my family. I wasn't even sure I wanted to think about them, but here is this man ripping open the old scars. At the same time though I couldn't help but hope that it wasn't anything really bad.

"Did I get disowned or something? They already kicked me out. Is it legal now?" I add before turning away sharply.

I began rummaging through the bags in order to distract myself from the pain creeping up on me.

"No, that would be business of the Taylor estate. I only work for the Huntingtons. I am here on the will of your Grandmother and the will of your Great Grandmother. Both their wills state that upon your eighteenth birthday you will have initial access to your inheritance. Full access will not be until you are twenty-one however." Mr. Longsworth said causing me to freeze.

I turned myself to face the lawyer, eyes wide.

"Excuse me?" the words catching in my throat.

The male adjusted his briefcase before pulling out a folder that was full of paper.

"All I need for you to do is sign these papers and things will be in order." Mr. Longsworth said handing me the folder.

"He won't be signing anything until it has been read over and thoroughly inspected."

I jolted at the new voice. My head snapped over to where Brian was leaning against the separator to the bedroom, smoke between his fingers.

Brian got up and moved to stand behind me, arm wrapping around my shoulders. With his hand on my chest he pulled me back against him.

I noticed as Mr. Longsworth stared at Brian as if evaluating him.

"Your hesitation towards me makes sense now Mr. Taylor. I will await your call" he said gently before pulling out a card and holding it out.

Brian took the card and kept glaring at the male. Mr. Longsworth straightened out his briefcase and with a wave, he walked out of the loft.

The hand on my chest adjusted and I was spun around.

"Bringing strangers into the loft now Sunshine?" Brian asked as our eyes locked.

I smiled at him, even if it felt a little crooked.

"I thought you had work today Mr. Kinney?" I responded softly.

Brian's eyebrow quirked in response. Brian didn't reply, instead he just placed the cigarette between his lips and sneaked a hand between us to take the folder. Dropping it on the counter, Brian faced me again.

"How are you feeling?" Brian asked.

"I'm trying to decide if I don't believe it, can't believe it, or shouldn't believe it." I replied.

"I'll bring the papers into work tomorrow. The guys in legal owe me a favor." Brian replied.

I nodded slowly. Brian being this close still affected me in ways that I could and couldn't explain. I pulled myself away gently.

"I'll make us something to eat." I said softly before moving into the kitchen. I felt Brian's eyes follow me as I set about preparing lunch.

I heard the loft door open and made my from the bedroom to welcome Brian home. Brian looked tired as he usually did after work. He complained all the time about the people he worked with.

I stopped as he placed his briefcase on the island. He opened it up and pulled out the folder Mr. Longsworth had given me yesterday.

"Brian?" I asked, dreading what was going to come out of his mouth.

In all honesty, I had completely forgotten about the whole matter. I didn't want to know if it was real, worse, I didn't want it to be fake. If it was real, I would be able to pay Brian back. If it was real, I wouldn't have to worry about how I would survive.

I wouldn't be like the people who only depend on inheritance but it would make things so much easier.

"Brian?" I asked, voice barely a whisper.

Brian looked up at me from over his shoulder.

"Hey, Sunshine." he replied, turning to lean on the island.

Brian held out his hand to me and I couldn't stop myself as I took it. Brian pulled me forward until I stood between his legs, pressed to his chest. Brian reached up and ran his fingers through my hair.

"How was your day?" Brian asked softly.

I knew he wasn't really asking how my day went, but was actually asking if I was alright, but I began explaining what I had done that day.

"Twat." Brian said before I felt his lips press on mine.

I give it a moment before I pull back from him. I know that soon I'll have to stop evading the issue and make a decision on what exactly I want from Brian but I don't know if I'm fully willing to give my heart.

What should I do?

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