A/N: Since I just got an account, I wanted to post something to go with that, and I got this random idea in the middle of History class, so that's why I wrote this. I know it's really short, and I'm sorry about that, but I still hope you like it. This is an opportunity for me to see what people think of my writing before I post anything longer in the future. As to whose point of view this is in, I don't really know. You can decide if you'd like. I kind of think it's Hawkeye, but I didn't specify for a reason, because it could be anyone you'd like it to be. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of M*A*S*H, as much as I may like to. I'm just a fan like any of you out there reading this, so the author, Richard Hooker, and the companies in charge of the film and T.V. show adaptations get all the credit.

It wasn't just what everybody saw at a first glance. A tattered, worn, one eyed teddy bear; its single red eye staring forlornly out from the brown fur that surrounded it. It was a symbol. It was the one thing he had always held on to. A refuge from the insanity and horror of the war. A reminder of home. It reminded us all of his childlike innocence. He had been a kid; still was in my eyes. No matter how long I stared at the stuffed animal in my hand, it didn't make it any more real. He was gone. He had never returned home. Never seen his mom again, or his dog; Ranger. The teddy bear went into the box with the letters of condolence. That bear was going home, and the memory of its owner along with it. I stared at for a minute before taping up the box and pushing it away. "So long, Radar. See you in another life."