So...I don't really write for anything that isn't Supernatural, and I do watch Glee. I don't know it as well, but I had some ideas and...anyway, I hope this isn't totally shit.I'll only continue it if people want me too...but, here's the start.

BTW – this will be Finn/Puck/Sam

The only thing that could be said about Puck's basement was that it was honestly described.

Sam scuffles after Finn, down the creaking wooden steps, standard with the basic, cookie cutter house design. Downstairs is tiny, a brushed concrete floor, a partition that squares away the washer/dryer combo, and the washing line of panties and bra's belonging to Puck's Mom. The rest of the tiny, oil scented space is given over to a couch that bleeds stuffing out onto the floor, the fibres mixing with dust bunnies and motor oil stains on the floor.

There's a cluster of pool cleaning gear in the corner, but, in front of the couch there's a pristine (if old) TV, and a tangle of wires hooking up two consoles (Xbox 360 and PS2) and an old VCR.

VHS tapes and games, in and out of boxes, are stacked beside the TV, and Puck flops down onto the couch, waving a hand at the pile.

"Pick one, so I can beat your ass at it."

Finn just shakes his head, smiling as he goes to look through the games. Sam stands awkwardly, unwilling to sit down beside Puck, who's still a stranger (and a little scary) without Finn there as a buffer.

He doesn't know why he agreed to this 'guy time' thing anyway.

Well, ok, he did. It was because he was the new guy, again. Transferring back had only made that clearer, and he was still struggling to make friends, even in the glee club, thanks to Santana being so acidic towards him, and what with his permanent address being on Finn's couch. This was a last ditch effort at fitting in.

So when Puck had accosted him, after practice, and told him that he was coming to his house at the weekend – Sam had agreed.

Puck's exact words had been, 'New guy, get your xbox on, Saturday, my place."

Sam had blinked, looked at Finn, who was hovering on the other side of Puck, looking neither concerned or surprised by this sudden proposal.


"Guys, guns and beer. Total dude time." Puck slapped him on the shoulder and left Sam in his wake, feeling blindsided and surprised.

Finn had leant against the lockers next to him.

"We were talking and...because all the girls here are...well...crazy. A guy's day would be a good change up." Finn looked after Puck's retreating back. "He still thinks you're new. Don't think he noticed you before."

So he was invisible. But, prepared to let that go, and join the guys. Sam thought most of the girls were ok. Tina was...well, a little scary about the whole 'goth' thing. Brittany was alright. Santana was...ok, a bitch, but in small doses...

Quinn had kind of burnt him. But...

Finn was watching him.

"Yeah, me and Puck were both there with Quinn, and she is...kind of a high maintenance, crazy person. Glee's just kind of a diva magnet I guess." He looked for a moment like he wanted to say more, but settled on, 'And dude, seriously, don't put your arm in the Rachel Berry bear trap."

So, Sam had been committed to 'guy time'.

And now here it was.

Puck and Finn unspool controllers and start on some kind of fighting game. Sam perches nervously on the arm of the couch, watching them.

When Finn loses, he passes his controller to Sam, and Sam struggles with the controls, but manages to stay even with Puck, blow for blow. After a while, Puck glances at him, half admiringly, and when Sam finally breaks their neck and neck score and delivers a death blow, Puck actually grins and slaps his arm.

Sam actually starts to relax.

A few more rounds, and Puck puts on a DVD and turns out the lights. Some horror flick, a few years out of date and more ridiculous than scary. He gets some illicit beers out of a box under the couch, and they drink, and watch. Finn sitting on the floor between Sam and Puck.

It's nice. Hanging out with the guys, just being normal, a teenager. For a while, when he'd come back and stripper-gate had yet to pass, Sam had felt like a freak. Almost like he'd crossed a line into one of those cautionary stories about drug addicts, selling their bodies in public men's rooms.

It doesn't get weird till he looks down, and notices that Puck is...well, his hand is on the cushion by Finn's shoulder, and his fingers are...Sam has to squint in the dark to see...stroking the side of Finn's neck.

Sam feels a cold ball of clay settle in his stomach, he feels like he's been eating chalk. The beer is bitter in his mouth.

He pretends he doesn't see, goes back to watching the movie. But after a while, Finn leans a little further towards Puck and almost, but not quite, rests his head against Puck's knee, like a faithful dog.

Sam inches to his own side of the couch, body pressing to the armrest. His legs ache from tensing, and the silvery light of the screen flickers over his own personal hell.

It's not until Puck's hand slides around to the other side of Finn's neck, stroking around the line of his collar, and Finn's fingers reach out and brush the cuff of Sam's pant leg, that Sam stands up with a jolt and heads for the stairs.

"Hey..." Puck snaps out. "Where're you going?"

Sam doesn't trust himself to speak, but he's stopped by Finn grabbing his arm as he sets his first foot onto the stairs.

"It's ok." Finn tells him, and he's blushing, but he doesn't look ashamed. Not totally anyway.

"This...this is why you invited me?" Sam says, and he's surprised by the hurt he feels. "To see you that?" He shakes his head in horror. "To join in?"

Finn shakes his head. "It's not...I mean, we're not..."

Puck sighs dramatically. "We're not gay."

Sam snorts without humour.

"We're not." Puck snaps. "Do we look like Hummel and his boyfriend? We're just..." He waves his arms openly. "We're guys. We're horny. We do shit to each other that none of the girls'll do...and we're not as diva-crazy."

Sam looks at Finn again in disbelief. But, to his dismay, Finn doesn't disagree with Puck's sweeping statement.

"We thought you might be into it." Finn mutters. "I mean, you were working as a...well, you're different, to the other guys." He blinks up at Sam, eyes forlorn under their fringe. "It's not like we could just ask you..."

"And you looked at I was the freak." Sam gets out, feeling his eyes sting. "This is...screwed up."

"Sam, wait..."

Finn stands helplessly at the bottom of the stairs, watching Sam run up them. He pauses at the door.

"I won't tell anyone...but, keep your 'guy time' to yourself. I don't want any part in it."

And with that he left the basement, shunting the door shut behind him.