Author's note: I do not own any Disney characters although I really wish I did. This is purely fiction. Each chapter will have three parts and focus on a different character. They will have the Disney back story as well as some of my creation. Each story takes place before the girl meets her prince.


Cindy glided up the carefully polished steps of Disney High and took a deep breath. Here goes nothing, she thought. Clutching her books to her chest, she pushed open the door and collided right into the most handsome boy she'd ever seen.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," the boy said and handed her the book she dropped. Cindy gulped and nodded. She couldn't stop staring at those beautiful brown eyes.

"Charming!" A dark haired boy yelled from across the hall. Charming gave her a heart melting smile and ran off with his friends. Cindy stood there for a few moments trying to absorb what just happened.

"He's the most popular boy in school you know," a voice said behind her. Cindy jumped and turned. Behind her stood a strikingly beautiful girl about her age with thick brown hair tied with a yellow bow.

"I'm Belle. You must be new," Belle stuck out her hand. Cindy shook it.

"Yeah, I just moved from across town," she said and began following Belle down the hall.

"That's cool. Disney High is a cool place as long as you follow the rules," Belle said as she brushed past a group of band kids.

"Rules?" Cindy questioned. Belle nodded.

"You don't socialize with the "Royals" and stay away from Ms. Cent. She's evil," Belle said and shuddered.

"Oh. Who are the "Royals"?" Cindy squeezed past a couple holding hands. Belle stopped and pulled her against the lockers.

"Them," She pointed to a large group of seniors clustered around the courtyard.

"There's Ariel, the red head, Aurora the blond with curls, Jasmine, the one with very dark hair, Kida, the one with the white blonde hair, Snow, the one with the bob and Rapunzel the one with the waist length hair," Belle explained. Cindy could only stare.

"Each one is," She whispered. Belle nodded.

"They consider themselves princesses," she scoffed. A rowdy group of boys entered the courtyard and sat opposite of the girls. It was clear they were all a group, yet they paid no attention to each other.

"Those are the boy "Royals". There's Eric, tall dark and handsome, Phillip, the one in the riding uniform, Adam, the tall one with shoulder length hair, Thomas, the one in the football uniform, Naveen, the one with the guitar and well.." She trailed off and Cindy felt her hopes sink. There he was. Charming.

"Figures," she muttered. The bell rang and Belle pointed Cindy in the direction of the guidance office.

"Hello dear, welcome to Disney High," the elderly guidance counselor said as she stood to shake Cindy's hand. "You must be here about your class schedule. I'm Mrs. Fairly." Cindy shook the plump women's hand and sat down in one of the cushiony chairs provided.

"Now. I see you'll be attending some of our excellent academic programs and our home ec. class. That's not too popular so they should be so excited to have a new student! Well here's your schedule and you can contact me if you have any problems with it," Mrs. Fairly said. That was quick, Cindy thought as she stood to leave the room. At her last school the counselor droned on and on for at least an hour before you were allowed to leave.

Throughout the rest of the day, Cindy saw glances of the Royals and it looked as though none of them were having a great time. Right before lunch, Home ec, Cindy walked into the classroom and stopped. There, sitting across the room, was Charming. Cindy's hear fluttered and she struggled to breath.

"Cindy!" A familiar voice called. On the opposite side of the room from Charming was Belle seated with an African American girl. Cindy headed over, trying not to glance back at Charming.

"Cindy this is my friend Tiana," Belle introduced the girl. Tiana waved.

"Hi. It's nice to meet somebody knew. I think you'll like it here. Did Belle tell you the rules?" She asked, sweeping a strand of hair back into her low ponytail. Cindy nodded.

"About the Royals and Ms. Cent? Yes," She answered and sat in the desk beside Belle. The bell rang as a couple last minute students filed in. Cindy leaned across the aisle and whispered to Belle,

"You didn't tell me Charming was in Home ec." Belle shrugged.

"He's the only guy in here. I guess I don't really notice him anymore. Cindy nodded and turned to the front of the room just as the teacher entered.

"Hello class," she drawled, her eyes piercing the class like thorns pricking a finger. Her hair was piled on top of her head and her skin had a slight greenish tint.

"That's Ms. Cent," Belle whispered. Cindy gulped. I can see why they say to stay away from her, she thought.

As the bell rang for lunch, Cindy scurried to gather up her things and follow Belle and Tiana out the door.

"You'll get to meet the rest of us at lunch," Belle had said earlier. Now it was the moment of truth. Would she fit in? The cafeteria was huge. A dome like roof let in natural light and the circular tables dotted the ground.

"That's our table there," Tiana pointed to a table in the far back corner that had the most shade. Huddled around the table were seven other girls. As they approached, Cindy's hands began getting clammy and her heart beat bumped up a notch.

"Girls, this is Cindy, she's new here," Belle introduced her and sat down at an empty seat. The girls looked up and smiled. There was an empty seat between a girl with corkscrew curls and a Chinese girl with jet black hair. Cindy put her lunch bag down and then took a seat. The brunette turned to face her, her curls bouncing the whole time.

"Hi! I'm Wendy. I'm a freshman," She said before taking a bite of her sandwich.

"And I'm Mulan," the Chinese girl said and went back to doodling a picture of a dragon.