Jasmine part 4

Jasmine sat around the table in the courtyard with her friends as she recounted the previous nights events.

"Oh my god! Is your father okay?" Kida gasped when she finished.

"Yeah he came home late last night. They had to pump his stomach," Jas said wearily. Rapunzel mumbled an ew but still looked sympathetic for her friend.

"Well that's good. And thank god for Aladdin being there! Who knew about him faking being a twin to win your affection!" Aurora clasped Jasmine's hand and giggled. Jas couldn't help the smile that spread onto her face. It got even bigger as she saw Aladdin walking across the courtyard back in his original clothes and disheveled hair. It wouldn't take too long for his original length to grow back. The way he changed overnight made it seem like a genie did it. But that was ridiculous. It was just him wanting to impress a girl. And that girl was her. Jasmine got up from her seat and went to meet him. She could tell by not even looking in a mirror that they had the same dopey grin on their faces.

"Hi," she said and then launched herself into his arms and kissed him. When they pulled away, she fumbled for her phone. "Look what my father bought me! He knew I've been wanting one for a while but with everything that just happened he said it's an early birthday present." Jas got to the picture she was looking for and clicked it. On it was an orange and black kitten glancing up at the camera.

"He's adorable. What's his name?" Aladdin asked as he slipped his arm around her. They began walking back to her friends table. Jas waved at Cindy who was holding hands with Charming over at Cindy's friends table. The way they were looking at each other seemed to mimic Jasmine and Aladdin's faces. So this is what love looks like. Jasmine thought to herself.

"I think I'm going to name him Raja."