Okay so I've been reading a lot of D. Gray Man and Harry Potter crossovers so I got an idea and I'm going for it. This is set after the 14th woke up in D. Gray Man and during book 4 in Harry Potter. So triwizard tournament! yay! I really just wanted to write something with the dragons in it cuz I luv themmm. No pairings at all unless I decide to later. Allen is the only D. Gray Man character in this, sorry. I'm just totally winging it so bear with me please.

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Allen woke up sprawled across the white couch in the Musician's room in his ark. What happened last night? He couldn't remember anything after he had managed to talk a bouncer at a casino to let him in. He had to scare the man quite a bit first, his darker personality and cold silver eyes helped a lot when he wanted to persuede someone.

Good morning nephew. How are you feeling today? You had a rather full night yesterday. The voice of Neah sounded in his head, making Allen realize how much his head hurt. He grabbed his head with both hands and asked his loyal golem Timpanpy to fetch him some water.

What do you mean Neah? Do you know what I did last night? Everything is rather blurry for me right now. Allen gladly took a sip from the glass Tim had brought him and leaned back into the couch, rubbing his temples to try and soothe the ache.

The Fourteenth chucked. You somehow managed to almost drink your own weight in alcohol at that casino. People started buying you drinks after they saw you winning so much. You were having a splendid time on your own. Managed to cheat even when you were completely smashed. I'm impressed.

Allen sighed. He didn't like hearing that he had gone and ended up drunk again. He didn't like that it was a habit he may have picked up from his late master. He shuddered at the thought of the man, you would think that Allen would stay as far away as possible from alcohol consider his experience with the late General. Damn I had a bad feeling that was it. Why didn't you stop me?

Why would I? You were being really depressed and I thought it was a good way for you to perk up. The 14th Noah offered, undertones of concern layered in his voice.

Allen sighed. He knew he had been depressed. He had spotted some Exorcists prowling the city streets and couldn't help but think about his old companions when he had been a member of the Black Order. He had finally had enough of the organization after the final battle with the Millenium Earl that had ended in the deaths of most of the Exorcists, only a few weaker Exorcists and Allen had survived. The Exorcists had only made it throught the battle because they had been in the back lines, more protecting the Science Department from level Ones while all the more skilled Exorcists had fought against the Earl and his Noahs. They had managed to fell the Earl but at much too high a cost: All of the Exorcists who had fought apart from Allen had been injured to greatly and fallen in battle. The loss of his comrades, his new family, had crushed Allen. He could not even stand being in the familiar halls of the Order without suffering from memories of his friends who he would never be able to see again. Allen had finally walked straight out when Leverrier had made it clear that they would all be continuing the war against the akuma, the war that had cost them all too much..

He had wandered his ark for weeks after closing the gates to the Headquarters, not eating anything and yet was strangely fine without meals. He had left the ark and wandered his hometown of London, trying to find a new meaning to his life away from the Order. He still brought down any akuma he came across but otherwise would simply wander the streets of the world, simply observing.

He had strangely stopped aging when he had fused with the Noah in his mind and noticed the gradual changes to the world around him. Before he knew it the world was new and filled with new inventions that changed life as he had known it. He wandered the world studying and learning about these new technologies and watching the people interact with others and the strange new things that were foreign to Allen. It wasn't until Neah had woken Allen last Christmas with Happy 264th birthday Allen! That he realized just how long he had wandered the world alone save for the Noah in his mind and his gold golem Timcanpy.

He was glad that he was not completely alone and that his companions would last for as long as he would and so did not need to be afraid of losing his friends again.

He hoisted himself out of the couch and exited the ark, erasing the door behind him. He emerged on the outskirts of a dark looking forest that he had come across probably 50 or so years ago. It was within sight of a huge ancient castle that he knew acted as boarding school for children with sprecial powers. They were called wizards he thought. The women were witches. It was a rather strange institution in his mind. A place to teach children to use magic. He had wandered the castle for years, watching students and teachers interact and learning all that was taught at the school. He had even practiced what he had learned, following a group of students to a place called Diagon Alley and buying materials and a wand there. Ollivander's was a very interesting shop. The storekeeper had been very interested in Allen when an ivory wand made out of something called a Eternal Willow tree had caused there to be a soft light shining around Allen, a gentle breeze caressing his skin. Ollivander seemed rather pleased with himself, saying that that was the only wand of its kind, made from a tree several centuries old. Allen had only smiled softly and said "We match then" before paying the confused man and leaving.

He thought himself quite good at magic now, having had several decades to practice his skills. He walked along the edge of the Dark Forest to clear his head. He had thoroughly explored the forest on his arrival to the area, not liking to be caught off gurard, and had to say it was a fantastic place, filled with strange creatures and plants that he read avidly about it in a moster book he had bought at Diagon Alley. The monters intrigued him, from the bowtruckles to the centaurs to the unicorns. He had managed to get one of the insanely shy creatures to come close enough for him to pet it after staying near a small herd of the seemingly smaller horned horses all day until a foal wandered up to him. When the only thing that came of the foal's actions was a nice pat and scratch behind the ears the others had approached the strange man who smelled of old parchment and blood. He had watched over the magical creatures for the night, scaring off some horrid looking creature that his book said drank the blood of unicorns.

He had left the unicorns before he had wandered around the town of Hogsmeade where he had seen the Exorcists, leading him to go through a door in the ark that lead to one of the red light districts he felt strangely comfortable in and had gambled and drank until he had clearly dragged his sorry self back to the safety of the ark.

His hangover finally wearing off, he was about to head back to the ark to wander or go back to sleep when his eye activated and he heard loud bangs and an old voice yelling what sounded like spells. He sprinted easily towards the sound, leaping into a tree to observe the battle going on below.

An old man with long white hair and beard and wearing pale blue robes was hurlng spell after spell at the level one akumas that surrounded him. He had managed to avoid all the bullets flying at him strangely enough but his spells weren't very effective against the hard shell of the akuma. Allen sighed, he'd have to help the old man who looked a tad familiar.

Activating his innocence hand as he leapt out of the tree, he sliced clean through the akuma closest to him, immediately turning to the rest as the old man stared at him in awe. He straightened with a sigh as the last akuma's soul said it's thanks to Allen before disappearing. The Ex- Exorcist turned to the older looking man, face void of emotion. The old man was clearly a superior wizard based on the spells he was using and his apparent age alone, no wizard that old could be completely incompetent.

"I thank you for your assistance. I do not know what those creatures were but my magic had no affect on them, though I do not know why." The old man smiled gratefully at the boy. The man looked very kind and appeared to have a good sense of humor from the laugh lines around his eyes.

Allen nodded to his thanks. "You are welcome. They were creatures called akuma. Monsters created from the souls of the dead brought back only for the purpose of killing and causing suffering. Only people called Exorcists can destroy them, using the substance innocence that only a select few can use. The Millennium Earl used to create them but he was destroyed centuries ago. They only akuma left are the older ones made before his defeat."

"Well then, we must be careful shouldn't we?" The man smiled at Allen, appearing serious and joyful at the same time(if that was even possible). "Are you an Exorcist then young man?"

Allen shook his head. "Not anymore. I broke away from the Exorcists years ago. I was tired of being treated as a mere weapon. I wander the world destroying any akuma that happen to be in my path. That is all I do with my life now. I have nothing else." Allen's voice dropped with his last words, a deep sadness clear in his words.

"Well I am grateful that you are in fact wandering for if you had not I would likely be dead. I am known as Albus Dumbledore, I am the Headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is nice to meet you." He held out his hand to the boy in front of him.

Now Allen recognized him, he had seen the man infrequently around the school when he had ghosted around the castle. "The pleasure is all mine. I am Allen Walker. Ex-Exorcist and current traveler. Seeking a place to belong once again."

Dumbledore looking at the boy in front of him with sadness in his face. How he would like to help the boy. Then he thought of a brilliant idea that could help the both of them. "How would you like to come and study at Hogwarts Allen? I am sure you would enjoy it. You could be enrolled as a transfer student of sorts."

Allen only stared at the Headmaster in mild surprise. Him? A student? Not bloody likely. "May I ask how old you are currently? I am curious as to the difference in our ages."

He was rather taken aback at this odd question. The boy was clearly not more than seventeen, though looked rather small and fragile for his age. "I am about 150. Much older than I appear I know." He consented.

Allen let out a smirk that almost seemed to split his face in half. "Not at all. I am a much worse in the case of appearing my age. How old do you think me to be? I am rather curious. No one ever gets it right, it is rather amusing to see how far off they are."

Dumbledore was puzzled. "You can't be more than seventeen. I would say around fifteen?" This boy was very confusing. That grin was also rather disturbing, it stretched even more after his guess to the point where he looked almost inhuman.

Allen snickered. "Not even close Albus." Dumbledore looked shocked at the sudden familiarity. "I am calling you by your first name because I am your senior Albus. I am more than a century older than you. I simply stopped aging when I reached the age of twenty. Rather deceiving is it not?"

Allen chuckled at the expression on the Headmaster's face. He had probably not been surprised in a long time. "I find that very hard to believe even if you are one of these peculiar Exorcists."

"I am the only Exorcist who is like this. I have a rather unique condition that caused my body to stop aging five years after me and my former comrades killed the Earl." Dumbledore's eyes widened. "Yes I am one of the Exorcists who defeated the Earl. I was the only powerful Exorcist to survive the battle though, and quickly left the organization. There was no need for me to stay there anymore without my friends."

Dumbledore's eyes softened as he saw the pain and loss in the man's eyes. Those eyes were what convinced him that Allen truly was as old as he said. Those endless silver pools held so much. So much sadness, so much knowledge, so much experience and so much loneliness. He had the eyes of one who has seen much, too much. He carried so much on his narrow shoulders, yet he did not break. He rethought his former offer and modified it, "then how would you like to be a professor then? You can teach some sort of martial arts class. The students could do with some practical knowledge, not have to depend on their magic so much for everything. We would be welcome to have you. The school could also use your help in case any more of those akumas show up."

Allen thought about the matter quietly. It's not a bad idea. Akuma are more likely to show up when there are more people are around and this seems like a large school. What do you think Neah? Think I could teach martial arts?

I'm sure you could do whatever you set your mind to Allen. There will probably be some more akuma showing up so it would be good to stay in the area. You could use a break too Allen. T least for a year without constantly moving about. The Noah's voice was warm and concerned for his host, Allen knew it would be good for him to stay in one spot for a while.

"All right Headmaster. I'd love to. Just as long as I'm not reaching Defense Against the Dark Arts. I don't know that much. Just what I've learned from books I've bought and watching classes."

"Watching classes? You can do magic then?" Dumbledore was surprised again.

"Yes I snuck into the school some fifty years or so ago on and off and watched all the classes your students take. I basically know how to do any spells you could throw at me. I've learned from books and then taught myself some as well. I know quite a bit about magical creatures for example, fascinating creatures. I like them a lot. I'd rather teach a hands on class, something like self defence and etiquette. Muggle tactics? No wands. I have my own but I'd rather avoid using it."

Dumbledore nodded. "Sounds good. I will announce you to the students and staff at the opening of school. You can start teaching your class next month? I will provide you with an adequate classroom and quarters once you explain what you would like. I hope you enjoy your stay at Hogwarts Professor Walker."

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