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Dumbledore returned to the maze with Harry, Severus, and Minerva after having dealt with Barty Crouch Jr. to dead silence. The entire audience was dead still, eyes locked on something occurring on the plains. The Headmaster made his way through the crowd to see what was happening, vaguely noticing Harry and the two Professor's following him and stopped in his tracts when he had a clear view of the plains.

Allen Walker was currently engaged with two strange people with grey skin and crosses across their foreheads. Allen held a huge sword with a white cross on it, swinging it at the people while dodging their attacks. His face completely blank, so void of all emotion it was terrifying, though not as terrifying as the maniacal grins splitting the faces of the two strangers.

He had managed to pin one down, the girl, running her through with his sword as she screaming. It was an inhuman sound, more like some sort of monster than a human. He twisted the sword pierced in her midsection and she let out one final scream before she disintegrated completely, leaving nothing left.

The man, paused in anger and terror before flying towards Allen, intent on blood while the other was distracted but the sword swung towards him, slicing through his right arm. He retreated, holding his arm close to his body with the other and stared at Allen.

Allen's eyes were dull, empty as he gazed at the man who would have become his family, had he contained the memories of another Noah. Tyki shuddered at those dead eyes, likening them to the black ones of a shark, knowing no mercy.

Harry watched the battle with a mix of awe and terror, a feeling he felt was likely shared by the other members of the audience. The man he had known to be a cold, yet kind man was fighting for his life and didn't seem to care in the least. The Professor of the only class that never used spells fought, using a huge sword, his left arm gone, only a stump with a black cross where the limb would be. His opponent began to panic, his movement more exaggerated and the Professor moved in for the kill.

Dumbledore could feel the force of Allen pinning his opponent to the ground with his sword, twisting it quickly. Tears ran down his cheeks as the man disintegrated below him, unnoticed by the man. He turned and began the walk back to the castle, fatigue causing him to drag his feet, blood dripping from a deep gash on his chest.

The spectators finally noticed the end of the battle and began to head back on their own. Dumbledore ran as fast as he could back to the castle, sensing Harry behind him. Severus and Minerva following the boy. Hagrid stood by the entrance, looking terribly worried.

"Wot's happened to 'im? He looks like death. He went into his classroom. Don't know why."

That was all Dumbledore needed, he rushed to the Professor's room, pausing only after opening the door a crack.

The sound of a piano came drifting out of the room, he never knew there even was a piano in the room. Allen must have brought one in recently.

The music was upbeat, usually meaning a happy meaning but the song was sad, joy leading to suffering, life leading to loneliness, love turning to bitterness. The song drifted through the halls of the school, seeming to continue throughout the whole of the grounds, reaching into the Forbidden Forest and up to the mountains where a dragon took flight. The song held all the player had felt and feel now.

And then the Musician began to sing.

"Then, the boy falls asleep
The flame inside the breathing ashes,
and one by one

Many dear profiles appear
Thousands of dreams
drop to the Earth

On the night when silver eyes flicker,
the shining you is born
Even though countless prayers are
returned to the earth by the passing millions of years

I will continue to pray
No matter what, shower this child with love
And kiss on the connected hands."

As the last words were carried down the halls Dumbledore opened the door fully, revealing Allen Walker.

He was covered in blood, his shirt was torn to shreds and a gash on his cheek dripped blood to stain his once white shirt completely red. His pants were torn and his rich lifeblood dripped to the stone floor.

As the five (Hagrid had followed them after hearing the piano) watched, Allen turned to them, once last blinding smile on his bloodstained face before he disintegrated, carried out into the night by a breeze that came from nowhere, leaving only bloodstains on the piano and floor to prove that the man had been there at all.

Dumbledore had a sad smile on his face as he walked over to the piano, touching it gently. "You are finally free my friend. Congratulations." A warmth seemed to wrap around him briefly before slipping away.

The classroom was found boarded shut the next day, nothing in the room having been touched save for the brief contact by Dumbledore.

Students in future years would ask about why the classroom was never opened and an old student would tell them of the teacher of the wand-less class who had turned out to be a warrior. How no one knew until he was gone. No one other than the five present knew what happened to the mysterious Professor Walker yet his legend was told to the new students, passing on tales of the actions of Allen Walker, the man who had done so many things in less than a year.

In the room sitting atop the white piano sat a headstone of white marble. It read: Here lies Allen Walker. Exorcist. Friend. Teacher. Savior. May he Rest in Peace for All of Eternity.

Yes I not only killed Tyki and Road but I also killed Allen. Sorry if you think Allen's gravestone is kind of sappy, I couldn't think of anything else. I was crying a little inside as I finished so sorry if I made you cry.

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