Okay. I've been wanting to write a Quiz Show fic for quite a while, ever since I got addicted to it just over half a year ago. This is just a small fic describing the start of the very first episode, sort of like a teaser. I hope anyone who reads it feels tempted (even just slightly) to watch what is, in my opinion, the best drama series I have ever found.

Disclaimer: I definitely don't own The Quiz Show (although, thanks to my mum and the wonders of birthdays, I do now own the DVDs XD)

He was drifting. Floating through a sea of blue. The light reflecting off of the bubbles which were streaming past told him that he was near the water's surface, but still he felt an urgent need to hurry rush through him.


A voice- his voice- sounded somewhere in the back of his mind. It was soft, but in it he could sense both a gentleness and some sort of questioning fear.


As his gaze shifted, something new came into his line of sight- a girl, floating right on the surface of the water, her pale dress and denim jacket spreading out on the waves. Something drew him to her, but as he came closer he couldn't hold back the deep, dark feelings which wrapped their hold around his heart.




Dark eyes snapped wide open. And a single moment later, the young man they belonged to forced himself to bolt upright on his bed, breathing heavily. He no longer noticed as the sink's tap continued it's steady, ever-present dripping at the other side of his cell, but instead stared vaguely into space, grasping his head with one hand as a dull ache thudded in his brain, once again ridding his mind of whatever random flicker from his subconscious had haunted him during his sleep.

It was at this moment that a heavy, metallic creak sounded throughout the tiny room. Moments later, just as Kamiyama turned his weary face towards the door, a second man entered, dressed completely in black.

Honma. He had come. And that could only mean one thing.

The second man spoke. Just two simple words. "It's time."

Giving a blank nod, Kamiyama made to follow Honma, as well as the other companion who waited outside. Like a zombie, he was led once again down the long, dark corridor which lurked outside his cell. Once again he found himself unable to do anything but rely fully on Honma's guidance. But that was fine with him. Because Honma had promised. Because Honma was the only one- the only person who could help him to regain what he had lost. And Honma had told him that things would soon change- that soon, if Kamiyama followed the instructions he had been given perfectly, then his one and only dream would be granted.

He would regain his memories.

Whatever they were.