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She felt breathless, and she was floating, floating in a cocoon of warmth. When she could finally open her eyes and focus, Peeta was laying next to her propped up on one arm with a smug grin on his face and desire in his eyes.

"Hey…you ok there?" he said while he slowly ran the tip of his finger from her collarbone to the tip of her over sensitized nipple.

Katniss smiled almost breathlessly. "Yeah. Wow. More than ok."

Although he was throbbing in his pants, Katniss looked exhausted and Peeta didn't want to take her any farther. He lazily ran his hands over her with light touches, ecstatic she had finally allowed him to touch her. Seeing her come apart under his hands and mouth…for once his words couldn't describe his feelings.

As she came down off her high, Katniss realized that Peeta had seem very….skilled when it came to pleasuring her. It was her first orgasm…she had no idea that her body could do that. A sudden, horrible thought came to her. Had he had previous practice? On who? She had no idea how to reciprocate, and…

He watched her face change from one of contented bliss to furrowing into a small frown.

Peeta couldn't help himself, "Katniss, what's wrong? Don't over think this. Please don't regret what I just did."

She turned over to look into his eyes and squirmed. "I was just thinking about how practiced you were at that."

Peeta fought the urge to keep the smug grin from his face and failed. He couldn't help himself and teased her a bit. "You mean making you orgasm with my hands and mouth?"

She blushed bright red and pulled the sheet up over her chest. Hearing him talk like that was so uncharacteristic, so raw and primal. And she liked it, coming from him. It was a whole new side to Peeta that was unexplored and lusty.

But then she remembered her original thoughts and was overcome with a wave of jealousy and hurt, as he had obviously practiced his skills with someone before. "You've done that before." She thought she did a good job of sounding non-accusatory.

Peeta was taken aback and then smiled down at her. "Is that why you are getting all upset?"

He didn't need verbal confirmation, her face said it all. He cupped his large hands around her face and forced her eyes to look into his. "Katniss, you are the first girl I've ever loved and the first girl I've ever touched intimately in that way. I've only ever kissed other girls. I never wanted to go farther, it never seemed right. I'm sorry if I misled you about my past—you really boosted my ego there and I was basking in it." He gave her a mischievous smile. "That was my first time pleasuring anyone besides myself."

She was dumbfounded and her eyes widened in surprise. "But, you knew what you were doing…" In a tinier voice, "I didn't even know—what you did—how did you know what to do?"

Peeta gave her a soft smile and knew what she was asking. "My brothers were not very discreet in their descriptions of what they were doing to various girls they were with. We shared a room while growing up." His look turned wistful and his eyes sad.

Katniss hurriedly answered, "Then I'm very thankful for what they told you."

Peeta gave her light kisses all over her face and snuggled her into him tightly. He ignored his still throbbing erection. He knew there would be time to take care of himself later, and he wanted this experience to be all about Katniss.

As they drifted off into a contented silence, she reflected on the events of the evening. He had literally made her body sing—she had been the girl on fire. He turned all of her insecurities away and his attentions left her so breathless and befuddled she had no more time to think of the way her body appeared to him. As the euphoria wore off she was once again plagued by the vanity she was trying to escape, but she had resisted the urge to grab her clothes and realized she liked the feeling of her bare back against his broad chest. She could feel him, lower against her backside and wanted to do to him what he had done to her but she didn't know where to start and she was so sleepy. She hoped he would be able to guide her in making him feel good after a few hours of rest. As she drifted off into a deep slumber her words from earlier echoed in her head That was my first time pleasuring anyone besides myself. She was so curious…

As he felt her breathing even out he tried to calm his body down. Every time he thought of Katniss' warm, soft body in his arms, naked, his heart sped up and he was overcome with love, adoration and want for her. He wondered if she had ever touched herself before or if that was her first time orgasming. It seemed unlikely that someone of her age had never explored themselves, but then he remembered how modest she was and how fixated on survival she had been her whole life. He almost felt guilty by how much free time he must have had growing up in comparison to her.

He knew it was cave mannish, but he liked the idea of being the one who gave her the first orgasm of her life. She had been so responsive—he wondered if that was eighteen years of sexual frustration or she was just that natural and sexual.

He wanted to explore her more and find out, and wanted to be all of her firsts. As his high of pleasuring her wore off he found himself slipping into sleep just as she had, with thoughts of further exploration together.