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Sweeney removes the razor from Mrs Lovett's throat. He only wished to scare her, anyway. And, evidently he had succeeded. He wasn't going to kill her. Yet. Surprising that it was still possibly for her to experience fear, after all he'd done to her. It seemed that he had broken her yet again. Good. But he couldn't let her die yet.

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Not when she was just so much fun to torture. He had to keep her alive for at least a little longer. And so he would. He had made her cry and scream with fear and pain, but he wasn't finished with her quite yet. When the time comes... He wouldn't let her die of blood loss. Her death has to be directy from his hand; she has to suffer till her dying breath. And suffer, she would. He would eventually kill her. Not by slitting her throat. The death is too quick, that way. Practicsl, for his customers, but not slow or painful enough for Mrs . He would decide how to kill her when she starts to die. But for now... For now, more pain. Yes. He doubted Mrs Lovett was enjoying this quite as much as he was, but how could he be original with how he tortured her? He wanted to try some way that she wouldn't expect. Then, it hit him. He had torture her physically; why not torture her mentally? He had heard about this kind of torture before. Read about it in newspapers. Come to think of it, her had already mentally tortured her- by pretending to kill her. Mock death. He was currently mentally torturing her, in a way. She was still blindfolded, scared out of her mind; she had no idea what would happen to her next- the suspense was surely torture in itself. This fits in nicely. But still, he needed to do something to torture her more. What to do, what to do... Suddenly, and idea hit him like a sack of bricks. There was some form of torture involving water... Yes, a small amount of water at a time was poured onto a victim's head. Not only would she be physically uncomfortable, but the victim would be drien out of her mind with fear. The fact that Mrs Lovett was still bound and blindfolded would not do anything to ease her nerves. All he needed was the water- and, of course, a way to pour the water slowly...He left the room, in search of such items, which, of course, calmed down Mrs Lovett, who was really rather relieved that he had gone, yet dreading his return.

As always, Sweeney was back before long. She couldn't help flinching at the sound of the door opening, however hard she tried not to. He had brought with him a large, old, and finished gin bottle, cleaned out and filled with water. He also had a bucket full of water; ready to re-fill the bottle, should the need arise. Which, of course, it would.

"Mistah Todd? Is... is that you?"

"Why, yes, mrs Lovett, it is. However did you guess?" He mocked her. Before she could reply, he quickly unstopped the bottle and poured a little over her head, pleased that she screamed immediately. He poured a little more, slowly, gaining a little pleasure as she gasped. He fell into a pattern of dropping water over her head slowly, a little each time, knowing that this is what she would come to expect. He poured far more, quickly, and heard her scream out of surprise. Eventually, she found her voice.

"Mistah Todd! Wot';re you doin'?" She recieved no reply. "Mistah T!" She began to sob, yet attempting to stop crying. She could tell her liked to see her cry; knew that it was in her best interests to please him, even though she was humiliated by it. But, even if she had wanted to, she just couldn't stop gasoed between sobs whenever she felt the freezing water hit her hed, trickle over her face, neck, and eventually over the rest of her body. This was as much physical torture as mental; the water was so cold, and it was so frightening to wait for more water to pour. This carried on for what seemed like hours; till there was no more water left in the bottle. Mrs Lovett, now drenched in water, began to calm down, as there was evidently no water left. Sweeney, of course, refilled the bottle, and, eventually, began pouring more water. She screamed when she felt yet more water dripping over her head; she had not been expecting this specific torture to continue. And continue, it did. Till the large, then-full bucket of water was empty and Mrs Lovett was drenched in water, sobbing uncontrollably. All Sweeney could so was laugh. He stood there, laughing as uncontrollably as she was crying; laughing at her pain; her screams; he tears; her blood, and her defenslessness. Laughing at this odd situation. He was torturing Mrs Lovett, his partner is crime; the stubborn, talkative, clever, sly, strong woman that came up with the genius ideas. What an odd situation he'd turned this into. It felt good to be in charge. She was normally the one giving the orders, he was the one following them. Now it was his turn to take charge. An odd situation indeed, Sweeney thought, as he circled the chair, watching the woman in front of him flinch at each footstep; at any sidden noice; watching the tears continue to fall down her face.

Eventualy, she stopped crying. She was still drenched in water; her back, arms and wrists were stinging; she had a blinding headache; she was freezing, but she was still trying to be strong, no longer crying. He admired her for it, however much it annoyed him that he couldn't break her spirit as much as he could break her body and mind. Perhaps a little more physical torture was needed... Yes, that's what he would do. Teach her a lesson. She deserved a beating or two for... Well, she had done nothing wrong, yet still he needed an excuse, so, for... fighting back. She was a woman, and he a man, and therefore she should let him torture her- or, indeed, do anything he pleased with her. She would fight back again, giving another excuse to hurt her yet again. A simple beating, for now. He untied each of her wrists from the chair, quickly turned her around and retied her wrists together behind her back, this time, also tying her elbows painfully together. She was still blindfolded, of course, and so had no idea what was happening. He pushed her in the general direction of the wall unexpectantly. Mrs Lovett stumbled and fell to her knees by the wall. Sweeney decided to use her fall as an excuse for 'punishment'. He kicked her in the stomach, gloating as she cried out in pain. He grabbed her hair and dragged her head sharply against the wall, several times, laughing as she tried to fight against him and the ropes that bound her, and failing on both accounts. He knelt next to her and back-handed her, hard, smiling at the smal whimper she gave, He dragged her to her feet by her hair, only to throw her against the wall again, where she fell to the ground. He laughed as she screamed, obviously trying desperately not to cry- and for once, succeeding. Frustrated that she wasn't crying, he took her by the shoulder and dragged her to her feet, before deciding that it would be more amusing if she could fight back. He removed the blindfold and pocketed it; he may wish to use it later, after all. He then proceeded to untie the rope that forced her wrists together, along with her elbows, before stepping away from her. Almost crying with relief, she turned around and met his gaze, bravely.

"Why?" She asked, not really expecting an answer.

"Many a reason, Mrs Lovett. Mainly leading back to how amusing I find your pain. However, I also wanted to teach you a lesson, and you were an easy target. This isn't over quite yet, though. I am not going to let you go." Mrs Lovett began walking backwards from him, as he stalked towards her. "I will kill you, eventually. Slowly and painfully." At this, she turned, and attempted to run towards the door, till he caught her by the throat and thre her to the ground. "The only question is, when?" She curled up against the wall, buried her face in her arms, and cried aaa he still stalked towards her more.

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