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She had won; wasn't that enough?

Yet she still plagued him. He had fulfilled his role as the laws of magic that governed him and his people dictated.

He took the child, when she recanted her wish he brought her to his realm. With a little backwards trickery on his part, she won the child back. Sure the child smelled of goblin, but it could have been worse.

He even allowed her to keep in contact with the friends she had made. How does she repay him?

By teaching that bloody Fox-that-thinks-he's-a-Knight that atrocious song! The one about a farmer and his stupid dog's name. It wouldn't have been so bad but Sir Dipitydo-whatever taught the goblins how to sing it, with barking where the missing letters should go.

He was a breath away from declaring a kingdom wide ban on the song when a chorus of, "Sing the new one." swept through the room.

"WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!" followed by goblin dog barking that shook the walls of the castle.

Yes, Sarah Williams would pay most dearly.

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