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He was caught off guard. He hadn't expected her to ever come back. Not here to his home, his domain, his castle, oh hell who was he kidding - his prison. Actually he was pretty sure she had sworn that she would never step foot in 'Goblin Territory' again.

All the same here she was. Her expression was blank, like she hand't expected to find him in his own castle.

"Most people tend to kneel or at least bow when they intrude in to a King's throne room." He drawled letting his still lingering anger drip into this words. While this had the effect he expected it would, he found no pleasure in railing her up as he normally would have.

"Forgive me Your-Highness. It hadn't occurred to me that you expected such things given the company you keep." The ting of pink in her cheeks was darkening. He saw the first twinge of apprehension, her shoulders becoming ridged and her eyes focusing intently on him as he stood. It surprised him mildly when she stepped toward him instead retreating away from him as he advanced toward her.

He let the silence extend between them until he was just inside of her personal space.

"Why are you here Sarah?"

He allowed his eyes to go half lidded as he asked his question, turning it into more of a feral purr than enquiry.

She gave pause, like she had forgotten her purpose. No, he realized, she was only choosing which of her reasons to share with him.

"You took off so quickly, Hoggle said you shouldn't have used your magic so soon after -"

So she wasn't even here of her own concerns and accord, no, she was here because of that troll faced gardener - Hogwart!

"And Hogsmith is now an expert on what I should and should not do?" Jareth demanded not giving her the chance to continue rambling.

"Hog-gle and Sir Didymus saved your life. You should be grateful." her voice was rising. He always seemed to have that effect on her. Like wise she had similar effect on him.

"Grateful. Grateful for what? That those two helped you to annoy and torment me? Teaching the goblins those songs making them those clothes and sending them back with mocking scripts. That song, that dance, you make me regret ever being so honest about wha- There is no way I feel grateful for any of it."

Jareth knew the truth though, the only thing he regretted was that she was too young and stubborn to see what he offered. She didn't know what she did to him. He suddenly felt very tired of it all.

It took him a moment to pull from this thoughts and realize that Sarah had been talking.

"- and really you're the one who sent goblins to cause problems for me, so don't try to say I started all of this."

He placed a hand on her shoulder forcing her to look him in the eye for a moment. It effectively stopped the out pouring of words from her mouth, but Jareth couldn't find what he was looking for.

Not that he was completely sure what it was he sought in her eyes, but the confusion masking the cruel distrust that her eyes held toward him certainly was not what he desired.

He turned away from her, forcing himself to breath deeply before saying what he must.

"Sarah go home, you've made your point. I hold no power over you, and you are still too young to understand the power you hold over me."

With a flick of his wrist she was gone from his sight even if he would never be able to banish her from his mind. He would endure his prison in solitude.