I think I uploaded this a bit...prematurely. I went back and forth deciding whether or not to make a one shot or make it multi chapter. I eventually settled on multi chapter. I hope you all enjoy.

Also...for some reason when picking the characters in the summary there's no option for Carnelian...*shrug* He really gets THAT little recognition? I put Garnet but believe me when I say it's not Garnet, it's Carnelian. (Not a ton of difference...but a different nonetheless).

The earth was a different place than what it used to be, however people were still feeling the effects of the past. It was an odd feeling for them to be able to walk outside and not fear for their lives. The feeling of safety and calmness was unknown to them and they were still trying to get used to it. The danger of guignols no longer existed and though everyone was happy they would still need time to adjust.

"So strange."

Carnelian sat at a bar, thinking of times that have long since passed by him. Some people would say it hadn't been that long since the guignol threat ended and some would say it had been a lifetime ago, but just like majority of the people still living, Carnelian still felt and remembered that time. Even finally being out of the nun's garb and wearing real men's clothes was proof to Carnelian that it was all finally over, but that didn't change how strongly the past effected the present. Carnelian had been in the middle of it all. He remembered being able to control the guignols and he remembered losing that power so quickly. He remembered nearly dying and being saved, if one could call it saved, by that man and the mysterious Le Senat. He remembered questing to get his revenge on Lucille and journeying with the same man who "rescued" him. The man who he feared so much, the man who he was so happy to be away from now...so happy...

"You look a little down, friend! How about a drink to try and get yourself back up, hmm?"

Carnelian was shaken out of his thoughts by a loud voice. It didn't take him long to realize that the voice belonged to the husky and outgoing bartender. Carnelian stared into his face that was mostly covered by a large red beard and smiled at him.

"I have no money to pay for a drink. I just came in here to enjoy the smell of the alcohol." Of course Carnelian was lying. He had no idea why he walked into the bar. He just found himself wandering aimlessly, as he did most nights, and he wound up in the bar.

He shivered as the bartender gave a hearty laugh. "Well, with all the stinks I get in here I doubt you're enjoying the smells at all!" He laughed again before slamming a glass down in front of Carnelian and filling it with a clear liquid. "This one's on the house, friend! I haven't seen your pretty little face around here at all! You new in town?"

"You could say that," Carnelian answered, all too used to people complimenting him on his face. He chose to ignore the statement since the friendly bartender didn't seem to mean anything lustful or offensive by saying it. "Thank you for the drink."

"Ah, it's no problem!" the bartender said happily. He poured a small glass of the same drink and raised the glass. "To new friends!"

Carnelian didn't say anything as he lifted his glass as well and took a sip of his drink. The bartender quickly chugged down his small glass and looked around wondering if anyone noticed him.

"Not supposed to be drinking on the job," he whispered to Carnelian.

"I won't tell a soul." Carnelian said with a laugh.

"You're a good man, uhh...what did you say your name was?"

"I didn't, but it's Carnelian."

"Fancy," the bartender said in a teasing voice, earning another laugh from Carnelian. He was happy to see his customer was finally looking a little lively. He took the glass he had just drank out of and began to clean it with a rag. As Carnelian watched him he wondered if the glass would get clean at all considering how stained the rag was, but he decided against mentioning it.

"So, Carnelian, what's on your mind? Talk to me!"

Carnelian just shook his head, staring into his glass. "It's nothing."

"Trust me, after working here most of my life I can say with the utmost confidence that it's never nothing! If you got something on your mind I'll lend you an ear! Remember, I'm a bartender. People tell me things they won't even tell their best friends."

"I don't doubt it." Carnelian said, taking another sip of his drink.

"Good! So, what's your story, Carnelian? Lay it on me!"

"My story?" Images of his past flew before his eyes and he knew there was nothing he wanted to share with anyone. His past was traumatizing, shameful even. He couldn't think of one bright spot on the darkness of his life...except...

"What do you do when you've been told what to do your entire life and now that you're free you have no idea where to go?"

"I honestly don't know, friend." the bartender said. "I've been free almost my whole life. I've never been lost."

"Lost...that's it. I think I'm lost. I just don't know what to do now that there's no one to control me. And I keep thinking about...him..."

"Him?" the bartender inquired. "Your boss or something?"

"You could call him that, I suppose," Carnelian said with a small smile. "We were separated back when the guignol threat ended. I haven't seen him since then."

"Were you two close?"

"He terrified me."

Another hearty laughed escaped the chubby bartender. It knocked Carnelian back to reality and it was then that he noticed the bartender was still cleaning that same glass. He smiled a bit as his and the bartender's eyes met.

"Sounds like you need to find this guy! Being scared is just another way of showing love and admiration!"

"I could never love someone like that. Besides..."


Carnelian closed his eyes and took a small sip of his drink. "He's dead."

"Dead? Your boss? Well, why are you talking about him like he's alive or something?"

Carnelian shook his head and covered his eyes with one hand. "I think he's still alive. I saw him die. I saw it. There was so much blood and the building collapsed all around us."

The bartender looked on as Carnelian hesitated to continue. He didn't blame him. This wasn't the first time he had a customer come in with a trouble past. Carnelian looked young and the bartender assumed he hadn't done much living, but he was proven otherwise. Carnelian had done too much living in too short an amount of time.

"I managed to escape and so did the others who were there." Carnelian continued. "He had already died though. He died before the building began to collapse, but...I went back. I went back to look for the body and there was none! He escaped. I know he did."

There was silence between the two, both of them absorbing the conversation they just had. Carnelian was different than the other patrons who frequented the bar, but he was the same as some of the others in that he was madly in love. Love was a hard thing to hide and the bartender read Carnelian like a book.

"I still think you love him. People don't pretend someone is alive when they're actually dead for nothing."

"I'm not pretending! He is alive! And I don't love him!" Carnelian yelled, slamming his hand on the bar. A few people looked over in his direction, but he quickly settled down again and things went on as if nothing happened.

The bartender let out a big laugh before finally putting down the rag and glass and resting his arms on the bar.

"You seem pretty young. You ever been in love before?"

Carnelian raised his eyebrow at the question, but slowly shook his head.

"How do you know you can't love someone like that if you've never been in love? For all you know you could adore someone who frightens you. Besides you stuck with him for a while, didn't you? He couldn't have been all bad! It's not like he killed your puppy or anything."

"Well, actually-"

"Go find him, kid!"

The bartender came out from behind bar and grabbed Carnelian by the collar, dragging him roughly to the door. He made sure to grab Carnelian's top hat as well and shoved him out the door.

"And don't come back until you do! Afterwards, tell me all about it! See you, kid!"

Carnelian jumped as the door slammed shut behind him. He stood silently, fiddling with his top hat and wondering what had just happened. He would have never told the bartender all those things if he knew he was going to react like that, however he did have a point. Carnelian hadn't been searching for that man since they were separated; he didn't even know if he was still alive. Considering how lost he was now was a good time to start searching for that man in hopes of maybe even finding himself.

"All right, Berthie. You can't hide from me any longer. I'm coming for you."

The bartender's name is Davey haha! I couldn't think of an awesome cool name related to stones so...Davey ^_^ I don't think I'll ever put his name in the story though haha!