Kung Fu Panda 3: Internal Conflict

Hey guys! This is my new story, "Internal Conflict" It's a continuation of Kung Fu Panda 2. Starting from the Gongmen Jail scene. SPOLIERS R/R! :)

-Chapter One: Guns and Roses-

Gongmen Jail

It was cold and damp in the prison, water dripped from the ceiling and several prisoners moaned in pain. Po just couldn't seem to get past Tigress. It was enough that Master Ox and Master Croc refused to leave. Now he must stay too?

The furious five watched as their dear friends quarreled in the middle of the jail.

"I bet twenty almond cookies that Po gets past tigress!" Said Monkey, snickering at the thought of the large panda barreling though Tigress.

"Oh you're on!" replied Mantis with a smirk.

There's no way that Po will get past tigress! Those cookies are as good as mine! Thought Mantis, drooling at the thought of the scrumptious delights he was about to win.

This didn't go unnoticed by Viper, who quickly whipped him in the head with her tail hissing aggressively.

"Do you two ever quit?" She spit, "Now is not the time to be joking around!"

"Yeah, be mature for once.." Said Crane backing her up.

Viper blushed slightly

Did he just..? No.. he was just stating his opinion is all hehe.. but still.. Ugh Never mind!.. Why would he be interested in a snake like me?

They exchanged glances with each other a few times blushing a little. Luckily Po was still trying to surpass tigress, or the others would have noticed.

Tigress sighed, still alertly waiting for Po to try to overtake her again.

Why can't he just give up? What could possibly motivate him to go through so much pain for nothing! Ridiculous. Although.. His determination is kind of.. No! Keep those thoughts sealed up Tigress. He's a Panda. That is un-.. But still. No! Ugh.

Tigress loosened her stance, lost in her strange thoughts for a moment. But having trained for 20 years, she still quickly reacted and threw Po against the wall with a flash of her Amber Irises when he clumsily ran towards her again.

Sweat slid off Po's velvet fur coat as he panted, darting a determined look up at Tigress.

"I'm going! And there's nothing you can do to stop me." He said, out of breath.

"Po. Why do you want to go! Are you serious! Be smart." She said squinting her eyes a little.

"Tigress, You wouldn't understand! Just.. Let me go.. Please!" Po begged.

"Tell me why!" Shouted Tigress.

"He was there." Po replied sighing.

"Wha-" Tigress started to say but was cut off by Po "He was there! The peacock!.. Sh- Shen was there the last time I was with my parents. He knows who I am, where I came from." He shouted whimpering a little

Everyone was dead silent for a moment while Po walked towards Tigress again.

"That's why I have to go, the hardcore can't understand!" He stated.

Tigress appeared furious beginning to leap for the panda

"Tigress don't!" Viper began to shout but ended up with her mouth wide open.

Tigress is hugging Po.. and.. is she purring? Thought viper, completely caught off-guard

Everyone else simply stood, mouths wide open, staring at the purring tiger and the confused panda.

Tigress held him in her embrace letting the low rumble of purrs coming from deep within her throat soothe him for a few seconds then said "Po.. The hardcore do understand. I just can't watch my friend die." She reluctantly released him, getting a strange chill down her spine as she stared in his jade green eyes.

What is this I'm feeling.. He's so.. He's handsome with that cute smile.. and those breathtaking eyes I- Tigress stop it! You know better.

As Tigress was leaving Crane broke the awkward silence by adding "Hey are there any other friends you can't watch die as well.."

"Stop being a wimp" Tigress snapped coldly.

Back to the old Tigress.. Crane thought, wincing.

Po was speechless. He was still trying to figure out what had just happened, and what was happening now. By the time he came back to his senses, he was alone in the darkness.

"No I can't let them do this alone! I'm the Dragon warrior!" He shouted heading out the door to face Shen.

Shen's weapon factory

Shen's beak curled into a devious smile as he looked upon the pure chaos he had created. Wolves were carrying stolen pots, bells, and other metal items and throwing them onto an elaborate conveyor belt that rolled them into a large bellowing pit of fire. It was then casted into large dragon-inspired cannons that could shoot deadly balls of fire at his enemies. Although he regretted destroying his very palace, he would stop at nothing to end that stupid panda and fulfill his destiny, becoming the supreme ruler of all of china!

"Are the weapons almost ready?" He snarled at the Wolf Boss named Shang.

"We have completed 487 of the 500 weapons sire" replied Shang smiling.

"Work faster! Make sure your.. wolves finish this by daylight! Or I will end you.." Snapped Shen

"Of course sire" Shang replied while bowing to his master.

After tossing some orders around and whipping a defiant wolf, Shang had the wolves working at over 150% productivity.

"We've just finished 10 more cannons sir!" Barked one of his ape soldiers.

Shang smiled harshly and replied "Finish before daylight! Lord Shen demands it!"

The ape ran off shaking the rafters as he ran, obviously too busy to notice.

Shen's weapon factory outskirts

The furious five assembled on a hidden rooftop close to the wall of the factory.

"Alright so how do we tackle this beast?" Said Mantis breaking the silence.

"Well," Crane started. " You see those crates over there?"

"What about them?" Tigress asked raising an eyebrow.

Viper looked at him confusingly "How can some stray crates help us here Crane?"

"Guys, you aren't looking close enough!" He said defensively pointing towards the orange paint on the crates.

Everyone's eyes widened. Was crane really suggesting such a low act? Either way, they needed a plan like this in their "Situation".

"Right" Everyone said. Knowing what they had to do.

Shen's Weapon factory

Po inched along the scaffolding, in his "Stealth-mode" Trying to get to Shen, who was perched somewhere in that retched building. Though his "Stealth-mode" wasn't the same as it usually was. Po was entirely focussed, he had to figure out what happened to his parents.

Po noticed a few stray guards patrolling in his direction.

Easy, I got this! Po thought rubbing his paws together.

The wolves seemed rather in-experienced. They were still in their 20's and looked to have just joined Shen's military. They were cracking jokes and laughing hysterically, obviously drunk.

As they passed by Po grabbed their heads and smashed them together with great force, knocking them out cold.

"Awesome.. I've always wanted to do thaat" Squealed Po, bouncing up and down like an excited child.

He then realized he still had something that needed doing, and ran down the scaffolding, using the guards as cover. They didn't help him much though, as he was doing awkward flips towards his destination.

"Almost there.." He noted

"Hey!" an ape guard squalled. "Where are you two going!"

The ape walked towards them proudly, obviously some sort of officer.

Po's eyes widened and he laid them down, escaping in a blur inside the complex.

"On your feet! Get those stupid grins off your faces you stupid drunks!" He heard the ape roaring in the distance.

After a few minutes of hiding in the shadows, crawling up steel beams, and worst of all.. Stairs. Po finally reached Shen.

"Shen." said Po, panting.

"Huh?" Said Shen swirling around gracefully. "What the hell! How did you get here panda?" He squalled.

Shen then took opportunity in the panda's tired state and attacked him lunging with his knives.

Po quickly reacted breaking a couple of the knives, but got stabbed shallowly on the shoulder sending a shockwave of funny-bone like pain throughout his body.

Po smashed Shen in the chest with a powerful fury of punches, knocking him back, and taking the breath out of him.

"Shen enough!" Po shouted "Just tell me about that night!"

"Hmm?" Shen replied taking the moment to catch his breath, "What night?"

"THAT night." Po said squinting his eyes.

"Oh.. THAT night." Shen quacked grinning, "Yes I was there.. I watched as your parents abandoned you and left you for dead."

Po's eye twitched, for the first time, probably in his whole lifetime. The panda was extremely angry.

"That's not true Shen!" The panda shouted

"Oh it's the plain truth" replied Shen laughing maniacally, "You should have seen the look on your brother's face when I killed him"

Po quickly got into his stance furiously.

After seeing he got a reaction Shen charged at the panda knocking him off the ledge he was standing on. Po tumbled through the air breaking through two scaffoldings and landing with a thud near a window.

He then rose, groaning in pain while holding his left shoulder.

Shen flew down laughing "So this is the warrior destined to defeat me? This pathetic fat panda?"

Shen's words cut at Po like daggers and they somehow sounded familiar at the same time.

At that moment, the furious five burst through the door, rolling a large wagon full of explosive crates into the room.

"Suck on this pig-shit!" Yelled Mantis, taking a pose with his "Thingies"

"Enjoy it! Cause you can't return it!" Shouted Monkey laughing hysterically

"Wait!" Yelled Viper "Po is up there!" Her eyes widening

"No! Put out the fuses! Hurry!" Tigress frantically screamed

"Return it! Return it!" Monkey shouted franticly.

Monkey and Crane, Being the quickest of the five, ran/glided at full speed to the boxes and started putting out the fuses.

Meanwhile Po was fighting Shen harshly. Their limbs a definite blur as they exchanged blows. Po grabbed a metal pot off the conveyor belt and swung it at Shen hitting him in the side of the head.

"Feel the THUNDER!" He shouted letting out his signature grin.

"Yeah you get him man!" Shouted Monkey from below, who had just finished putting out the fuses and was now fighting an onslaught of wolves.

"Kick his ass!" Added Mantis who was hitting the pressure points of several other wolves and a large ape.

Shen took the hit and flew back up to a cloaked object laughing hysterically.

"You think you can defeat me? Dragon warrior?" He shouted uncloaking the object to reveal a very large cannon with brass and gold trim, and an obsidian base.

"Fire" He spit harshly and mumbled "Goodbye panda filth."

Po raised the pot as a shield hoping to the Gods he didn't die.

I can't die.. Not now! My friends need m-

His thoughts were caught short as he heard the explosion of the cannon firing and something else a little more familiar.

"Po! NOO!" Shrieked Tigress with tears in her eyes, running to him as fast as her limbs could carry her.

Mantis hesitated looking to Po not believing what he was seeing, along with the rest of the five and the wolves they were fighting.

A red ball of molten steel collided with the Dragon Warrior, and he launched 500 feet into the bay.

Tigress fell to her knees, her paws covering her face.

I was so close..

She helplessly thought.

Po didn't rise from the bay. The Five were eventually forced to flee after fighting until their knuckles were bloodied, and they could no longer move their limbs. The quiet sound of a sobbing Tigress in the background.

To be Continued.

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