Dear audience,

I may finish this story one day, but sadly I am moving on. It has been great practice for my writing skills, and I appreciate everyone who read and reviewed my story. Now, I am writing a new story of my own ideas, and will possibly have it published. I hope you will buy my book when that day comes.

The book's name will be "Faelan's Pupil"

The main character will be a boy named Victor Achard, who was born as a farmer and lived his rather peaceful yet hard life as such until he was about to turn 12 years old. His life suddenly changed dramatically when his farm was raided by bandits and his parents were ruthlessly murdered in front of him. He was cast out to living on the streets in the small town surrounding Castle Orbec, sometimes referred to as Orbec spawn, only to be surprised when a man in a black cloak speckled with many brown, green and tan dots whisked him from the streets, to a small building within the walls of Castle Orbec. He was told he had potential to be trained as the man's apprentice. Eventually he ends up meeting a girl named Brooklyn Dreux, who's father died in battle, and mother died of the plague shortly after child-birth. At the same time he also meets a boy named Joel Faucon, who's father was lost in the largest snow storm ever recorded in the country's history during the battle of Whiteglade pass. His mother was murdered by a thief, for the nearly useless copper coins in her pocket.

But that is only a vague view of the characters in this story. Please be sure to buy my book when the time comes. I will always remember you guys, and will list my condolences to all who have aided me with my writing. Thank you.