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No…no… I can't lose this easily… I can't..

Light collapsed on the stairs in an abandoned building, bleeding from the bullet holes Matsuda had put in him. I had all the calculations.. With L gone, no one was supposed to stand in my way. How was I supposed to know the bastard had successors.. I underestimated Near… This is my punishment for it. He clutched his chest, heaving in breaths of pain and exhaustion. His white shirt was soiled in blood, as was the rest of his clothing. If he had been bleeding that much, he must have left a blood trail. It wouldn't be long before the task force caught up to him. It was all over. "Dammit.." he breathed. "Why can't I just die here? I have nothing else to live for."

"So Light-kun was Kira after all."

Light froze as he heard a familiar voice. A voice that was supposed to go away 6 years ago a long with its owner. He slowly moved his gaze in the direction it came from. A figure stepped out of the shadows, leering down at him. His eyes widened. Baggy jeans.. huge, loose shirt.. hard, obsidian eyes.. Messy, black hair. No.. It can't be..

Light wanted to deny it, but there was no mistaking it. It must have been some crazy hallucination he was going through, perhaps cause by shock. Yeah, that's it. Rem killed L a while ago, people can't come back to life! I'm just thinking too much about this. A wave of pain from his arm snapped him back into reality. Light clutched his arm, blood seeping through the fabric as he winced. No... It felt too real. He forced his gaze to meet the other man's. "L…Ryuzaki.." His gaze hardened. "How?"

"It's surprising how easy it is to fake your own death, isn't it Kira-kun?" L tried to remain a serious expression, but he couldn't help but smirk a little.

He flinched at the voiced. "Impossible... You had no pulse... I must be hallucinating from blood loss," Light insisted, mainly to himself. "Either that, or you're from the afterlife, here to watch the life drain out of me."

"I can assure you that you are not hallucinating," came the monotonous reply. "And unlike you, I don't get overjoyed when someone is dying beneath me."

Light knew he was referring to his own "death", when Light had looked down on him in sick satisfaction as L was "dying". But he decided not to debate something so minor, and continue with the current issue. "But.. Why..?" Light panted. Talking was becoming extremely difficult with the pain he was going through. "Why did…you…"

"Save your breath," L sighed, moving closer to Light. He pulled out silver handcuffs that were all too familiar with Light. He could only watch as L attached one of the cuffs to his left wrist. "We need to hurry, the task force will be here soon."

"Going to hand me over to them yourself, eh? How noble of you." Light growled, glaring up at the quirky detective.

"No, Kira-kun. I am helping you escape," L replied bluntly. "Now hurry, Watari is waiting at the top of the building and in your current state of health, you won't make it much longer."

Light widened his eyes. No way.. And here I am waiting on my death, and he just waltzed in here, saying he faked his death, and now he's helping me escape? The mass murderer shook his head. It was too much for him to handle. "No, Ryuzaki. This is too dangerous, you'll be killed if you're seen helping me."

As if he wanted his help anyway. The fact that Light had not seen through the detective's charade was humiliating enough. But his life was slipping, and there's no way he'd be able to make it without a doctor. And even if he made it to a doctor, it would only be a matter of time before the task force found him. He has no other choice but to accept L's offering for help. Light looked away from L, defeat reflecting in his eyes.

L smirked slightly, as if amused to see Light in such a weakened state. "The only people who know who I am thinks I died a long time ago. Besides, I'm L. I can completely disappear if I want to and I can make anyone I want disappear as well." Yes, you have made that obvious. I know L pushes boundaries, but I never expected something like this. But why?

L climbed over the railing on the stairs in an awkward yet feral fashion, landing on his hands and feet so that he was crouching above Light, his wide owl eyes burning holes through him. "This may hurt a little, but I have already requested to Watari to have doctors with him."

Light felt L pull him up gently and put his arm around Light's shoulders to support him. "Watari is alive too?"

"Yes, I convinced him to fake his death as well to make it convincing," L answered, his gaze fixed towards the top of the stairs as he tightened his grip on Light.

"You really thought this through." Light commented and leaned against L for support.

L shrugged with one of his shoulders since the other was supporting Light. "Not necessarily. The whole plan was made in a matter of two days, and even then I was unsure exactly what my actions were going to be after it was carried out. But this can be discussed another time, your health is the key issue right now."

The pair began to move up the stairs, being slow and careful. Light looked up at the young man, examining his face. It was expressionless, as always, but something else was there. Perhaps it was determination? Determination to save his arch nemesis? Why had L gone this far to do something like this? Light wanted to ask him, but he was starting to feel very dizzy and he could barely put one foot in front of the other. Eventually he felt he was being dragged up the stairs by the detective. "Kira-kun, all you alright?"

Light heard L speak to him, but he couldn't make out what he said. The room was spinning and his vision was beginning to blur. He feebly shook his head, though he was unsure what he was disagreeing too. His vision began to slip as they reached the top of the stairs and he felt his body begin to go limp. "Kira-kun?" L's voice echoed in the back of his head. The murderer wanted to reply, but even thinking was hard when you're slipping out of consciousness. L hesitated, before leaning in towards Light's face. "…Light-kun? …Watari- quick!"

Light felt his eyes flutter open, squinting through the darkness. Had he finally died? Is this where those who owned a death note went to after death? No... Those who owned a death note didn't have the luxury of afterlife. Could that mean he survived? He glanced around his surroundings, discovering he was in a small room. To the right of him, he made out a small wooden nightstand with a lamp sitting on top of it. He reached up, his hand shaking as he felt his fingers reach the switch . He flipped it on with a simple twist, before settling back on the bed he was sitting on. Light flooded into the room, causing him to flinch slightly in the sudden brightness. He felt the surface of the bed shift slightly. "Kira-kun. You're awake."

Light's heart stopped as he heard that voice, instantly reminding him what had happened. The task force knew he was Kira and was after him. L was alive and rescued him. "Do you remember passing out?"

Light nodded slowly, turning to face the one who saved him. L had his eyes glued on him, yet he seemed distant. "I made the wrong decision." he sighed after a while, turning away from Light. "I should have let the task force find you. I let my emotions cloud my judgment."

"Yes, about that Ryuzaki.." Light began, confused about L's comment but deciding to ignore it. "Why did you fake your death in the first place? And why did you help me escape? You promised the world Kira's head and you do something like this?"

"I admit this may not seem like me, Kira-kun, but.." L turned his head towards Light, making eye contact with him. "I faked my death and helped you escape because I couldn't give the world Kira's head."

This made Light even more confused. "Why do you say that?"

"Because you are Kira."

Light hesitated, looking L over. What was he trying to say? That he couldn't kill me because I am Kira? That never stopped him before, why would it stop him now?

"…Yes… We have established that." Admitting that he was Kira to L was harder than he expected it to be, but he had no choice. His immediate response to L when it regarded Kira was denying it, but he had to remind himself he already knew. "But shouldn't that make you want to kill me even more? After all, Kira is your enemy."

L looked away from Light, his face becoming more distant. "Yes, Kira-kun is my nemesis.." He looked back up at murderer, his wide eyes staring into Light's. "But Light-kun isn't."

This took Light by surprise. "But, Ryuzaki.." he started. "They are the same person-"

"No they aren't." L interrupted. "When you gave up your memories of the Death Note, you were Light. We got a long great- for the most part. You were a large help to the investigation, because you didn't have your memories. And because in your mind you were innocent, you acted innocent."

His face darkened. "When you got them back, you turned into Kira. You were very edgy, and you acted more suspicious when I brought up Kira to you. And you stopped being any help to the investigation, because you were Kira once more. I want to kill the one who despises me and does nothing but evil to this world. I want to save the one that has a strong sense of right and wrong and has the potential to be a great detective like me someday. I want to kill Kira, not Light."

Light's mouth gaped open. He had never heard L say something like this before. It surprised him, confused him. He had always thought L hated him as much as Light hated L. But now L was saying he only hated Kira, but not Light. What was he talking about, did he think Light had multiple personality disorder or something? He can't kill Kira without killing Light, because they were the same person. Didn't L realize that? But what confused him more was that it appeared that L cared about him. L never cared about anyone. He was like Light, he was afraid emotions could get in the way of making the right decision. Was Light the exception?

"I faked my death so that I wouldn't have to be the one to kill you." L went on when Light didn't respond. "I knew my successors were more than capable of executing you, but I didn't expect you to get attacked like that. You were bleeding so much, Kira-kun. It was scary." L looked away from Light once more, gazing at his laptop.

"It's probably because you care about me," Light suggested, laying back on the bed. "Most people can't watch people they care about die in front of them, especially if they feel they caused it."

"Yes, perhaps..." L murmured, not really paying attention to what Light had said.

Light examined the room more closely. At the far right of the room, a door led into from what he could tell a bathroom. And mirror hung on the wall with a sink under it. A wooden nightstand sat on both sides of the bed, each with identical glass lamps. The bed L and Light sat on was a queen sized with a dark green comforter and pillow cases. A TV sat in front of the bed, pressed against the wall in front of him. From what he could tell, there wasn't anything more other than a closet that had a few changes of clothes tossed inside in an unorganized pile. "Where are we exactly?" he asked finally.

L popped a sugar cube in his mouth and tilted his head back at Light to answer his question. "In a hotel, though we might have to move out of the country if the task force gets too close."

"I thought you said L could disappear if he wanted to." Light muttered.

"It's always important to be careful, Kira-kun."

"Could you not call me that?" he snapped. It bothered him to hear L call him by his alias. It could be because it's basically admitting his defeat, but that didn't feel right. There was something else.

"Why not? That's who you are after all." L replied somewhat coldly, his wide eyes not leaving the soft glow of his laptop's screen.

"Yes, but you always suspected me of being Kira yet you never called me him by name." Light pointed out.

L pushed another sugar cube through his placid lips. "Then I only suspected you. Now I'm certain."

"Then I suppose you wouldn't care if I openly called you L." Light countered.

"I suppose not. Just call me Ryuzaki in public. If we ever go into public, that is."

Light glared at the detective, becoming more and more frustrated as the conversation continued. This was what he didn't miss about being around L. He couldn't win. L always outsmarted him with some sort of mind game, making him confess to things without being fully aware that he was. Though Light had to admit, he didn't mind it too much. The past few years had been rather boring since he couldn't find anyone that matched his intelligence. Light found himself slightly smiling as he remembered all the disagreements he had had with the detective.

A jingling sound caught his attention as he moved his arm. Light lifted his arm, noticing a shiny handcuff hanging loosely at his wrist. A chain connected him to L, who wore the other cuff. Not these again.. I don't want to lose my freedom again! "Why are we wearing these?" he muttered tiredly, then noticing that wasn't all that he was wearing. He was wearing one of L's baggy shirts instead of one of his own. "And why the hell am I wearing your shirt?"

"We are wearing them so I can ensure you won't escape. I couldn't afford having you reveal my existence to the task force," L replied absentmindedly, typing on the laptop that sat in front of him. "And you are wearing my shirt because your shirt was covered in blood and I figured you wouldn't want to continue wearing it." The insomniac moved his gaze back at Light. "Speaking of which, who shot you?"

So blunt. Did L always have to be so blunt? "Matsuda," Light sighed. "I'm surprised I didn't die of blood loss, he shot me at least three times."

"It's a good thing Matsuda doesn't have good aim, or the outcome would have been a lot worse," L shut his laptop and leaned back on the mattress. His legs slowly unbent and stretched out. He appeared unusually exhausted. "Watari hired expert doctors. Your wounds should be healed in a week or so..."

Light tipped his head. "Are you feeling alright, Ryuzaki? You seem oddly tired. Was it from dragging me up the stairs earlier?"

"Not physically tired, more emotionally tired, Kira-kun," L sighed. "You have no idea how scared I was when you lost consciousness. I've never been that terrified, not ever. And what's concerning me even more is that I have no idea why I was afraid."

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