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Raven hummed a tune to herself as she listened to a song. She was laying on her bed, where she spent the majority of her time, a collections of MP3 players and iPods surrounding her. Many kids at Whammy's had a dysfunction of sorts. It was a common thing for geniuses to have quirks or strange ways of thinking.

Near was addicted to toys and childish objects. Mello had a chocolate obsession. Matt had a knack for technology and video games. And Raven's? She loved music. Any music, really. Japanese music, American music, Korean music… Hell, she even listened to Brazilian or African music. One iPod couldn't hold all of her songs, so she had to get more. She has a total of ten iPods/MP3s, each with a full play list.

Ryuk was sitting on the top bunk watching TV and eating the rest of the apples from the interrogation. Raven didn't need the rest of the apples. If Ryuk told her everything, what fun would it be for her?

The Shinigami curved his body in an unnatural way to bend over and look at her. "Still listening to music?"

Raven raised an eyebrow, trying to read Ryuk's lips. When she failed, she huffed and popped out an ear bud. "Come again?"

"You really like music. I don't see what's so great about it, it's just noise." Ryuk commented, sinking his sharp teeth into a juicy, red apple.

"You really like apples. I don't see what's so great about it, it's just fruit." Raven countered, pausing her iPod and sitting up.

Ryuk chuckled. "Heh heh, good point."

Raven heard footsteps from outside her room, making their way further down the hallway. That was unnatural; it was late at night. 2:30 AM, to be exact. Raven did have a bit of a sleep disorder, but she didn't take it so far as to call it insomnia. And she hated being called an insomniac, though the fairly noticeable bags under her eyes gave her that stereotype quite often. She blinked as the footsteps became louder, stopping right in front of her door. What is so important this late at night?

Knock, knock. Soft knocks, so the rest of the orphanage wouldn't awaken from the echo.

The dark-haired teenager sighed, sitting up off of her bed and making her way over to the door. She twisted the bronze doorknob and pulled the door open in one move, staring blankly at a middle-aged man in the doorway.

"Hello, Raven," he said politely, bowing. Raven blinked, focusing above his head. James Emerson. The new manager of the orphanage's name hung above his slightly bald head in red letters, his lifespan floating below it. He still has quite a while. she noted, observing the numbers.

Raven smiled slightly before returning to the straight face she was wearing before. "Yes, James? It's quite late, so I'm assuming this is important."

"Indeed," James nodded, pulling out a silver flip-phone and holding it out to her. "Near wishes to speak with you."

"Near?" Raven echoed, her brow furrowed as she accepted the phone.

James shrugged. "I do not know the circumstances, just that he wanted to talk with you."

She gave him a confused and slightly irritated look before opening the cell phone and bringing it to her ear. James walked away at this point, not wanting to be accused of eavesdropping.

"Near?" Raven greeted warily.

"Yes. Hello, Raven," a monotone voice replied over the other end. "It had been a while."

"Indeed it has," she replied, twirling a dark brown lock of her hair with her fingers, then stopping abruptly when she remembered it's something the successor of L would have done.

"I would love to catch up, but sadly I am calling under more serious circumstances."

Raven narrowed her eyes. "So I figured."

"I see. I am assuming you are quite familiar with the Kira investigation, correct?"

Did he think she was clueless or something? Every single kid in Whammy's knew about the Kira investigation. Every one of them hated or had some sense of dislike towards the vile human that killed their mentor, and for most, hero. Raven was one of those who had looked up to L, and one of those who wanted to avenge him when he died. Sadly, only the successors of her childhood hero were able to do such a thing. Or at least attempt it.

"Of course, Near. I'm sure every child here is," Raven replied impatiently. "Can you please cut to the chase?"

"Patience is a virtue," Near quoted in an emotionless tone, sending a surge of annoyance through her body. "But since I too am wanting to skip to the main point, I will. With the help of the SPK and the Japanese Task Force, we were able to successfully corner and identify Kira."

Raven's eyes widened. No way… And here I was thinking I was going to provide fresh information to him? He probably knows about everything now. she thought grimly, before replying in a calm tone, "Really, now? So you have him in custody?"

"Not quite. Unfortunately he has managed to escape." Near's voice had no trace of remorse or disappointment, despite the seriousness of the topic. Raven could imagine him stacking dice or playing with his stupid toys.

"You let Kira escape? That is very unfortunate." she agreed, attempting to sound more interested than she was. "I don't see how I am involved in this, however."

"You aren't yet, but I would like you to be." the albino answered simply.

Raven smirked slightly. "Are you requesting my help, Near?"

"Yes, your assistance would be appreciated," Near said in the same low monotone he always spoke in. Sometimes Raven wondered if the boy was able of feeling emotions. She shook her head, deciding to save that thought for a different day. "You are turning seventeen within this month, correct? We will just have you graduate from Whammy's earlier than usual. That is, if you accept my offer."

"I would love to work on the case with you." Raven decided immediately that she would rather work on the Kira case, now that things have gotten even more interesting. In the current situation, her eyes might be of assistance.

Near's voice wasn't any more excited when it answered, "Excellent, thank you. You will be flying to Japan tomorrow, the arrangements have been made."

Raven raised an eyebrow. "You expected me to help you all along?"

"I figured it was more likely that you accept my offer than graduate to a boring life." Raven could almost picture the albino's pasty face twisted into a small, arrogant smirk. It made her irritated. "I will see you tomorrow, then?"

Raven hesitated, her eyes narrowing before she answered, "Of course. Goodbye, Near."

She closed the phone, grinning widely. My dream… To have the chance to avenge L and all of those murders… It's actually becoming a reality. Forget Near, I'll kill the bastard Kira myself.

"Damn it L, quit moving!" Light protested, gripping red lipstick in his fingers firmly as he tried to hold the raven-haired detective's face still.

L blinked blankly. "I do not enjoy lip stick being put on me, and I definitely do not enjoy cross-dressing. Are you blaming me for being upset?"

"No, I'm blaming you for moving so much." Light muttered. "Now keep still."

L and Light had, after a few hours of planning, had come up with a secure operation. Well, not secure. With them being the world's greatest criminal and the world's greatest detective, this plan will never be secure. But they had come up with a decent one that met their standards. Well for the most part.

"The lipstick really brings out your eyes, L." Light said teasingly, sliding the top back on the lipstick.

L didn't look amused. "Not the time, Light-kun. We're about to risk our lives to rescue Misa. I am quite frustrated."

"Come on, L. Good things can come from rescuing Misa." Light replied, trying to sound convincing as he reached for the pale foundation.

L shivered as Light began to rub some cold foundation over his black bags, erasing the countless sleepless nights from his face. "Such as?"

"Well, she would be good with the media." Light started, frowning as he tried to think of positive things. "She probably knows quite a few people, so we might not have to do as much work ourselves…" He rubbed the foundation in firmly all over L's face, evening everything out.

"Is that all?" L deadpanned. "Also, I think that is enough makeup, Light-kun."

"Not nearly enough." Light sighed and pulled out powder with a light color before opening it and patting L's face down with it. L frowned, pouting as Light covered his pale face with a thin layer of powder.

The raven-haired detective eyed the mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow Light was reaching for disapprovingly. "I will get Light-kun back for this."

"Go ahead." Light teased as he began to apply the eyeliner to L's bottom eyelid. L blinked instinctively. The brunette groaned. "Don't blink, you'll make me mess up."

"I apologize that I find a stick of makeup poking my iris painful." L countered, his eyes watering as he trying to keep them open while Light began to apply the eyeliner again.

Light didn't reply as he moved to the upper eyelid, which L found a lot better than the bottom lid. "95 percent chance that I look ridiculous."

Light scoffed as he moved to the other eye. "Please, I'm a natural when it comes to this kind of thing. I wouldn't let you look bad. These colors really work for you."

"Light-kun, you are sounding like a woman." L pointed out, flinching as he tried not blink.

Light frowned. "I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that, L."

"As you wish." L said simply as the former Kira finished putting on the eyeliner.

Next was mascara, which was quickly taken care of followed with eye shadow which took equally as long. Light had chosen an ashy color eye shadow, which complimented L's black orbs well. It started out dark near the eyeball, but gradually faded into a silvery-gray at the outer area of the eye.

The brunette smiled as he closed the eye shadow container. "Done!"

Light held up a small mirror in front of L's face. The detective was wearing a light brown wig that went halfway down his back. The wig was twirled with curls that bounced every time L moved his head. Along with that, he wore an all black feminine-looking outfit with a leather jacket over that. Black tennis shoes covered his pale feet, and his fingernails were coated with a bright red, the same shade as his lips.

L frowned at his reflection. "This is embarrassing and degrading."

Light frowned. He was wearing a black wig that was rather short, stopping a little past his shoulder. He was wearing bright blue contacts, considering one of his noticeable features his chocolate-colored eyes. He wore the same black feminine-looking outfit L was wearing, minus the leather coat. His lips were coated with a natural shade of shiny lip gloss, and his eye shadow was a deep blue that reflected his contacts. You could barely tell he was the same person.

"L, you brought up the use of disguises. And although I agree that this is rather humiliating, it will work. I wouldn't tell it was you if I passed you on the street."

L glanced over the mirror, his red lips pursed his a slight pout. "I could say the same for. But I still do not like it."

Light snickered slightly as he looked at L again. It was rather entertaining seeing him like this, but he was sure that if he pointed it out that it would lead to an argument. So he didn't say anything.

"Well, now that we're ready can we put the plan into action?" Light asked, glancing over at the two laptops. One had the Headquarters' defense system and the other had the security cameras. His gaze landed on the blonde, who was slumped over, most likely asleep considering it was 8:30 AM.

L stood from his crouch to walk over to the pair of laptops. "We will wait for tonight when the majority of the SPK and Task Force have gone home. Let's spend the rest of the day perfecting the procedure."

"As you wish, L." the brunette let his gaze slide over L's body again. "It's hard calling you L when you look nothing like him."

"I can say the same for you, Light-kun." the detective answer, typing on the computer. "Now come over here for a moment, I have something I want to go over with you…"

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A better version of Raven's bio:

Name: Raven Crawley (Goes by Raven Lockhart to the general public.)

Birthday: February 26, 1993

Gender: Female

Age: 17 (Basically. She's supposed to turn 17 within the month, so yeah.)

Hair Color: Very dark brown.

Eye Color: Deep blue-gray.

Clothing: Wears a purple and black striped T-shirt over a black long-sleeved shirt. She also wears dark skinny jeans and black converse. For accessories, she wears leather finger-less gloves, a black cross necklace, and purple-stud earrings. She is often seen wearing black ear buds due to her addiction to music.

Personality: She can be rather sarcastic and manipulative, and isn't above using dark humor. She is intelligent, placing fourth at Whammy's when Mello, Matt, and Near were still there, and placing first when they left. She doesn't really like Near, and isn't exactly thrilled at working with him. She's more excited about getting the chance to catch Kira. She has a sense of justice, but wouldn't mind resulting to using methods such as the mafia or criminals to help, much like L using Wedy and Aiber. She can be easily irritated or annoyed, and becomes short-tempered when she is. She also somewhat enjoys arguing, just so she can see who will win.

Blood Type: O-

Height: 5'6''

Weight: 102 lbs.

Other: She has the Shinigami eyes, which she got from Ryuk when she was given a choice between them or the death note. She has an addiction to music like Near likes toys or Mello likes chocolate.