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Hermione stumbled slightly as she and Lucius landed on the marble floor of the front lobby in the Manor. Lucius immediately unclipped his cloak and hung it in the coat closet near the door. Hermione began to hand him her own when he shut the door and walked down the hallway. She looked at him with utter shock. 'For someone who prides themself on being upper class you would expect some common courtesy.' When he was half way down the hall he turned to face her only to see she hadn't moved an inch. She was still standing there with that deer in headlights look he so despised.

"Are you coming?" he sneered. Her only response was to shake her cloak and gestured toward the closet with a nod of her head. Finally understanding her pause, he sauntered down the hall back to his wife. "Come now, Granger, surely you are not incompetent? I would think a mudblood like yourself would know how to properly use a coat hanger or is it too complicated for your species?" He grabbed the cloak from her hand and threw it on the hanger and slammed the closet door. "Really. Sometimes I wonder if you all were born with any class at all." He swiftly made his way back down the hall.

"You know you can't call me that!" She yelled running down the hall after him.

"What are you talking about?"

"You know perfectly well what I'm talking about!"

"If you think I will change my ways you are sadly mistaken. Just because we are married doesn't mean I will stop seeing you for the vermin you are!" Lucius growled.

"Then how do you expect people to think that we are in love. One small slip up and the Ministry will annul the marriage and I will make it my personal vendetta to make sure your sorry arse rots in Azkaban for the rest of your pathetic excuse of a life."

"Ha! I would love to see you try, Ms. Granger."

"There you go again. You said Ms. Granger!" Hermione said.

"And what off it?"

"If you do recall we were just married not even a half an hour ago." She then held up her left hand, "I believe the name is Mrs. Malfoy."

Lucius grimaced at the sight of the ring. It was a symbol not only of the binding contract, but his own personal signature into this new life from hell. He would forever be attached to this little chit. She was everything he despised and now she was forever chained to him. Not to mention this would mean a life of celibacy, since there was no way she would ever willingly let him touch her and he would never stoop so low. But then again maybe he could break her to the point where she was begging him to fuck her, to show he was a willing husband he could ever so often oblige. Of course there would be multiple times she would be forced to be with him. He was Lucius Malfoy for Merlin sakes! Lucius could see that she was boiling. He examined the girl standing before him, if only he could find her breaking point. After he identified it he could use it against her making her bend to his will, but that was a test better dealt with another day. For now they had guests to attend to.

"We have guests. Now if you please," Lucius said holding out his hand.

Hermione reluctantly slid her petite hand in his and a deep scowl graced her face. "Let's get this over with!"

"My sentiments exactly," Lucius said.

The new couple walked rapidly down the hall and into the lavishing dining room. Hermione was in awe of the room. It looked like a room fit for a king, in the center of the room stood a long mahogany table with a spread of delicious looking food. The sight and the smell made her stomach growl. Lucius led them to the end of the table pulling out the chair next to Severus out for Hermione, then sitting down to her right.

"Glad you finally joined us, Father. I think Emery was rather worried about you two," Draco said taking his fianc├ęs hand and giving it a slight kiss.

"Draco!" Emery giggled. "Well the point is that they are here now. So let the festivities begin," She said showing her radiant smile. Hermione was so jealous of the woman in front of her. She was so perfect, but then again she knew that Lucius would not accept anything less than perfect for his son.

"Yes, let us," Lucius said clasping his hands together. "Severus, you should taste the wine. I thought you of all people would enjoy it."

Severus shifted slightly in his chair under Hermione's stare. Reaching for his glass, Severus took a small sip smirking slightly. "You are quite right, Lucius, it is divine." When his eyes connected with Hermione he immediately changed the topic. "So pray tell, Lucius. What do you plan on doing for your honeymoon?"

"Well I thought that we could floo to my manor in Venice for the weekend. I thought we would leave tomorrow afternoon. After, of course, we've had ample time to recover from tonight."

Hermione's eyes grew wide as she chocked on her wine.

"Lucius!" Emery squealed.


"Well pardon me, but I am sure we are all adults here," Lucius drawled.

Hermione remained staring down at her plate, as the house elves served her food. Her silence was a welcome event to Lucius.

Dinner passed quickly with talks of potions, Hogwarts, Quidditch, the new Minister of Magic, and of course business. It wasn't until she heard Lucius' cool voice that she snapped out of her daze.

"Hermione? I think it's time for us to escort our guests out," Lucius said as he adjusted his robes.

Obediently Hermione stood and was about to join Lucius who was now talking to Draco and Severus a little ways away when Emery stepped in her path.

"Hermione, can I give you some advice?"

"Er, yes I suppose," she said.

"Um, I know you really don't want this marriage but it would be best if you didn't fight it. Lucius can be a violent guy and I just wouldn't want you to anger him and get yourself into trouble. So if you want any chance at escaping just please do as he says."

'Ha, does this girl know who she is talking to?' Hermione thought. "Thank you Emery. I shall try my best," she said trying to hide the anger in her voice.

"Well I suppose I shall see you in a week. If you are up to it maybe you could help me with my wedding details? Narcissa can be quite demanding at times. Plus it might give you a break from Lucius."

"I guess I could do that," Hermione said.

Before Emery had time to respond Draco came up behind her. "Emery it's time to go. I'll apparate you home." He put his hand on the small of her back before turning to Hermione and giving her a curt nod. "Granger."


"I'll see you in a week Hermione and remember what I said," with that, the couple turned and left bidding goodnight to Lucius and Severus.

Hermione caught Snape's eyes which then darted quickly away. He then mumbled something to Lucius and turned and left through the door.

"Well it looks like it's just you and me now. Follow me.

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