Dear Fanfiction,

You know, our lives aren't the easiest either. That's right! The Big Bad Peacekeepers don't have it easy!

We need to serve for twenty years. Twenty years. That's longer than most tributes live. Ahem. And we can't get married. Or have children. Just like you don't have children anymore! Ahem.

And you know, we don't like prosecuting or whipping or punishing or lashings or executions... They're just perks of the job.

Did we say perks?

We meant necessary evils. Yes.

But if we didn't have us modest, honourable people around to do the horrible, intensely well-paid, flexible, rewarding jobs, Panem would simply be in tatters. In shambles. Ruined. Damaged. Out of control. A bloodbath. Corrupted.

...More than it is already, I mean.

Sincerely, The Peacekeepers.

P.S. Peacekeepers, robots in disguise!

I haven't had the best time in the "outernet" which is my excuse for the fact that this chapter is so late. But in other news, we have just passed our first anniversary. We are over one year old. For those of you who have stuck with this for twelve months, I can't explain how grateful I am. And those of you who have joined us along the way, thank you. You guys make my day. Truly.