Author's Notes –

I guess no one reads FMP fiction anymore…

Broken glass and overturned cars filled the streets making the road all the more treacherous for the Jindai survivors. Chaos filled Tokyo as pillars of smoke breached the skyline. Dead bodies, both the truly dead and the walking dead, filled the streets.

The sound of another body bouncing off of the van's grill and bumper sent a shiver down Kaname's spine.

"We need to gas up." The usually perky and energetic Mizuki appeared frazzled and strained as she concentrated on the road ahead. As the only student with a valid driver's license she'd been the natural pick to drive. The far from ideal road conditions and hordes of walking dead made the ride through the city was far from enjoyable and leisurely.

"Take a right at the next intersection," Sagara directed as he eyed the road ahead. "There's a gas station half a kilometer down the road."

Mizuki nodded.


The sudden explosion startled everyone as the van swerved.

"Watch out for the car!" Ono D shouted as he pointed at the wreck before them.

Opting to slam on the brakes instead of trying to fight for control of the car, Mizuki tensed even as the van rushed towards the burning Honda before them. The sound of metal impacting metal greeted their ears as the van collided with the smaller vehicle.

Even Sagara was rattled by the impact, though the veteran soldier quickly shook off the disorientation. Unbuckling his seatbelt he forced his way out of the now shattered passenger side window. "Not good," he assessed. "It seems that we can no longer use this vehicle."

"What makes you say that?" Ono D asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm as he picked up his rifle.

"The front tire has blown," the scarred boy explained.

"Is everyone alright?" Kaname asked even as she made sure that she wasn't injured as well.

"I'm alright," Issei stated.

"Then you better get your hand off my ass!" one of the girls shouted from the backseat.

"Tomoyo's hurt," another girl stated. "She wasn't buckled… I think she's unconscious."

"Everyone out of the van!" Sagara ordered. "We've got hostiles at 3 and 10."

"Three and ten?" one of the girls from the other class exclaimed in her confusion.

"Straight right and slightly to the left," Shinji explained as he turned to his right. "Five, no six of them at least."

"I count at least a dozen from our left," Ono added.

"The door's stuck!" Kyoko proclaimed as she tried to force the sliding door open.

Panicked Mizuki tried to open her driver side door. "Mine's fine," she exclaimed as she slipped out of the van.

"Try the lock!" another girl cried out.

Gunfire erupted inside the van as Ono shot out his broken window, hitting one of the walking dead in the chest. With the window shattered, the athletic boy opted to kick the window out even as the others scrambled towards the driver's side door.

Several more shots filled the air as Sagara sniped at the walkers on their right, clean shots to the head that dropped each of the threats.

"There's more," he stated. "Another pack at our 4 and a larger group from our 6."

With great effort Ono kicked out the window, leaving only shards in the frame, allowing the others to crawl out of the window.

"This way!" Sagara ordered as he cleared a path for them.

"What about Tomoyo?" Kaname asked as she eyed the unconscious girl still in the van.

"I'll get her," Ono replied. As one of the few still in the vehicle he was in the best position to get her out. Exchanging a knowing look with Sagara, the class pervert nodded before handing his rifle to Shinji. "Cover me."

"I'm only holding onto this until you catch up," Shinji stated as he ran on top of another car.

"Take this," Sagara ordered as he handed the valiant boy a revolver. "Five shots."

Dumbfounded, Kaname watched as Shinji and Sagara escorted the others away from the van, leaving Ono carry the still unconscious Tomoyo inside the soon to be abandoned vehicle.

"We have to go," Kyoko pleaded, pulling at her friend's arm as the horde of walking dead continued to advance on the still running van.

Climbing atop yet another car the seemingly docile boy scanned the street. From his vantage point Shinji started to fire, picking off most of the advancing dead with skillful headshots.

"Go," Sagara ordered as he replaced Shinji. "Take point, you know your way to my apartment, right?"

"Yeah," the smaller boy replied hesitantly. With one final look back he again nodded at Ono as the boy struggled to get his charge into the front seat.

"We can't leave them," Kaname pleaded.

"I'll do what I can," Sagara replied as he took aim with his handgun. "Go! Now!"

Car alarms sounded, blending in with the gunfire as Shinji took the lead, climbing atop cars for a better view of the road ahead and cleared the way for the others. "This way!"

Slipping past the unconscious girl, Ono lifted her to his shoulder in a fireman's carry.

"Come on!" one of the other girls cried out as she rounded an overturned car and glanced back at the two.

Gunfire drowned out the other cries of encouragement as Sagara and Shinji opened a path for the retreating students.

'We're going to make it,' Kaname thought as she scanned the area. 'We're going to make it!'

Suddenly an arm reached out from an overturned car, grasping at and catching hold of Tomoyo's long hair. His momentum abruptly halted, Ono stumbled to the ground, spilling his passenger as he did so.

"No!" gasped Kaname. "Get up!"

"Go!" Ono shouted as he staggered to his feet. Fierce brown eyes locked with cool calculating ones, "GO!"

Shifting his gun to his left hand, Sagara stood, offering the valiant boy a salute before turning away.

"We can't leave them!" Kaname objected.

"They're too far back," Sagara's gravelly, cold voice stated. "He's injured, and even without Tomoyo slowing him down he wouldn't make it past the ones swarming in on them. If anyone were to try and save them they'd only be committing suicide."

Kaname refused to give up. "You've got guns; use them!"

For a moment his cold eyes turned to her. Unflinchingly he glared at her then back at Ono and the horde of walking dead. "I have," he replied as he pulled the trigger. The gun simply clicked, the rounds in the clip completely spent. "You can watch them die, but I will not allow you to go join them. I will keep you safe even if you end up hating me."

She knew he was right, just like that time in he'd revealed to her that he was a soldier and could pilot an Arm Slave. Relenting, Kaname allowed him to drag her off, leading her off of the car and down the road.

The horde of walking dead slowly closed on them, shuffling their hobbled feet as best they could in pursuit of the Jindai students.

Panting, Shinji led the way, climbing atop of cars before picking off the closest threats as they moved down the street. Gun in hand Sagara covered their retreat, picking off as many of the threats as necessary while also trying to keep from depleting the rapidly diminishing ammo.

"Keep the gun," he ordered Shinji as the smaller boy fired his final round. Rifle in hand, Sagara rushed past the other boy, smashing the butt of his weapon against the face of a walker. "Fire in the hole!"

Ducking behind a car Kaname grit her teeth as Sagara tossed a grenade into the crowd of walkers before them.

Her ears ringing, she still managed to hear a single loud shot echoed off of the buildings.

"One," Kaname muttered as she picked up a broken pipe. With both Sagara and Shinji out of ammo she'd quickly deduced who was firing.

Behind her several other students did the same, arming themselves with whatever they could as they ran.

"Two." Pipe in hand she bashed in the skull of a walker as it rounded the car before her. "Three."

Armed with a tire wrench Issei skillfully eliminated two more walkers.

Two shots in quick succession reached her ears. Fighting back tears, Kaname focused on the task at hand. Following Sagara she watched as he used the butt of his gun to knock another walker off its feet. With so many closing in on them he didn't bother to confirm the kill, resorting to rushing out of its reach and keeping them from moving around.

"Ah!" one of the girls cried out. "No, NO!"

Spinning around, Kaname watched as two walkers wrestled one of her remaining classmates to the ground, her screams cut off as her throat was crushed.

No one ran to her aid, no one had the time to spare as the horde closed in on them.



"Help me!"


Screams filled the air as more and more of them fell. Yet for each of them that did fall, fewer and fewer of the walking dead rushed the survivors as they appeared to choose to feed rather than giving chase.

"This way!" Issei urged the others as he knocked away a walker's hand before sweeping it off its feet. Springing out of its reach he slammed the tire iron into its skull.

Running around the remaining walkers the group, or at least those who remained, rushed down the street.

"I really should have gotten better shoes," Kyoko griped.

"That's what you girls get for buying fashionable shoes rather than practical ones," Shinji joked. "My dad always said that it's impractical to designate a pair of shoes for just indoor use. It's best to have a pair that you can wear inside or out because you never know when you're going to have to run outside and won't have time to change your shoes."

"Spoken like a true military brat," the pigtailed girl teased.

"I got mine because they're good in a fight," boasted Issei. "I have the same type of shoes in my locker."

"I find that combat boots are ill-suited for concrete," Sagara stated. "Yes, they're durable, but they do not absorb the impact from running on concrete."

Their idle chatter seemed to relieve the tension of their situation. While it didn't change the fact that they were jogging away from the walking dead, it did make the situation seem less extraordinary. It was far easier to talk about the practicality of shoes then to think of those who had just died at the hands of the walking dead. Only a third of them had thus far made it out of the van. Six of them, armed with pipes, bats, and tire irons against countless walking dead. Of course no one wanted to think about that.

Orange and black filled the late afternoon sky, the thick smoky pillars reflecting the fires that produced the smoke as the light of day was slowly drowned out.

"It almost looks like there was an earthquake," Mizuki muttered as she took note of the city around them.

Though Tokyo was in disarray, it was far from devastated or decrepit. For one most of the buildings were structurally sound and intact. Most showed no signs of any damage from the riots and chaos aside from some blood splattered on the walls or the occasional broken window, though a few were ablaze or had vehicles protruding from them.

"If it had been an earthquake there'd be chunks missing from the buildings," Shinji remarked, verbalizing Sagara's thoughts. "If it was a fight or battle then the buildings would look like they've been blown apart. This just looks like a big riot really - like Los Angeles after the Lakers win the championship or Vancouver after they lose the cup."

"I didn't think you were much of a sports fan," Issei remarked, giving the smaller boy an appraising look.

"Well, whenever there's a riot like that they're usually quelled by the deployment of the military reserves, sometimes the local governments request the presence of an AS squad." The explanation made sense. "But I wonder why the JSDF hasn't been deployed for this? It's what, after noon by now and everything started at least five hours ago."

"If I had a phone with internet I might be able to tell you," lamented Mizuki. "Unfortunately my parents didn't want me to get one of those phones."

Despite the group's seemingly pointless chatter, Sagara knew that the others were dealing with a great deal of stress. Though they had not encountered many walking dead since their escape from the van, their escape had been costly. Only six of seventeen had survived. Their bonds of friendship and camaraderie had been severed in the span of several minutes, leaving the survivors to deal with the consequences of their choices and the sacrifices of the few heroic individuals.

But now was not the time for them to try to deal with their emotional traumas.

"We should stop in there," Sagara suggested.

"An amusement park?" Kaname remarked skeptically.

"There's food and shelter available, and if we're lucky we should be able to procure transportation," Sagara rationalized.

As if on cue several stomachs audibly grumbled, reminding them all that it was well past lunch and that none of them had eaten since before school had started.

Sighing, Kaname nodded as Sagara led them past the wide open gates.

Aside from the smoke in the distance and the fact that it was practically vacant the park appeared to be completely untouched. The brightly painted roller coasters, game booths, and rides that were intended to brighten the mood and atmosphere of the park seemed to put a damper on the spirits of the half dozen survivors. As the park closest to Jindai it was the one that most of the students frequented on the rare off or half day. They were used to seeing the park filled with lively patrons, but seeing it empty made the horrors outside of the park all the more depressing.

"Here, we can eat these." Pushing aside any feelings he had for the park, Sagara grabbed several bags of brightly colored cotton candy, tossing them to the others. Though far from filling, it provided them with sugar should they need to make a quick escape.

Hopping over the counter, he eyed the array of snack food. Cautiously he approached the back of the stand, making sure that there wasn't a surprise in store for them. Seeing no threats he unslung his now empty duffle bag. Filling his bag with bottled water and bags of chips and candy he eyed the stand.

"What?" the ever observant Kaname asked.

"Stay here," he ordered. "You can lock yourselves in if necessary" he pointed to the drop down screen and then the locks "I'm going to check out the park."

"But we've got enough food and water to last the day," Issei remarked.

"Use the water to clean up," Sagara suggested. "We'll need the food in case we don't make it back to my apartment by tonight. I'm going to see if there's anything around that we can use."

"I've got a signal!" the helmsman proclaimed his voice barely louder than the sound of something pounding on the metal doors to the cabin. "It's Wraith!"

Gritting his teeth, Marducus nodded. "Contact Wraith. Let him know that we're sending him a package."

"Sir, yes, sir."

For a few moments the entire bridge crew waited.

"Ready the escape capsule," the XO ordered.

"The Captain is secure."

"Fire when ready."

"Calculations made," the helmsman stated. "Fire!"

Nodding grimly, the XO watched the monitor before him. "Godspeed."

The stark, colorfully painted park provided little cover for Sagara, forcing him to be all the more cautious as he made his way through the park. Like the others he'd previously come to this particular park, though his own experiences were less merry and gay than theirs. The park's most popular mascot was the adorable giant teddy bear – Bonta-kun. Honestly, Sagara hated the park. Oh, at first it was all fun and games, the possibility of miniature AS units would have revolutionized urban combat, but the faulty OS made communicating between the units difficult. Only the Miami SWAT had purchased a set, and that had been short lived. Okay, there had been one other buyer, but when word of his transaction with one of the local Yakuza families was brought to light he was forced to shut things down. The financial losses didn't end there though as the owners of the Bonta-kun had sued him, or rather his company, for trademark infringement. Yes, they didn't like the fact that an army of Bonta-kuns had been shooting up some of the other Yakuza in the area.

He hadn't even realized that he'd been scowling at the painted image of Bonta-kun until he'd managed to see the mirror that the image had been painted on. Shaking off the odd mood, the scarred teen again scanned the area before moving towards the abandoned games in the midway.

For now they had enough food and water, and they had adequate shelter for now, but if they were going to make it back to his apartment they'd need more weapons. With only two clips left though the guns were more of a liability than an asset as the gunfire drew Them. No, what they needed was something lethal and quiet, or at least quiet enough to not draw too much attention.

Grabbing the hammer from the test of strength game, Sagara headed towards the secluded maintenance shed behind the rest room. Breaking the lock, he rummaged through the tools, picking out anything that could be useful and stuffing them into a duffle bag before turning his attention to the brooms and mops. Taking the sturdiest handles he grabbed three before rushing back out of the shed.

Every moment wasted here was a moment more that They would have to infest the streets and make the trip back to his apartment all the harder.

The gentle ticking of the analog clock was grating to Takahashi's ears as he watched Rei tend to Hisashi's wounds. The lean youth knew what was bound to happen and dreaded every moment of it.


"Huh?" he replied instinctively as he turned to the violet haired speaker.

"Are you thirsty?" Saeko asked as she dangled a bottle of water before him.

"No, I'm alright."

"No, you're not," the kendoka stated. "He's your best friend and she's his girlfriend."

"She's going to hate me," the words brought a bitter taste to his mouth.

"I could"

"No," he interjected.

"She's right though," Saya chimed in. "Things are already rough enough between you and Rei."

Takashi shook his head, "I can't; it's Hisashi."

Before either girl could interrupt again another voice disrupted their conversation. "Takashi?" All three turned to glance at Rei as the brunette focused her attention on them. "Hisashi wants to talk to you."

"Oh, okay." He could feel the warmth draining from his face and body as he calmly walked into the crowded waiting room. Seeing Rei holding Hisashi's hand Takashi swallowed down his unease. He'd hoped that Rei wouldn't be around when it had to be done, but it was proving impossible to separate the couple.

Due to the limited space the second year junior sat against the wall. All around them lay the other infected students.

"You know what you have to do," Hisashi said as he forced himself not to cough.

Again Takashi swallowed. "Yeah."

"I'm sorry Rei."

"Huh?" the clueless brunette exclaimed. "What do you mean?"

"Takashi," the injured boy grit out as he raised his injured arm to his friend "make sure you get her out of here – promise me."

Choking down his own swirling emotions Takashi nodded, "I promise." Gripping his friends hand he could feel just how weak the once steadfast boy had become in such a short period of time.

"Oh," an exacerbated Rei sighed before comprehension sunk in. "Wait, what about you? I'm not going to leave you behind!"

"You know what needs to be done. I'm amazed *cough* that I held on this long."

"What are you saying?" the busty brunette cried out. "It's only a bite!"

"Look around you," hissed Saeko. "Everyone who's been bit died and became one of Them. We've already put down three of Them."

Realization dawned on the brunette. "But, but…"

"We can't just kill the injured," Takashi stated. "They're still alive"

"For now," Saya added.

"Still, it's not right," he said firmly. "We'll have to tie them down for our own safety."

"That's a good idea," seconded Hisashi. "But it's too late for me."

"What! No!" Rei objected.

"Let go of me!" The sudden cry cut their conversation short as everyone turned their attention to the young first year girl as she struggled to free herself from one of Them.

"Shit!" Saya cursed as she scanned the area for anything that could be used as a weapon.

Acting on instinct Saeko rushed over as she swung her bokken down. The sickening sound of breaking bone echoed throughout the room.

"No!" Rei cried out as she sought to further deny the truth of their situation.

"It needed to be done," Saya said, stating the obvious.



A cacophony cries filled the room as other students were suddenly assaulted by their former peers turned into Them.

A firm grip on his own hand kept Takashi from rushing to aid the others. Turning back to face Hisashi he saw the dead look in his friend's eyes. Swinging the bat with his free hand he brought it down on Hisashi's head before ripping his other hand free.

"We have to get out of here," he declared as he eyed the other students that had been bitten. Sharing a glancing look with Saeko he turned his attention to the writhing students.

"Help me evacuate the others," the kendoka ordered as she dragged the other girls out of the room.

The grim task of killing Them went quickly, though perhaps it was because most of Them were freshly turned. Heart pounding, Takashi closed the door as he left the blood splattered room.

"I'm going to need your help clearing a path," Saeko stated as she suddenly appeared before him. "Those cries earlier seem to have drawn some of Them and we can't get everyone out without taking care of Them."

Throat parched, he simply nodded. Taking the lead he stepped out of the nurse's office and scanned the hallways. Motioning towards the three of Them that shambled towards the office from the north Takashi took off running. Three swings felled three of Them clearing the north hallway even as Saeko eliminated the rest of Them in the south end of the hallway.

"If we go this way we can make it down to the teacher's lounge," Saeko explained as she pointed down the hallway.

"This way leads out to the grounds," Takashi countered.

"If we're going to get everyone out of here we're going to need a vehicle for transportation," the slender girl offered in rebuttal. "Shizuka can drive the school's bus if need be."

"Fine," he reluctantly agreed. "I'll check ahead and clear the way."

Before she could object he was already past her, running as silently as he could to the stairs. Blood splattered the passageway, a grizzly reminder of all that had happened already. Cautiously he descended down the stairs, careful not to step on the pools of blood. Reaching the landing he paused as he spotted the shambling feet of a group of Them.

"What do we do?" Saeko whispered.

"I don't know." For a moment the two of them contemplated their options, neither sure what to do. The crowd beneath them was more than either of them could handle. "Why don't I head back to the north stairwell and draw them that way?"

Shaking her head she replied, "Too risky."

"We don't really have any other options."

Rushing back up the stairs and hallway he eyed the fire extinguisher on the wall. Bat in hand he quietly broke the protective glass. Grabbing the canister he continued up the hallway, passing by the ambling injured students. His head down he passed Rei and Saya, unwilling to look at the grieving girl or his other childhood friend. Reaching the stairwell he quietly made his way down to the landing between the two floors. The number of Them gathered at this end of the hallway exceeded his initial expectations, throwing a wrench into his impromptu plan. Even if he could draw them this way he'd need to keep them occupied long enough so as not to notice the others.

Making his way back towards one of the classrooms on the floor he brought several chairs to the stairwell. After several minutes he managed to gather a handful of chairs, placing them by the stair well.

"What the hell are you doing?" Saya demanded.

"There are too many of Them here," he explained between breaths. "I might be able to draw their attention for a while, but I'll need to buy you guys more time."

"So you're going to throw chairs at them while they come up the stairs?"

From the way that she was staring indignantly at him he could tell that she wanted an actual answer and that she hadn't asked a rhetorical question. "It'll buy you guys some time."

"And just how do you plan to get their attention?" she asked mockingly.

Walking down to the middle landing, he peered around the corner,

"You idiot!" she hissed in as soft a tone as possible. "Don't ignore me!"

"I hope this works," he replied. Lifting the canister over his head he took aim at the closest of Them. A mighty heave brought the red canister crashing down onto its head, knocking it down and drawing the attention of the rest of Them around their now fallen peer.

Slowly They began ambling up the steps after him. Rushing up the stairs he glanced at Saya. "Go!"

Without a second thought the pinkette ran south.

Turning his attention back to Them as they came up the stairs he lifted a chair over his head. Tossing it at the first of Them that reached the landing, he began to rain down wood and metal chairs. Several managed to knock down one of Them, which helped, but the true purpose of the chairs was to obstruct Them. Stumbling through the tangled mass of chairs some of Them even impaled themselves on the chair legs, further tangling the mess of Them that tried to force their way up the stairs.

From where he stood he could see Saya reach the other set of stairs. Out of the corner of his eye he watched as the girls began to slowly lead the injured students down the stairs.

"I should have grabbed more chairs," he muttered as he threw down the last chair, striking one of Them squarely on the head. The sickening sound of bone breaking told him that he'd managed to kill that one, but the others behind it were making their way through the tangled mess of chairs. Grabbing his bat, he swung it down on the head of the closet of Them. With the extra reach from the bat and the stairs, he managed to stay out of their reach despite slowly being pushed back up the stairs. Reaching the top he again spotted Saya as she waved at him, signaling that the others had cleared the south stairwell.

One final swipe sent one of Them tumbling back into the others. Running south he reached the second stairwell just as the first of Them reached the top of the stairs. Taking the stairs two or three at a time he quickly reached the ground floor.

"This way!" Saya called out.

Cringing internally he could hear Them turning around at the other stairwell even as he chased after the other students.

"It's crazy out here," Saeko explained as he caught up with them. "It looks like some of the other classes boarded themselves in their rooms."

"We should help them," Takashi stated as he watched Them try to force their way into one of the classrooms.

"There's nothing we can do," the kendoka stated. With handful of injure that they had and only three weapons there was no viable way for them to assist the students trapped in their classroom.

"Looks like They came through this way first," Saya concluded. "We waited too long."

Takashi shook his head. "They came from the front gate, and They made it to the office, so, it does make sense. If we'd come here earlier we'd have been caught up with everyone else that rushed down the stairs. At least we're not that far from the parking lot."

"We need the keys to the bus first," Saya urged. "Takashi, you go with Miss Shizuka to get the keys, we'll look for something to distract Them."

Catching his wind, Takashi escorted the buxom school nurse down the hall of the administrative building. His earlier assumption that They had come this way appeared to be spot on as there were only a few pools of dark, drying blood here.

Tentatively the pair made their way down the hallway, ever aware of any stray shadows or unusual creaking sounds. Peering through the open doorway he tried to see if anyone or anything inhabited the office. Ever mindful of their situation, he pushed the door open.

"No one's here," Shizuka sighed, rushing through the threshold. "Got it!"

Before either could celebrate the minor victory the sound breaking glass interrupted them and drew their attention to the outer windows as and handful of Them tried to force their way into the room. Nothing needed to be said as they hastily retreated to the hallway then made their way to the parking lot.

"There you are," Saya sighed in relief. "We couldn't find anything that might distract them."

"It's alright," Takashi cut in. "You take the others to the bus, I'll provide the distraction." Before anyone could object he'd already made his way through the door.

'They're can definitely see me, but at a distance they won't notice me unless I make some kind of noise or get too close to them,' he surmised as he scanned the parking lot.

They were gathered around the academic buildings, though a few lingered around the back gate where the delinquents usually hung out. Eying the bus, he rushed to the opposite end of the parking lot before climbing atop of a car. Taking a deep breath he swung the bat over his head before bringing it down on the windshield of the tiny red Honda.

A second glance around the lot told him all he needed to know – he'd drawn Their attention. Only the ones trying to break into the classrooms or already chasing someone else weren't focused on him as he prepared to bring the bat down on the broken window.

Perched atop the red Honda he tapped the aluminium bat against the top of the car, drawing more of Them to him even as the other students rushed towards the bus. One eye focused on Miss Shizuka as she unlocked the buss, the other on the slowly advancing horde of Them.

By the time Saeko had the first of the injured students on the bus several of Them were gathered around the Honda. Bringing the bat down on the most threatening one he caved in its skull. More and more of Them surrounded him even as more of the injured students found safety on the bus.

Bashing in the head of one of the Walkers he eyed the Toyota next to him. With more and more of Them circling around the Honda he knew that he couldn't continue to dance around their clutching hands. Leaping to the Toyota he took two quick steps before jumping to the next car. Though They stood over the top of the cars, none of Them were able to navigate around the parked cars as smoothly as he was currently able to.

Hopping from car to car he waited until he'd cleared most of Them before descending to the pavement. Winded from his exertions, he jogged towards the bus even as more students ran from the school building. Unfortunately They had begun to focus on the bus as well as the now running vehicle was quickly filling with students shouting either at the driver or at their peers who were still making their way towards the bus.

Though several retreating students were being harassed by Them, he could see that something or someone was taking care of the threats to the students. A second glance at the bus told him that it was Kohta laying atop of a car who was providing the cover fire for the students.

A relieved smirk formed on his lips as he continued to rush towards the bus. "What are you shooting them with?" he asked as he approached the rotund boy.

"While Saya was looking for something to distract Them with I was looking for things to use as a weapon," the chubby youth stated even as he kept his eyes on those approaching the bus. "I modified this nail gun to use it as a weapon. Too bad I'm starting to run out of nails."

"The bus is filling up," the lean boy stated as he refrained from panting.

Kohta shook his head slightly, "It's already full."

Takashi blinked.

The roar of the bus' engine drew his attention. The students weren't yelling at the survivors to come to the bus, they were yelling to them to not come. The students were shouting at the driver to leave.

"You know," Kohta said as he finally looked up from the approaching students, "it's always the fat guys who go first."

"I won't leave you behind," Takashi stated.

Doors closed, the packed bus rumbled forward, leaving the two boys behind.

"We won't leave you behind either," Saeko said as she emerged from the bus' shadow. Behind her stood Saya, Rei, and the busty Shizuka.

"We'll take my car," Shizuka stated with a grin. "It only seats four but we should be able to squeeze in."


That's it for now. Enjoy.