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"Are you ready?"


"Alright, on three."


"One, Two..."


A white Wolf immediately began sprinting. She jumped up and bit down on a hanging pinecone, yanking it off of the branch and landing back on all-fours.

The red wolf that was watching her began to clap his paws together.

"LILLY, THAT WAS EXCELLENT!" he called out. He ran out to the white Wolf, who dropped the pinecone and hugged him.

"You really think so Garth?" Lilly asked.

"Yes! You caught it with flying colors!" Garth said excitedly. Lilly was hopping up and down with joy. After almost a month, Garth had finally taught Lilly on how to hunt.

"So, does that mean I can try for the real thing?" Lilly asked excitedly. Garth nodded and Lilly squealed with joy. She squeezed Garth in a huge. "I don't know how to repay you." She said as she hugged him.

"Try not to split me in half?" Garth gasped. Lilly giggled and let him go. Garth placed a paw on his chest while he was gasping for air.

"We...will...start...Tomorrow." Garth breathed out. "God Lilly, how is it that your hugs can kill?" he asked.

"Mmm, family trait, I guess..." Lilly replied, shrugging. They both smiled at each other and began walking back to their den.

When they got there, they saw a golden-furred wolf next to a group of fur balls that were laughing and rolling over each other.

"Hey kids." Garth greeted. The pups froze and looked up at him.

"DAD!" they all yelled. He was instantly tackled by the four of them.

"Hi mom." Lilly said happily. The gold wolf looked up at Lilly with a straight face.

Lilly sighed.

"What's did they do this time?" Lilly said flatly.

"Well, they were actually pretty well behaved, except for when Dalton kept trying to attack Liz." Eve said.

"Yeah, he's been doing that a lot lately, I really don't know why." Lilly sighed. She perked back up. "Anyway, guess what?" Lilly asked, trying to contain her excitement.

"What's?" Eve asked.

"GARTH TAUGHT ME TO HUNT!" Lilly yelled, hugging her mom. "He's going to take me to hunt my first caribou tomorrow morning."

"That's great!" Eve said enthusiastically.

She looked at Garth with a 'really?" expression. He nodded as a reply.

"She was better than expected." Garth said just as surprised. "She's almost as good as I am."

"Well, she did have the option to be an alpha, but she declined." Eve said. She looked outside. "Well, if you two really are hunting tomorrow, then you should probably try to get as much sleep as possible, it's getting late."

One of the pups gasped.

"Both of you are hunting tomorrow?" he asked.

"Yes Gabe, and after I can hunt, we'll teach you how to hunt." Lilly answered. She noticed that two of the pups had left. She walked out to the entrance and hollered "LIZ, EMILY, GET YOUR BUTTS IN HERE!" Garth flinched at Lilly's voice, and Eve grinned proudly.

Two white pups ran back into the den. Lilly sighed and did a face-palm.

"Why do you two always trying to sneak out?" Lilly asked. The pups held their heads down. "Anyway, We're going to bed now, so say goodnight to Eve."

The pups smiled and ran over To Eve and said their goodbyes. As Eve began to walk away, Lilly walked up to her. She was about to speak but Eve held her paw up.

"Let me guess, you need me to watch them tomorrow." She predicted. Lilly nodded.

"How'd you know?"

"Well, you need someone to watch them while you hunt." Eve said as she hugged Lilly. "Now go get some sleep."

Lilly walked back into her den, where Garth and her pups were lying down, waiting. She joined them and quickly fell asleep, with all of her new family at her side.

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