Hello all.

I know you guys and girls were probably expecting an update with this update, but unfortunately, this is no new chapter.

But this is an announcement.

Until Further notice; OutCast, White Demon, and Allied Front will be temporarily discontinued.

I have a severe case of writers block on all of these stories, and I don't want to force myself into pushing out a horribly written and cheaply edited chapter. If I ever do push out an update, I want it to meet my standards of writing (which weren't good to begin with).

But, on a lighter note, I do have some new story Ideas coming soon. I also have some brainstorming going on for some stories in the My Little Pony section on this site, and on FimFiction. it'll most likely be Coffin Rock ported over. But I'll spare ya'll the details.

So, while you guys may not get any new updates from me, you'll definitely be getting some new content from me soon.

I also want to apologize for my year+ absence. It wasn't right for me to leave you guys in the dark like that. But I'm back, and I don't intend on leaving anytime soon.

-Sam Wolfe, a.k.a Samsonite, a.k.a themikmik, a.k.a PureNexus. (jesus balls, I really need to stop changing my penname)