A/N: Well, you've probably noticed, but I've began to talk in computer language, so here's a crash-course on some basic terms:

echo (DOS, Windows 1.0-7); tells the computer to read-out its commands.

echo off (DOS, Windows 1.0-7) ; tells the computer to stop reading-out its commands.

# (Unix, Debian); initiates bash shell interface.

su (Unix, Debian); gives the current user permissions to modify system components.

This has been A brief computer crash-course.

Lilly woke up quietly. Before she could even yawn, she felt a pair of eyes boring into her soul.

She already knew who it was.

"Are you staring at me?" she asked. There was a brief silence before she got a reply.

"Yes, why yes I am. Problem?"

Lilly turned around to see her mate, looking at her lovingly.

"Nope." She whispered as she liked his cheek. "Something, when are we going?"

"When your mom gets here, we can't leave these guys alone... Again." Garth answered.

Lilly shrugged and cuddled next to Garth for a good fifty minutes before Eve walked in. They both began to walk out of the den, Lilly ran over to Eve quickly.

"We'll be gone for about two hours." She said. She gave Eve a hug before she rejoined Garth and they began walking to the hunting grounds.

Garth scanned the area, and quickly found Lilly a suitable caribou. He pointed it out to Lilly, who also saw it. It was a younger one that was alone in the center of the field.

Lilly quietly and quickly snuck up to the animal, who didn't acknowledge her presence.

She got into the position that Garth taught her, she lowered herself to where her stomach area was barely touching the ground. She stretched her legs into the perfect position to allow her to spring.

Before she sprang forward something caught her eye. She thought she saw another wolf stalking the same caribou she was aiming for, but she assured herself that it was just a figment of her imagination.

Bad Mistake.

The caribou turned to her right, giving the perfect opportunity to Lilly.

She sprang forward and began sprinting towards the unsuspecting caribou. As she was sprinting, she thought she heard someone else running towards her, but she pushed the thought out of her mind.

She jumped and opened her jaws, Lilly was now a white missile, flying towards her first kill. Nothing is going to stop her.

Lilly saw the caribou only inches away. Lilly shut her eyes, preparing for impact.

Another Big mistake.

She felt the caribou's neck in her mouth, which she immediately slammed shut. She felt the warm blood flow through her mouth. She felt slightly sickened at the thought of killing another living thing, but she wanted the pride of hunting for others.

The caribou stopped struggling and she let it go. She turned around to Garth's direction and opened her eyes expecting to see her mate running towards her with joy.

Garth was running towards her, but not with joy. His face was twisted with horror. Lilly was confused on what was wrong with Garth.

She looked at her kill and gasped.

It wasn't a caribou.

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