Moana Kamali'I (The Ocean's Children)
Author: Dreamwind
Rating: R (for now)
Status: WIP
Relationship: Steve McGarret/Danny "Danno" Williams
Disclaimer: I do not own any version of the Hawaii Five-O (2010) series. I make no profit from this work of fiction.
Tropes: AU-Mermaids, AU-High School
Warnings: Violence, Angst, M/M, Season 1 spoilers
The one where Danno is really a mermaid in disguise…wait did I say mermaid. I meant merman. Or…Merman Danno goes to Hawaii.


At thirteen the world felt as if it was full of endless opportunities just waiting for you to reach out and grab them. So much promise and wonder at what was waiting ahead, what he could have if only he could grab it. It was like an expensive silk tapestry in a museum, safely hidden behind the glass. He felt as if his own age was that glass denying him the opportunity to reach out and touch the tapestry, to touch his own future. He hated that. That feeling as if you were being limited in who and what you could be. Maybe that was why when Mirabelle had asked him to sneak out after dark and go down to the beach he had agreed rather than saying 'no' and convincing her to go back home.

He had known Mirabelle for as long as he could remember. Like his own family hers rented a tiny bungalow for a month down at the Shore every summer. It felt like an escape when he was little. A chance to play in the sun and the water that he couldn't see during the rest of the year, when his world was nothing more than steel and concrete buildings and sharp, loud noises. A chance to make friends with people who didn't go to school with him and know that he was Frank Williams' son. Here he could be Danny of the limitless opportunities.

So they had climbed out of his window, down the trellis and snuck off into the night. About a block away from the rental house they finally found an empty street. Danny had smiled at Mirabelle and accepted her hand as she reached for his. She was younger a year older than him but still one of the few girls he knew who was shorter than him. It made him feel good to be the tall one for once. Like he was strong enough to protect her from all the dangers their parents kept warning them about. He hadn't really taken much notice of her backpack or the fact that she was dressed up in a lovely sundress. He was far too excited about being daring enough to sneak out under his parents watch. They had walked hand in hand down to a deserted section of the beach, bypassing several groups of teenagers before settling in.

They had talk for a bit about inconsequential things before Mirabella had opened her backpack and revealed the large bottle of scotch she had brought with her. Danny had been startled at first because he had never really given alcohol much thought and now being here with a bottle of it at hand, he found it hard not to wonder. So when she opened it and handed it to him he only paused briefly before putting it to his lips and talking a deep drink. He had gagged, letting out a wheezing gasp as the burning liquid slid down his throat. He wasn't at all sure that he liked it. Scowling at the bottle he had handed it back to her and watched as she took several long drinks. He was impressed a bit that she seemed to have no problem with the alcohol and, feeling his manhood threatened, had taken the bottle back to drink some more.

It didn't take long for them to become drunk.

He was only grateful that it was dark out and that no one noticed the two of them become drunk on the scotch she had stolen from her Father's liquor cabinet. It also turned out to be handy for other reasons. Because of that she didn't remember that they had both decided to try their hand at skinny-dipping. They had struggled in their drunkenness to get out of their cloths and both had fallen ass overhead into the sand on more than one occasion. He had giggled as she blushed tomato red as he shucked off his pants. He was sure she had never seen a naked boy before and he had certainly never seen a naked girl before. He almost had once when he found his Father's old Playboy's under the bed, while he was searching out Christmas presents, but his Mother had found him and tugged him out of the room by his ear. So like Mirabella he knew he was blushing, but it was more from embarrassment than any kind of arousal. He knew there was something wrong with that. The health teacher at school had gone over puberty and sex with the class for over a week, so he knew he was supposed to feel something when looking at Mirabella.

To hide the knot of confusion that was forming in his belly, Danny had grabbed her hand and pulled her up onto her feet. With a devious grin he called out a dare to her to be the first into the water. Shrieking a challenge she charged down to the water alongside him. Both of them had cried out in drunken surprise at the first touch of the cold water lapping at their feet. Not to be outdone, Danny had thrown her another challenging look and charged further into the water, tripping over his own feet. Danny opened his mouth in surprise, swallowing a mouthful of saltwater as he was pulled under by a wave. For an eternity it was impossible to tell which direction was up and Danny found himself desperately trying to find his was back to the surface as the air in his lungs ran out. Swallowing more water Danny froze as sharp needle like tingling surged up from the soles of his feet and up over his ribs. Suddenly the dark blackness of the water had depth and color, it's he could see light filtering down from above him. Realizing he had been swimming to the bottom instead of to the surface Danny spun around, vaguely aware that there was something different about him. He rushed upwards, fear fueling him as his lower body propelled him up out of the depths. The image of his own body was burned onto the back of his eyelids. The iridescent ice blue of the tail that had been his legs and gills along his ribs was perhaps more startling than nearly drowning.

Mirabelle was not far from him, her nude body dripping wet as if she had been pulled under as well. Danny hardly noticed her though. He had been too panicked at the first sight of the webbing between his fingers. While he hovered in the deeper water she tried to swim out to him and in her drunken state nearly drowned as she passed out in the water because of it. Fortunately he had been startled enough by her sinking into the dark water in front of him that he snapped out of the shock of seeing that first change and had dove under after her. It wasn't until they had made it back onto the beach that he had gotten a really good look at the drastic changes that had struck him upon nearly drowning.

His tail was long, nearly a foot longer than his legs were and so very pale colored that the scales practically glowed under the moonlight. At his hips two other fins flopped around useless out of the water. They reminded him a little of the fins on the sides of fish or the ones that whales had. They certainly were sturdier and larger than the fragile looking fins of a fish even if they did more closely resemble a fish's fin than a whale's. At his pelvis were two slits in his flesh, almost looking like knife wounds but with no pain emanating from them. He hoped that maybe his dick was retracted inside his body like a whales and not just gone, because he had only recently learned about the pleasurable things it could do and he didn't want to lose that. For a while laying there he could almost convince himself that he was drunk too and dreaming all of this. Maybe they had passed out and the skinny-dippy and the turning into a fucking fish-man was all a nightmare produced by too much scotch on a nearly empty stomach?

He stayed there laying in the sand at her side for almost an hour before he started to feel a tingling sensation in the long tail only to find the scales were receding and shifting back into his normal looking legs. At his side his breath stuttered for a moment as the gills sealed shut against his ribs. He could still just make out a think line, almost like a scar that had faded over many long years, where the gills had been. At his pelvis his penis began to push out of the top slit and on his hands the webbing sank back into the skin and vanished. It was suddenly like it really had been a dream and at some point he truly fell asleep only to wake up near dawn. He was still naked and laying on the sand, but Mirabelle had rolled closer at some point and was draped half on top of him. Embarrassed and slightly aroused by the lingering touch of the waves lapping at them, he pushed her off and ran over to where their clothes were, grateful they hadn't been pulled out in the waves.

That was the last time he went in the water.