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Summary: A month after the battle, the Whitlocks, Denali's, The Pack and rest think it's finally over. But little do they know that something bigger is on the horizon and gunning for them.

Ra: M

Bella POV

It's been a month and everyone is back at home, we stayed on the island for another week until I along with the elders got home sick. Jasper and I had learnt that we indeed loose someone in the battle, we lost Esme and Carlisle. Though not many people cared for Carlisle but no matter what Esme will always be missed and loved, the island was now Rosalie's as she was the one Esme left it to along with half the Cullen fund while Esme's personal money went to the Whitlock coven. That was a huge fucking shock in general to not only me and Jasper but to Pete and Char and the remaining two Cullen's.

"Bella!" my eyes went to Emily who was glowing with joy, my eyes widened and I dropped the gardening tools and ran to her. I could hear the soft heart thumping in her stomach just slightly faster than her own.

"OH my gosh Emily congrats!" I squeal and she stops to look at me strangely.

"What? I came to tell you that I finally got my business license and can now open up a bakery. What are you talking about?" she asks and I felt my eyes widened, I quickly pick her up gently earning a squeal and ran to find Sam. They had been trying for years to make a baby and I'll be damn that I will miss this, Angela was ready to pop any day now and the pack was going nuts with excitement as this will be the first Pack pup and I could tell Sam and Em are taking it hard.

"SAM!" I holler breaking the door down in my excitement, the boys jumped up snarling looking behind me for any sign of threat causing me to laugh.

"Sorry, but I have something to tell you" I rush out while putting Emily down and pulling Sam over. Paul looked at me weirdly before giving Jay and Pete a look of confusion, Pete was grinning while Jasper shrugged just as confused.

"What is it? If it's about the license I know that, hard to miss when the misses screams her lungs out in joy" he utters the last part to my mate and brother earning a glare from me.

"NO!" I hiss at him so Emily couldn't hear and smiled.

"You're going to be a father" I say sweetly and his laughter stops short as he gapes at me Em's surprised gasp fills the air as one hand flies to her mouth the other her stomach. As all was silent you could hear the flutter of the heart in her womb, instantly Em was up in the air as Sam twirled her around happily.

"We're gonna have a baby!" he yelled joyous before pulling Em into a scorching kiss. I smiled and left the house with Jay and Pete behind me, they deserved to celebrate and with a little help from my mate they would be. I got him to send them some lust and we raced away to tell the others not to go over as Sam and Emily are otherwise preoccupied.

"Bella?" my eyes flickered to Pete, I instantly told Jay to go on home while I talked to my brother.

"What's up Peter?" I asked concerned as I properly looked at him, something deep within was chewing at him.

"I don't know but can you promise me something?" he asks seriously and I nodded "No Bella I need you to seriously promise me something! GIVE ME YOUR WORD AS MIMITEH!" he yelled the last one angrily and scared, I felt the inner calm wash over me and the world become vibrant with life as I let my beast take over.

"Speak Captain" I order standing, watching as he fell to his knees, looking up pleadingly he took my hands.

"Please if something were to happen to me promise me, promise me you'll look after Charlotte" he begged and pleaded as he sobbed at my feet.

"I swear it to you as your leader, mistress, mother, sister, daughter" I utter to him before shutting myself back to Bella.

I pulled Peter into me as he cried, I didn't know what to think or say so I just simply held him as he thanked me over and over again.

"What is it Peter?" I ask lifting his chin so his eyes would meet mine.

"My gift is telling me things Isa, something big is coming and people will be hurt" he whispers to me and looks away.

"Have you told Jay? Eleazer? Sam? Char?" I ask mentioning the leaders of our family and then his mate, it was important and stated by Eleazer that if his gift gives him something, anything he was to report it to all of us instantly, he shook his head no and sobbed. I wasn't mad, I was too concerned to be mad and pulled out my phone and dialled Eleazer.

"Queen Isa what do I owe the pleasure of you calling?" I rolled my eyes at the nickname, ever since he pledged his alliance with me and assumed I was this prophecy he's been calling me Queen this or your majesty.

"Eleazer, I need you and the family to come down…" I told him seriously as I held Pete; this shit must be bad if he's still this upset.

"What happened?" he asks quickly, all playfulness gone from his voice.

"Pete's shut down, somethin' bad's comin' Eli, you need to be here like yesterday" I ushered out quickly and hung up, swinging a now immobilized Peter in my arms. We fucking can't catch a break; we finally get some peace and what happens? THIS! My brother is now what you would say, numb and some fucking big shit is flying our way!

I kicked the door of my house in causing everyone to jump at the noise; they froze as they saw me and Peter. Charlotte screamed before ripping her mate away from me and trying to get him to respond.

"HAS ANYONE noticed Peter's edginess the last few days? HAS ANYONE even asked if his gift had given him info?" I snarl as I place a hand on my sobbing sister, everyone shook their heads no and my mate rushed to my side.

"What happened?" His voice was rough with emotion.

"He broke down and told me something big was coming our way" I told him, leaving out the promise I made him.

"I need to talk to Belle for a minute, we'll be back soon" my mate drawls before pulling me out the door, when safe enough away he turned me to face him.

"Now are you going to tell me what you didn't tell all of us back there or what?" he growls out angrily while he paced.

"He made me promise to look after Char, he made Mimiteh promise" I stressed to him causing him to stop and look at me wide eyed.

"He what?" shock and fucking complete horror washed over his features, everyone had learnt that my beast, my warrior spirit was not to be messed with and for Peter to demand a promise from her like that… we all knew it was serious.

"Does he know what is going to happen to him?" he whispers coming to a stop, my mate looks tired and looks as if he has aged ten years. With everything that had happened and now with everything to come Jay and I have pretty much been the go too people in our family and the Pack.

"Not exactly, he told me something big was coming and that a lot of people will be hurt. Jay I'm worried, when you told me about Carlisle something didn't sit right with me. I don't know Jay but I want everyone to start training again, Sam and Jake MUST stay out of this too, I want them far far away from this shit storm" I tell him my hands pulling my hair in frustration.

"I agree, let's get back. We need to ring Luce and Eleazer" he huffs out in a sigh.

"Just Luce, I called Eleazer before I brought Pete back." He nods and takes off towards home; I hope Pete is okay by the time we get back. Peter to Jay was like Paul to me, we just had that emotional connection to each other, connected by soul.

When we reached back to the house my living room was destroyed as Char stood protectively over her mate, Eleazer was sprawled out near the window looking bewildered as everyone hid in the foyer.

"Someone better explain fast why the FUCK my living room is destroyed AGAIN!" I snarl, I'm so sick of this shit, why can't it be someone else's house for once? First it was Tanya and then it was Emmett and some of the boys with pranks, then it was a fight with the two new pack mates phasing, now this.

"Char is running on instinct now, Pete's hurt and Eleazer could help in some way but if anyone got remotely close they got thrown and bitten." Ben sighed out from his spot on the stairs with Tia, they both looked bored in fact but I knew they were enjoying this. Sighing Jay pushed calm through the room and most of it hit Char full on. She slumped slightly before shaking it off, I pushed my shield out around her and held her there while I moved Pete away, she snarled and struggled all she wants but she's not getting out.

"You better hurry Eleazer because I need Pete fixed." I hiss as my eyes stayed focus on Charlotte.

"He's still here; I can still see his power… But I can't fix him, something tells me he needs to be like this till he finishes sorting the information his gift has given" he said with remorse as he looked at Char. I hissed in agitation and lifted Char off the ground before walking out back, everyone followed in confusion and curiosity and I cursed the skies above.

I opened the hatch in the floor and dropped Charlotte in, she hissed and screamed at me as she banged and tried to crawl up the metal walls but she wouldn't be able to.

"I made it before everyone got here, its vampire proof and won't be able to get out. Now someone better fucking clean my house up and someone find some blood for her or I will lock every single one of you fuckers who thought it would be smart to try and take a wounded mate off of her" I snarl out, Emmett, Garrett and Andre raced off quickly to the lounge room. My brows raised at the last name but smiled as I saw Andre come out with blood bags for Char, it's a good thing someone thought of these, oh wait it was Peter. With a sigh I chuck them down and shut the hatch with a loud bang while covering it with dirt, I'll be able to tell when she has calmed down enough to talk to.

"Now get out of my sight, I want some time with Jay" instantly everyone was gone and the rubble from my lounge room was outside in a pile. I turn my eyes to Jay who stood waiting with his arms stretched out and a smirk that always made me fuzzy inside.

"Come Darlin' you still need to save a horse."

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