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Bondage Slave: Harry (Part One)


Severus Snape entered the room with a slowness one only saw with a feline grace, his deep, onyx orbs moving to land on the form of one Mr. Harry Potter. The young man was splayed out on Sev's bed, the black silken covers crumpled under his nude form, the lovely, pale white skin rippling from the fine, lithe muscles. As he moved into the room, his own nude form was blasted with a gentle wind, leaving goosebumps on his skin. His eyes noticed the silken cords that forced Potter's arms and legs to be spread-eagle upon the bed, his lids narrowing in satisfaction at having his submissive prepared so perfectly upon his bed. He was distinctly reminded to thank Lucius, who knelt in the corner of the room, his grey eyes towards the ground. Of course, Lucius (Malfoy) Snape was forgotten as he turned his attention back to Harry.

When he spoke, he noticed a hitch in the young man's breathing, and a smirk made itself known on his thin lips, "Ah, Potter… you look…very edible, laying on my bed like that." A soft whimper was heard, and he kept up his feline-stalking towards his bed, where he allowed the edge to dip as he sank onto his left knee. He extended his right hand, and as he bent over Harry's form, blew a soft stream of warm air at Harry's already peaked nipples, the soft, rosy buds hardening even more than they were, causing Harry to gasp, arching up into the ghosting breath. Severus simply chuckled darkly, "What do you want, Harry? Do you want my hand to touch you, to bring you to orgasm? Or would you rather I was pinning you down, thrusting my own cock into your tight arse?" With a shudder, Harry turned his head from Severus' voice, a soft moan escaping him.

Taking the moan as a yes, Severus brought his hand up to splay over Harry's chest, his thumb resting against Harry's peaked nipple, rubbing the areola with a soothing gesture. Harry's moans faded to soft whimpers and gasps, as Severus' form moved to straddle Harry's waist; Descending, Severus latched greedily onto Harry's left nipple, while pinching delicately at the right. Harry whimpered, arching up into the touch as Snape began to suckle tenderly at his nipple.

"..S-sev'rus..m-more!" Harry shuddered, arching into the touch; Severus obliged him, nipping at the tender bud he had previously been torturing, before he licked a gentle path from his left to right nipple, and latched onto the achingly hard nub, sucking, licking and nipping. Each caress made Harry emit another delicious sound, urging Severus on. Whilst the older man brought Harry to full erection, the length painfully hard, Severus curled his long thin fingers around the penis that was currently pressing into his lower belly. A gasp, then a moan as Severus began to let his hand glide up and down upon the erection, he left Harry's nipples and chest as he drifted upwards to lick gently at the boy's throat; Harry's breath hitched again, as he nibbled lightly, finding immediately Harry's sweet-spot, the spot that made him shudder in pleasure, moan and his hips arched upwards, trying to gain some friction. He heard a low growl from Lucius, and glanced at the blonde man, his eyes narrowing as he found the man touching himself. With a deep growl of his own, Severus began to stroke Harry's cock more roughly than he intended, which drew a distressed whimper from the boy under him.

"Lucius," Severus hissed softly, dangerously, "Come here, pet, since you seem so eager tonight," Lucius rose and obediently entered his Master's bed, careful to kneel so no punishment would be needed. As Snape levelled him a pointed look, Luc knew what to do and went to line himself up behind Severus. Harry, who had been watching the exchange as Severus continued to work him thoroughly, whimpered, knowing what was coming.

Severus smiled, slowing his pace to keep Harry from reaching his orgasm, as he felt the thick, blunt tip of Luc's own rock-hard erection push into the tight ring of his arse; A low, guttural groan was forced from Lucius' throat, as Severus pushed himself back against the older blonde. Both were watching the youngest male's face, and when he flushed, Severus let go of Harry's hard, aching cock to brace his hands on either side of the boy's ribcage. He bent his head and pressed his cold lips to Harry's warmth, and felt Lucius grip his hips, pushing them both down onto Harry's form; Within moments, Lucius was sliding out till just the tip was waiting inside Snape's passage, and slowly, was pushed back into the hilt.

With each slow thrust of Luc's cock into Severus' arse, Sev gently but roughly nibbled at the sensitive spots of Harry's body. Instinctively, knowing Harry was desperate for some kind of friction, he urged Lucius to allow him to settle firmly between his little pet's thighs, to slide his thickness against that of Harry's own. Harry, having not expected that, arched upwards with a gasp of "S-sev'rus – O-oh!"

"Lucius-" Severus moaned softly, urging Lucius to thrust with a faster pace. Of course, once the control was given to Lucius, Luc teased and fucked thoroughly. So as Severus was urging him on, Lucius was denying it to lean forward, draping himself against the Master's back, each thrust slapping Lucius deeply into the man he had fallen in love with.

Severus, knowing what Luc was doing, let go of Harry's cock, a helpless whimper of protest echoing in his ears as he brought himself to rest ontop of the younger man; His arms moved to slide up Harry's side, then took the dip and slid behind the raven-haired beauty to stop at the slightly protruding shoulder-blades. The man with the onyx coloured mane dropped his forehead to the raven-haired boy's shoulder, gasping and shuddering as he rolled his hips, grinding roughly into the boy beneath him. The man on top of him growled, urging his hips with more force into the man under him, each deep stroke making all three men groan. Luc, with several more forced, deep thrusts arched his back, driving himself as deep as possible into Severus' body and came with a low moan.

Lucius shuddered, his thrusts powerful and dominant. As he slowed his movement, Severus lifted himself from Harry's shoulder and, looking down at the young boy, crushed his lips into a forceful, bruising kiss against Harry's. A soft, strangled moan was given from the submissive, and his dominant relished it. Keeping the kiss as rough as possible, Severus gently trailed his hands down to cup his sub's arse, which lifted obediently for him. Harry shivered, in anticipation, as the long fingers of his Master went lower and gently began to probe at his virgin anal canal.

Lucius, as their master continued his ministrations, gently withdrew from Snape's body, and went to clean himself. As he returned, a look from Severus and he knew to bend himself downwards, his lips parting willingly to take the younger submissive into his moist cavern. His tongue gently lapped at Harry's cock, taking the full erection and turning Harry into a quivering mass of Harry-shaped goo. Each gentle touch, each lick, had Harry moaning softly. All, while Severus pushed one finger into him. As the finger began to pump into Harry, the plump lower lip became caught between Harry's teeth, as he forgot how to function correctly. Lucius' tongue toyed at the extremely sensitive spot where his balls and cock met, before running up the vein on the underside of his cock, to lick gently at the head of Harry's dick.

Greeted with soft moans and whimpers of the boy under them, Severus pushed two more into him, causing him to whine with distress, followed with a groan of pleasure, "S-sev'rus…p-p-please, I-I can't s-stand it…m-more!"

Grinning, Severus withdrew his fingers and took his place between Harry's thighs. As he lined his cock up with Harry's tender entrance, he told Lucius to back away (which he did), and told the boy very gently that he had to relax. He then slowly eased the head of his cock into the tight, un-stretched rings of Harry's arse, which upon the attempt to enter, tightened around Severus' cock. Sev moaned softly, easing himself in deeper. Each slight thrust of his hips brought a whimper of pain from Harry. Half-way in, reaching the thickest part of Severus' width, and Severus completed his last thrust before stilling his hips. A cry of pain at the action erupted from Harry, tears springing to his glassy green eyes.

Harry's head tossed side-to-side for several moments as he whined, mewled and whimpered, Severus gently pressing kisses to his forehead, cheeks and lips, murmuring soft, calming words to soothe the boy. His hips squirmed, trying to become accustomed to the feeling of Severus inside him, while his eyes screwed themselves shut to avoid watching the lust-filled gaze of the Potions Master. Severus simply waited him out, until his movements stilled. Then, gently draped himself on top of the Gryffindor, with his arms moving to slide under him to come back upwards, the smooth, unmarred skin of his forearms (except his Dark Mark) pressed firmly into Harry's back as his fingers curled to grip at Harry's shoulders, the former Slytherin began to move in a slow but steady pace. Harry's anal muscled tightened as he whined softly, trying to escape the feeling of the thickness inside him. As he arched, trying to lift his hips, he realized his mistake. Severus growled deeply, possessively, and quickened his pace; Harry whimpered slightly lowered, as the pain ebbed away into pleasure.

Each whimper brought Severus to a new level of desire, making him tilt and cant his hips every which way until Harry cried out, arching his spine and hips, having seen stars from that wonderful spot Severus had unknowingly found in him. Sev, however, drew back his hips, smirking down at his little sub, before pushing forward into him at the same angle, roughly pounding into his prostrate. Harry screamed, thrashing madly under Sev, as the man continued to assault him.

"S-Sev'rus!" Harry cried, arching up. Each delicious thrust of Sev's hips brought him closer to completion, as he moaned. Sev's hips pinioned deeply, making him mewl and tug at the bonds which held him fast. His hands clenched and unclenched above his head, his cock rubbing fiercely at Snape's belly.

"Yes, Potter?" Severus growled, his thrusts quickening and becoming deeper, "What do you want, boy?" He roughly moved his hips in a circular motion, causing Harry to mewl and whimper whilst he squirmed at the same time.

"P-please, Sev'rus..m-m-more," Harry whimpered, his muscles becoming stiff. Severus noticed this, and forced himself to move faster, deeper inside the boy. A short moment later, Harry screamed as he came, thick, milky-white streams of his come shooting from the tip of his cock. As the dominant continued, Harry lay panting. But could feel himself building up again.

Neither lasted much longer, as Harry came a second time, Snape following quickly, each with shouts as Severus released deep inside Harry. A long, drawn out moan from Harry, who was tossing his head and rolling his hips at the pleasure; a deep, possessive growl from Severus who lay draped over Harry, sweat dripping from both of them.

It took some time before Severus was able to speak, but when he did, Lucius made sure he was listening:

"Lucius, come untie Harry, then go to your room. I will follow quickly," Severus ordered, still sounding breathless.

Lucius obeyed instantly.

With a soft, tender kiss to the boy's brow, Severus withdrew from his heat, causing the trembling boy to shudder at the loss. A soft chuckle, and Severus was slipping from the room, leaving to lock Lucius in his room.

After an hour, Lucius was sitting in a corner, whimpering and shuddering from the whipping he had received. He also trembled, not daring to look at the pale, nude figure that stood above him, whip in hand. Long, thick penis erect and dripped pre-cum.

"M-master, please f-forgive me.. Y-yours only d-did w-what was a-asked, M-master..p-please," Lucius whispered, his body aching.

Severus Snape was not a tolerant man. Therefore, as he sneered, Lucius was seriously afraid of his Master.