Part IX

"You are a minx," Ciara declared, poking Bo in the side as she snuck up behind the succubus at the Dal. "Both of them? I can't believe I had to hear it from Dyson! How could you not tell me?" she asked scowling at Bo as she leaned against the bar beside her.

"It's still new," Bo said blushing a little which made Ciara smile affectionately. "We just wanted the honeymoon phase to last for a little while longer, but then Kenzi found out and now we're like trending on Twitter," Bo said shaking her head. "But yeah … the both of them," she continued looking up at Ciara as a little smile touched her lips.

"Not to be indelicate, but ... how?" Ciara asked curiously, looking away from Bo for a second to order before she turned her full attention back the brunette.

"What exactly do you mean by 'how'?" Bo asked arching an eyebrow at Ciara.

"How did it happen?'" Ciara said, rolling her eyes at Bo.

"I don't even know really," Bo sighed shaking her head, pausing for just a second to take a sip of her drink. "We were just hanging out and …"

"You were just checking Nadia out," Ciara supplied helpfully.

"Yes," Bo replied making a face at Ciara. "And I don't know, I guess they had a talk about it or something, though I can't imagine how that conversation started considering how god awkward the talk Lauren and I had was," Bo said shaking her head. "I think ... I mean, Nadia knew about me and Lauren and I guess once she and I started to be friends it sparked some kind of idea in her."

"So you think it was Nadia that proposed it," Ciara inquired sliding a bit closer to Bo.

"Had to have been," Bo replied immediately. "Lauren wouldn't have."

"Too straight-laced?" Ciara asked.

"No," Bo said, smiling a little as she shook her head. "I mean she's in a threesome-ship with a succubus. Lauren's no square," Bo continued and Ciara smirked then nodded her head. That was true enough. "Too guilty," Bo breathed out a few seconds later and Ciara nodded again. "I don't know, I just … I didn't see this coming," Bo continued, "I mean, a threesome-ship, who would? But I'm a succubus, and even if I had been with Lauren I couldn't have just been with Lauren," Bo went on, "so all being together sounded like a pretty good idea."

"And has it been?"

"So far," Bo murmured and then she rapped on the wooden bar top with her knuckles. "It wasn't so long ago that I couldn't fathom having a girlfriend, so having two is … well, it's more than a dream come true. I thought I would spend my whole life alone, running ... and now I wake up in bed next to two beautiful women, so yeah," Bo smiled, "Definitely good."

"And the sex?" Ciara asked leaning closer to Bo.

Bo laughed and shot back the rest of her drink.

"How long do you have?" Bo asked and Ciara laughed, then rested her chin in the palm of her hand, focused her eyes on Bo, and breathed out, "As long as it takes."


It wasn't quite eleven when Nadia and Lauren sidled up to the bar to inquire if Bo was ready to go. It was an early end to the night but Lauren was tired and once they got home it would be a while before she'd actually be able to fall asleep. They'd been together for weeks at this point, but they still couldn't get enough of each other and almost every night they had found themselves in bed together, naked, sweaty, and very happy.

"Wait," Kenzi declared when Bo tipped back the last of her beer and prepared to leave with Lauren and Nadia. "How I do get home?" she asked whining. "Man, this threesome-ship blows," she complained. "It's not fair. I wish I loved anything as much as Bo loves vag. It was bad enough when it was just Hot Pants. How the hell am I supposed to compete with two of vajajays?" she moaned dropping her head down onto her folded arms. "I'm gonna have to start hitch-hiking home," she mumbled into her arm. "I'm gonna have to start dressing sensibly. Fudgesicles! Winter is not playing around this year."

Bo looked between Kenzi and Nadia and Lauren suddenly torn. She hadn't thought about what Kenzi would do if she left with Lauren and Nadia. It was the first time they'd all been out together since Kenzi had gotten back and Bo hadn't thought about how her presence would change the logistics of things.

Ciara saw the conflicted look on Bo's face and took pity on her.

"I'll take Kenzi home," Ciara offered graciously. "Go on," she said to Bo. "Take leave with your ladies."

"British accents. So delightful," Kenzi sighed as Bo walked over to where Lauren and Nadia were standing. "You know, looking at you now I think I feel what Bo feels when she looks at you," Kenzi continued mostly to herself but speaking out loud as she had a tendency to do. "Kind of warm in the crotch area," she whispered loudly as her hand gestured at her lap.

Bo frowned when the words fell from Kenzi's lips and Ciara smiled.

"Shut up, Kenzi," Bo muttered noticing Lauren and Nadia exchange a smiles.

"What?" Kenzi said. "Like nobody's noticed," she continued incredulously. "Hearing you talk about going shopping with her was like watching you masturbate," Kenzi declared, and three sets of eyes turned to look at Bo.

"She's not," Bo began, smiling awkwardly. "She doesn't know what she's talking about," she continued uncomfortably, looking around at the women who surrounded her. "She's never seen me masturbate," Bo continued, trying to explain.

Hale had been walking up to the group of women when Bo spoke, and upon hearing her sentence he shook his head and said, "Nope. I'mma try back later," and spun on his heel and turned back in the direction he came from.

Bo sighed dejectedly then looked over at Lauren.

"Can we please go now?"

Nadia opened her mouth to say something, but before she could say anything Lauren said, "Don't," and Nadia bit back whatever it was going to say.

Lauren turned to look at Bo, her eyes softening and her heart swelling with love as she took in Bo's hangdog expression.

"Come on, babe," Lauren breathed out, holding out her hand to Bo.

"You know," Kenzi said thoughtfully, "I kind of get why everyone wants in those pants when she's all softly gentlemen-like."

Lauren opened her mouth to respond but Bo said, "Don't," and as Nadia snickered softly, Lauren clamped down on her response.

"Goodnight ladies," Ciara said as Bo's hand slipped into Lauren's and the three women prepared to make their way towards the door. "Goodnight, Bo," she added winking.

"Goodnight," Bo called out, looking over her shoulder at Ciara with a goofy smile on her face.

Any pretty face, Kenzi thought shaking her head at Bo as Ciara smiled and waved goodbye.

Kenzi looked over at Ciara once Bo and her girls had left the Dal.

"Thanks for giving me a ride home and everything, but don't even think about getting in on that action," Kenzi said pointing a warning finger at Ciara. "You've got more than enough red-blooded wolf-man at home to keep you occupied and I've already got more poonany in my house than one Kenzi should be forced to deal with. So just keep it in your beautifully tailored suit, Kate Winslet."

Ciara looked over at Kenzi and an amused smile touched her lips.

"Okay. Honestly, you're probably right," Ciara sighed thoughtfully. "I mean, where would we find a bed big enough for four?"

"Actually," Kenzi said tilting her head to the side thoughtfully. "I know a guy …"

When it was just Kenzi and Ciara alone, Hale picked his way across the bar over to them hoping that he could finally snatch Ciara away for moment to talk about what to get Dyson for his birthday. However, as he approached the two women he heard Kenzi saying, "… and so all I hear is 'Harder! Bo! Oh god! Bo!' and the bed is squeaking like a cot at summer camp and ..."

Hale turned around and walked back in the direction he had come from.

He'd try back later.

The End

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