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Mistyeyes sat still for a moment, somewhat in disbelief of what had happened. Blinking rapidly, the female drew herself upright stiffly, eyes narrowing somewhat. The male's mood swings were getting on her nerves, that much was certain. She was nearly running out of patience, and she usually had a lot of it. "Do you always go around yelling at people, or am I just special like that?" She growled under her breath. It was too quiet for Toothless to hear, the male was already looping back to the Black Smith's probably. Flicking her tail irritably, Mistyeyes soured, glaring at the ground.

Although she could understand Toothless's weariness of her from Nightflight, she admitted to herself that she was growing tired. Glancing over her shoulder, Mistyeyes's ears flattened to her head swiftly. Was Toothless right? Should she just give up and go back to the pack? But what would happen if she did do that? They wouldn't welcome her with open wings, that much was certain. She huffed out a puff of air, watching it form into a small cloud of vapor in front of her eyes, steaming up into the night sky. No, she couldn't go back.

And it wasn't just for her sake either. She had made friends here with Hiccup and Shadowclaw, she wasn't going to bail out on them. Getting to her feet, she felt determination sweep through her before she knew it. A plan formed in her mind, a plan that she hoped would open Toothless's eyes and make him sure that he knew where her loyalties lie. Standing still for a moment, Mistyeyes gave a small nod, turning stiffly and stalking away, picking up the pace.

"Everybody follow me!" Mistyeyes shouted as loud as she could, feet thumping on the ground with uneven beats. The cold wind lashed at her face, making her eyes water, but the dragon pelted through the camp as fast as she could, not even giving a passing glance at the dragons she flew by. "All the dragons follow me! I have a plan, but we have to work fast!" She saw Shadowclaw as she went, the smaller dragon's ears were flat and his eyes round and big as she looked at her. She didn't stop to ask what was troubling him.

The other dragons in the village looked at her skeptically as she passed them, the same confusion and hidden interest in their eyes as she observed her. But pretty soon, they all set down the work they were doing slowly, turning and picking up to match Mistyeyes's pace. It wasn't like the Night Fury had spoken to much of them at all in the days she had been here, most were just doing it to see if she actually spoke to others. The thought probably wasn't true in its own right, but nonetheless.

Coming to the edge of the village where the camp met with the woods, Mistyeyes skidded to a clumsy halt, feet kicking up dust and ash that she immediately spat out rapidly. Flattening her ears self-consciously, she turned to face the crowd of dragons waiting in front of her, eyes flying open as she saw that nearly every dragon in the village was in front of her. Shifting uneasily, Mistyeyes frantically tried to remember what she was going to say. She hadn't expected this many to follow her. She should have thought this through more, she guessed. Cursing herself mentally, Mistyeyes fought the urge to stomp on the ground with frustration.

It was a Nadder who spoke up first, the Nadder of the girl that Hiccup was friends with. "Are you going to say anything or did I follow you all the way over here for nothing?" She questioned, her voice tinged with impatience and annoyance. The other dragons murmured agreement, looks of expectancy and irritation meting Mistyeyes's own troubled one. The dragon shook herself mentally, sucking in a deep breath and blowing it out roughly. In the crowd, she caught sight of Shadowclaw sitting neatly. The youngling was looking up at her with a look something close to admiration. On his head, Ludi was perched, the cat having no trouble in balancing on top of the smaller dragon's temple. The cat flicked her ears, as if she knew exactly what was going on. Looking at Shadowclaw's blazing eyes, Mistyeyes remembered what it was like to speak in front of a large group of dragons, her familiar senses of leadership rushing back to her.

Puffing out her chest slightly, Mistyeyes took a step forward, blue eyes becoming piercing and bold. Gaze sweeping over the group in front of her, she raised her voice, making sure that it traveled well over the sea of eyes that were now trained on her. "I have something I want to share with you all." She said, starting with the obvious. "You all know that I came from the pack of Night Furies that are now attacking and threatening your home." Some glares she got from that sentence, but she ignored them swiftly. "I came here to help this village to get away from that threat, and I realized that I have been neglecting that as I came here." She paused for a moment, looking down at the ground. "I suppose I got distracted by a few things in coming here."

She jarred herself out of her thoughts. "Anyway." She said stiffly. "Nightflight and Fleetfoot are the two main dragons that are leading this pack. If we take them out first, the others will have no reason to keep fighting. But that's for later plans. Right now we need to do something more for the village besides rebuilding it. That should not be the main priority right now. The main priority is protecting the island altogether. With the humans out and fighting anyway during the raids, buildings aren't a necessity." She hesitated, marking out plans in her head.

"So what do we do?" The Nadder asked, the hostility slowly melting off of her voice. Her head was tilted to the side, ears erect and straining, drinking up every word that Mistyeyes was saying. The Night Fury looked at her, blinking. What was the Nadder's name again…? Stormfly. She had caught her talking to Toothless on occasion. Mistyeyes wondered if Toothless and Stormfly were as close as Astrid and Hiccup were, and she was confused to feel a flash of heat rush through her at the thought of them talking together.

"We have to make a plan." She said bluntly, once more stating the obvious. "We need to find a way to make the island more protected altogether. Make it harder for the other Night Furies to get close to it." Out of the corner of her eye, Mistyeyes spotted movement. Turning, the dragon was slightly surprised to see Hiccup standing at the edge of the clearing, no doubt attracted by the noise they were making. The boy seemed out of place as usual, one arm gripping the other across his chest as he stood and watched. The sight of him made Mistyeyes remember the other part. "And the humans that are too young or too old. We don't want to risk them, we have to find a way to lead them away from the village."

"What's the point of this! Will it even do anything?" A dragon's voice echoed over to her from where she stood, the owner of the voice staying hidden from her in the crowd. Mistyeyes arched up, straining to see above the other dragons, but she let out a frustrated snort as she couldn't do it. Locking her jaw back tightly, Mistyeyes felt her anger rise for an unknown reason.

"Will it do anything?" She repeated, almost in disbelief. "So you think that it WILL do anything if you just take the attacks like you've been doing? Picking up the pieces afterwards and then just waiting for the next move? Maybe I'm mistaken, but I didn't know that's how Vikings act." She glanced over at Hiccup, blue eyes meeting green. "Somebody told me that people in Berk never give up. Maybe I should have known that before now."

Looking back at the crowd, Mistyeyes nodded once more. "So if you want to keep rebuilding your houses and keep on going like that forever, then you might as well get back to that." When nobody moved, Mistyeyes couldn't help but let a small smile grace her features. "Right then." She said, more loosely now. "We have to get down to work before anything else can happen. Part of us can work to make the island harder to strike, the other parts can organize a place for the young and old to be, and lastly, the others can make sure that there can be an easy escape route if we need it."

"And what are you going to do?"

"How do we make the island unreachable?"

"This isn't going to be good, I can tell."

"Can I just go back to fortifying the houses?"

"Yeah, that was easier."

Mistyeyes opened her mouth to answer the relentless questions, but she didn't need to, surprisingly. Stormfly broke in, glaring at the ground as she stood beside the Night Fury. "You all got your jobs, Mistyeyes is right!" She called out. "We wont get anything waiting for things to play out for us! Now hope to it! This side go enforce the island, this side sort out the ones that cannot protect themselves, and the others find a hidden way to leave the island!" When nobody spoke, the Nadder barked out impatiently. "Hop to it!"

Jerking into motion, the other snapped forward, milling around quickly. Wings fluttered with impatience, barks rose into the air, telling others to hurry. Watching the others disperse, Mistyeyes hoped that this wouldn't be one of the things that would blow up in her face again. The thought made her winces, scuttling on the ground nervously as she did so. The importance of being in front of the others was melting, and yet she did not want it to go. Sighing, she turned, giving a smile at the Nadder. "Thanks." She laughed lightly. "You're Stormfly, right?"

The dragon dipped her head. "I've heard a lot about you, Mistyeyes. And…I wanted to apologize." Mistyeyes perked her ears at this, not expecting it. "When you first came here, I tried to attack you and get you out of the island, do you remember?" Realization flashed in the Night Fury's eyes, and the Nadder ducked her head. "I hope you'll excuse me. After all, you could understand why I wouldn't want…another Night Fury here."

Mistyeyes looked away, ears flat once more. "I understand." She murmured. "Trust me."

"The only problem is that the humans can't hear this." The Nadder said, brushing past Mistyeyes and marching after the group that was fortifying the island. Mistyeyes blinked, eyes sliding over to where Hiccup was standing, the boy still hadn't moved yet. "You're a good planner, Mistyeyes. You should have been here earlier."

"Hah." Mistyeyes let out a dry laugh, watching Stormfly leave until the Nadder vanished over the ridge. "Right." She hissed, looking down at the ground for a moment or two, tail flicking back and forth. It went better than she had expected at least, and she usually expected things to go wrong, of course. It was just her luck for things not to go her way. Or at least it had been like that for some time. Looking up, she felt a flash of panic as she saw Hiccup turn to leave. "Wait!" She gasped, lurching forward and rushing over to stand behind Hiccup. "I don't want this." She puffed. The boy didn't turn. "I know you can hear me. I know because you talked to me." Still nothing. "Please." She begged, voice lowering. "Please talk to me."

Hesitantly, Hiccup backtracked slightly, turning and looking back at her with a sort of pained expression. He didn't say anything, but Mistyeyes let out a sigh of relief anyhow. "You can talk to me?" She repeated her question. She didn't know how it would turn out, but she wanted a friend, somebody she could talk to. Hiccup seemed like the person to listen to her worries. "You can hear me, right? Please talk to me, I need somebody to talk to."

"…I can hear you." Hiccup spoke quietly, looking at her eyes squarely.

Mistyeyes smiled widely, not at all confused on how he could hear her. The thought didn't even cross her mind. "I'm glad." She said finally. "You seem like the kind of person that is really close to dragons." She tilted her head to the side. "You replied to me once, but that was it. I thought I must have gone crazy, or it was something of a coincidence. But now I know I'm not that crazy." She paused before adding. "I'm sort of surprised that you didn't talk to Toothless before now, after all, you've known him longer than me." At Hiccup's uncomfortable expression, she added quickly. "But I don't mind, you don't have to give me an answer, I can respect that."

"You seem pretty comfortable talking to a human." Hiccup said eventually, looking her up and down.

"I don't see much of a difference. Dragon, human, we all live together. At least, I live with humans now." Mistyeyes revised. As she spoke, she could tell that Hiccup's shoulders were relaxing slightly, drooping to a more easy stance. Mistyeyes blinked, giving the boy a smile. "I've been very interested in you, Hiccup." She said. "After all, you were the one who made this all possible, right? Or did I hear wrong?" She gestured with her tail to the village of dragons behind her as she spoke.

"No…you heard right." Hiccup said, his voice getting easier as well. He glanced behind his shoulder. "Me and Toothless, anyway. It wasn't that easy though…" Hiccup winced, looking away from Mistyeyes and training his gaze on the ground, as if he had suddenly forgotten what to say. Mistyeyes flicked her ears in agreement, ignoring the behavior. It was his first time talking with a dragon, she guessed. It wasn't as easy for him, it looked like.

"Well, if you heard me talking, could you pass on the warning to your father? We need everyone on board for this, and if we don't, it could all fall apart. That wouldn't be very good for us." Mistyeyes's ears flattened to her head, shifting her paws on the ground uneasily. Hiccup paused, before he nodded slowly.

"I could." He murmured, awkwardness hanging in the air between the two. "Although my father knows I'm not much of a fighter. He'll be pretty impressed that I came up with it on my own. I don't know what I'll tell him about that part."

"Anything can be better than saying I told you, right?" Mistyeyes joked.

Hiccup smiled, the dragon weaseling a laugh out of him finally. The female smiled.

But then her smile faltered as she looked at the ground. "I'm sorry." She whispered, closing her eyes. "I was the dragon that told Toothless to attack you in the cave. I can understand if you don't like me. I can understand if you're uncomfortable. I did a lot of things I regret, and I know I can't go back and undo them. I just hoped that maybe if I came here, I would be able to become a better dragon like Toothless. Be able to become one of Berk." She opened her eyes slightly, glancing at him. "It'll take a while, but maybe…maybe I'll be able to redeem myself."

Silence formed a bridge between them for a moment, until Hiccup stepped forward, almost touching Mistyeyes. The dragon perked, blinking as she looked over at the human. He gave her a small smile, the smile toothy and a little sloppy. "I think you'll fit in perfectly." He promised her, locking her eyes with his own.

Mistyeyes straightened, her tail curling with happiness as her blue eye shone.

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The ferns rustled loudly, Fleetfoot jumping with surprise as he turned to look over his shoulder. The foliage parted, revealing Nightflight as she stepped forward, green eyes glinting as she looked over at him. Instead of barking out orders as she usually did when she came out of her nest, the dragon padded forward, marching up to the male and settling herself down beside him. Curling her tail over her paws, Nightflight raised her head to look up at the sky almost aimlessly.

"Something wrong?" Fleetfoot asked, bending over to look at her anxiously.

The dragon chuffed. "Not at all." She said smoothly, lowering her gaze as she looked at him. "But it does seem as though we might have an obstacle." At Fleetfoot's confused look, the female explained. "The traitor Mistyeyes is rallying up the dragons in Berk, ordering them around as though she sits on a throne." She scoffed. "The dragons seem to be looking to her now."

"So what do we do?" Fleetfoot asked, blinking.

"We must go soon." Nightflight answered after a while. "Before the idiots can get too far in their 'teamwork.' As odd as it may seem, if we let it get to the point they all learn how to cooperate with one another without difficulty, it may be too late."

"I'll get the others." Fleetfoot said, getting up and stalking away. His wings were fluttering angrily, his steps thudding loudly on the ground. Nightflight flicked an ear, glancing up the clear night sky once more. The stars were like little gems in the sky winking and gleaming back at her where she sat.

"No, Fleetfoot." Nightflight said smoothly, stopping the dragon in his tracks. A confused noise came from him, but Nightflight ignored it. She instead looked across the water that surrounded their makeshift home, narrowing her eyes to slits as she looked in the direction of Berk. "We must have patience."

She twitched her tail, unsheathing her claws as her voice grew dark. "All good things come to those who wait."