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Prologue: Karakura Town

Ichigo Kurosaki walked down the narrow dust path that lead out of the forest. The place that had been his home for the past couple hundred years. Though he had been thinking of moving for a long time he never thought it would happen like this shackled and enslaved. The grating of metal against his flesh acted as a constant reminder of his predicament. Ahead of him walked a short figure garbed in a black cloak, holding the other end of the chain in its left hand. Its pale white hand the only visible feature, the rest hidden by its cloak and hood obscuring the rest of its body. Ichigo couldn't even tell if it was male or female. hence why he was referring to it as, well, it.

Ichigo stumbled, a sharp yank from the other end of the chain almost causing him to face plant in the dirt. His body felt depleted and heavy, unrested and unfed, but his captor refused to stop, preferring to play the part of the cheerful little slave driver. Ichigo had no choice but to keep walking or be dragged by the hooded little bastard...or bitch as the case may be. All he wanted was to drop by the roadside and be left alone to die; but his torment was far from over. It took them another two hours to reach the edge of the forest, and an hour after that they passed the last landmark he knew of. And then they arrived at a hill. Ichigo's legs groaned in pain as he climbed the muddy slope, but sheer will power and spite gave the streangth to reach the top.

"Ichigo Kurosaki, welcome to Karakura Town." The figure gestured toward the valley beyond. As Ichigo's eyes followed the gesture the suns rays blinded him for an instant obscuring land below. In a moment his eyes adjusted and Ichigo was left speechless. He was overlooking a giant city, stretching as far as he could see expanses of buildings covering the land for miles. Steepled towers, impossibly tall, jutted into the sky; and above the 'town', hovering in midair, were clusters of floating fortresses and temples dotted the skyline above the bustling metropolis.

"Town?" was all Ichigo remarked sarcastically.

"Sometimes," The figure replied, "Tradition precedes reality,"

Chapter: 1 New Home, New Beginnings

The black gates of Karakura town opened to let Ichigo and his captor inside. Made of scarred and pitted stone, the gates swung silently outward, commanded by an invisible force. Upon crossing the threshold the massive black gates ghosted shut behind him, sealing him into this strange new metropolis. His captor walked down the center of the street, crowds parting way before it. Ichigo felt as much as saw the glares of muted anger directed at the cloaked figure. Fleeting glances filled with pity and despair followed him down the cobbled street. The people around him were as diverse as they were numerous, men in rags and riches standing side by side in the wide street. As they continued deeper into the 'town' he heard snatches of conversations drifting through the air around him.

"Poor boy" an elderly woman mumbled before turning away with a sad look in her eyes.

"Not another one," a middle aged man whispered to some of his companions. Another one whispered back, "Shut up. Don't draw attention to us."

"Awfully popular around here, aren't you?" The figure stopped, and so did Ichigo.

"Be quite" the figure said turning its head slightly towards him, "I'm not paid enough to deal with assholes like you" Ichigo shrugged as the figure turned back and began to walk again ducking into a side ally. From there Ichigo quickly lost track of the twists and turns as the cloaked figure led him deeper into the city, the sky above lost behind overhangs and balconies above. Then all of a sudden they arrived at a dead end, a single door set into the wall. Almost immediately a small slit opened in the door, and a bayful eye regarded them for an instant before the door grated open. He leaned forward, trying to catch a glimpse of the interior, when a sharp pain sprouted in the back of his head and he collapsed into blackness.

Ichigo woke with a splitting head ache and his hands chained to the wall behind him. "Well on the bright side they have wonderful hospitality." Ichigo mumbled, taking in the room around him. Other than his chains and the door on the opposite wall the ten by ten cell was completely empty, devoid of furniture and everything else. Ichigo let out a sigh of annoyance. He was hungry, tired, pissed, and on top of that it felt like some wonderful person had just put his head through a blender. It was at this moment Ichigo decided two things. One, that whoever walked through that door, no matter who it was, he was going to be a total ass to. Two, whatever that person wanted he would resist with all the power he could muster.

And of course, that was when the door creaked open, admitting two burly men into the room.

"And who might you two be" Ichigo said bringing himself to his feet.

"You don't need to know who we are" the man on the left said "All you need to know is that we were sent here to… rough you up a bit to make you a little bit more… well… complacent." He finished while cracking his knuckles with a grin.

"I see," Ichigo said as he put his hand to his chin and put a thinking expression on his face. "So then why did they send two weaklings, did they expect your smell to knock me out?" Ichigo's remark seemed to have the desired effect as both of them clenched their fists.

"I'm going to enjoy this" the man on the right said maliciously before he charged with a yell at Ichigo who just stood there with the same thinking expression on his face. The man threw his punch which seemed to move faster than normal humans could, but still far to slow. Ichigo simply moved to the side and in one fluid motion rammed his elbow into the man's solar plexus causing him to double over gasping for breath. Without a seconds hesitation Ichigo quickly wrapped his chain around the man's neck and pushed his foot against his back causing him to black out due to loss of oxygen. All of a sudden Ichigo heard another yell as the second man came up and threw a roundhouse kick aimed for Ichigo's head. With the length of the chain Ichigo had in his hands he blocked the round kick and wrapped it around the leg, this caused the man to lose balance and fall backwards hitting the back of his head against the wall. Ichigo quickly took this opportunity to land an axe kick to the man's throat silencing him as his Adams apple stuck touched the back of his throat slowly suffocating him.

The man Ichigo had the chain tied around had stopped struggling and slumped unconscious onto the floor. Ichigo looked around at what he had done and couldn't help but think with a grin on his face that he had accomplished both of his goals in less than fifteen minutes. So with both of the men dead he sat down, resting his back against the wall and putting his feet up on the only furniture in the room as he waited for his the next idiot to make an appearance.

Ichigo woke feeling slightly less tired, and by extension less pissed. Some men came in earlier to carry out the bodies, they seemed surprised and did their job as quickly as possible. Now the candles in the room had finally burnt out, he looked around trying to judge how much time had had passed. After a few minutes Ichigo decided that it didn't really matter, he was still trapped and still in chains, he was still hungry, and he was still hoping he would be able to kick some more ass. He heard a clinking sound behind him as the length of the chains pulled into the wall, forcing him to stand up as his hands were pulled above his head. When the chain had been fully retracted he was standing, almost hanging with his hands held up above him by the shackles. He heard the door open but could not see who had entered, Ichigo heard invisible footsteps approach where he stood.

"Ichigo Kurosaki" the voice said "I believe you have something we want."

"Really, I wonder what that could be" Ichigo responded sarcastically.

"Resistance is useless Kurosaki" the voice said.

"Yet here I am resisting, and you don't seem to be doing anything about it, what could that mean?"

"We want to know about the ten seals" the voice spoke softly right next to his ear causing him to pale and shudder.

"So you do know about them" the voice said as if expecting that bodily response.

"Who are you?" Ichigo asked, his voice lower than a whisper.

"It doesn't matter who we are does it, Kurosaki" the voice replied "all you need to know is that unless you tell me, I will guarantee you shall never see your so called 'family' again."

"So then you'll kill me" Ichigo responded in a cold voice.

"Now why on earth would we do that?" the voice said questionably "You are a valuable source of information, can't say the same about the your sisters though." A slight pause. "Now then, if you would Kurosaki," the voice said coldly. Ichigo felt cold steel trace down the side of his face until it stopped at his left shoulder before piercing his skin. "My patience wears thin."

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