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Bleach Turf War: Chapter III Split Personalities

'What are you really Kurosaki Ichigo' Harribel thought as she carried Ichigo's body to his room.

Ichigo opened his eyes only to find himself in a desolate town. Crumbling buildings and dead bodies littered the landscape. Shakily Ichigo rose to his feet feeling a little uneasy 'where the hell am I' Ichigo wondered as he scanned the dead and decaying landscape.

"Hey king, nice ta finally meet chya" a feminine voice spoke from behind him. Ichigo spun around only to see a disturbingly female version of him. She was currently wearing the same clothes he was only they were inverted. She also had porcelain white skin, striking golden eyes, and long orange hair. "I'm sorry have we met before."

"Aww Ichigo I'm so hurt that you don't remember the very woman who made your life a living hell," she began as she grasped her stomach feigning pain "at least tell me you remember this place." She gestured to the dead bodies and broken buildings around her. "No I've never been here, why what happened?" Ichigo answered.

"Why my dear beloved psychotic Ichigo," she began with a maniacal grin on her face, "You have been here before."

"W-what?" Ichigo stuttered not believing what he had just heard.

"Oh I wish you could remember," she began smiling at what would appear to be a fond memory. "Your hands were slick with gore, it was as if the entire town offered themselves up to me as sacrifice! Twenty thousand lives ended by your hands, and I must say you certainty know how to show a girl a good time."

"Stop!" Ichigo screamed images passing through his head as he fell to the floor.

"It was so wonderful as you ripped one of them apart piece by piece as his family watched in sheer horror too frightened to do anything, so thorough was your dissection that I believe you ended up with about ten to twenty nice and even slices."

Ichigo was now on the floor screaming pressure building in his skull threatening to explode, as he saw a man be ripped apart piece by piece using only his hands. He could feel the bones breaking the skin ripping and worst of all the man's screams for mercy.

"Oh it was so euphoric the blood running through your hair, trickling down your scalp! Oh I can get off just thinking about it" she finished while fondling herself as she looked down at Ichigo's body lying quiet and still on the ground. "Hmm it looks like he reached his limit… after all remembering so many wonderful things at once can sometimes be hard on the brain. Although I'm sure it's just pleasure overload, kinky bastard. Anyway until next time Ichigo Kurosaki."

Ichigo opened his eyes only to be assaulted by a bright white light. He quickly found himself squinting and wondering why all the walls were a shade of ungodly white. "I see you finally woke up Ichigo." Said Harribel, Ichigo's eyes focused on Harribel sitting next to his bed "If I may ask how are you feeling?" She questioned honestly concerned for his well being, in fact she came rushing in when she heard the screaming and hadn't left his side since. Harribel just got this sense of calm around Ichigo in fact it was almost as if she was drawn to him. "I feel fine, a slight headache but other than that fine," Ichigo responded in his normal tone. "How about your Fraccion, are they alright?" "Yes Ichigo they are fine, in fact all three of them have recovered from the fight." Harribel said with a tone of relief, "However I must say none of us expected you to have that level of combat ability. If I may ask Ichigo where did you live before you came to Karakura Town." She finished with a hint of curiosity in her voice. "Under a rock," he responded flatly. "As in you were cut off from society?" She questioned her curiosity still getting the better of her. "No actually I'm speaking in the literal sense; she was a good rock always providing me shelter." He spoke fond memories flooding his brain. "I see well if you would follow me I would like to take you to the armory so that we can give you your sword."

Ichigo stood up and began to follow her out the door. "Also on our way there I will fill you in on the mercenary groups that occupy Karakura, so I would appreciate it if you listened closely. First I will start with Hueco, which is led by Aizen and is broken up into the Espada, their Fraccion, and the Privaron Espada. The Espada are broken up into numbers that state their ranking these numbers go from one to eleven the Privaron is Coyote Stark while I am Third. Each Espada may take on any number of apprentices called Fraccion. The rest of our soldiers are called Privaron Espada and are old Espada who have lost the ability to keep themselves in the Espada, understand."

"Yeah I think I get it, but what about the other Espada."

"I'm sure you'll have the pleasure and in some cases the displeasure of meeting them. Anyway I will now move onto the seireitei. The Sereite is led by the captain commander Yamamoto and is split into four separate wings each led by a group of captains except for one. These divisions are the special forces and magic division, they handle the spec ops missions and deal with magic users. The medical division led by Unohana, they do exactly what their name suggests they provide medical support for the men and women in the field. The rhino division led by captain Kenpachi Zarachi, the reason they are called the rhino division is they are sent in when the populous is deemed expendable and when they just want things destroyed beyond repair. And the last division handles the main army, this division handles large scale operations and keep guard around the seireitei twenty four seven. Last but not least is the Karakuran resistance front. They are led by Urahara and are a smaller group than Seireitei and Hueco but their men are top notch and in some cases better than many of the top mercenaries in both of its rival factions."

As Harribel finished her lecture they came up on two doors each with two swords crossing over each. "This Ichigo Kurosaki is the armory." Harribel said as she flung open the doors to reveal every weapon imaginable. As they walked down the hallway several weapons caught Ichigo's eyes, the one he favored most was a sword that looked like a giant butchers knife. However suddenly Harribel stopped her hand darting out to the side selecting a sword from the rack and displayed it to Ichigo. The it was a katana with a pitch black blade with a matching black swastika for the guard, the handle however was the color of blood and was complimented by a tastle of the same color. "As your mentor Ichigo I choose your weapon, and judging by your lack of grace you showed in battle when you fought against my Fraccion I hope this will compensate." Harribel finished inwardly smirking as Ichigo fumed which for some reason she found hilarious. However Ichigo suddenly stormed off heading toward the practice field, Harribel immediately followed trailing his right but just slightly behind him. Seeing that she may have slightly pissed him off Harribel decided it would be good to change the subject. "So Ichigo what did you think when you first saw this city," Harribel questioned.

"This city is just so vast" Ichigo said as his hand made a wide sweeping motion, his palm facing backwards and his fingers splayed. When suddenly the broad gesture was stopped, as his hand ran into, and accidentally caressed, something unbelievably soft. And accidentally squeezed, at this moment Ichigo jumped backwards out of either fear or embarrassment Harribel couldn't tell. However despite the circumstances Harribel couldn't bring herself to be truly mad at him. Instead she found his reaction priceless and decided to tease him some more.

"Ichigo Kurosaki!" she began in as pissed off a voice as she could muster. "I'm afraid that it is now my responsibility to punish you for your actions.

'Oh shit, this is all just a misunderstanding... right I mean I didn't do that on purpose.' Ichigo thought as he felt the color drain from his face and began desperately searching for a way out, for some kind of secret door in this seemingly never ending passageway, that he was sure would soon be red instead of white.

"Ichigo Kurosaki!" Harribel began almost loosing it when his face had drained of color and he began looking for a way out like a cornered mouse. "Prepare yourself."

'OH FUCK HERE IT COMES!' Ichigo thought as he closed his eyes waiting for his impending doom.

'Well here it goes,' Harribel thought as she leaned forward her lips meeting his, she had a fleeting urge to deepen the kiss, despite her reserved nature but instead she pulled away after a few seconds. "There is your punishment Ichigo... meet me in training ground seven when the shock subsides." She said as she walked away swaying her hips oh so seductively, laughing at his reaction in her mind 'yes Ichigo is definitely turning me into a very devious person,' Harribel thought. "W-w-what the fuck just happened?" Ichigo stuttered as he watched her walk away, "she couldn't have, could she." Ichigo wondered as his eyes fell on to how her hips were swaying and he promptly passed out.

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