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"Sir Edward."

Carlisle nervously walked into the chamber room in which Edward was currently occupying while playing his piano.

Edward didn't look up but by how tense his shoulders just became, Carlisle knew that he was heard.

"Lady Rosalie has arrived."

"And?" Edward didn't bother to turn around.

"Your presence is requested to greet her, sir."

"Yeah whatever, I'll be there when I get there," Edward responded.

He was not happy about yet another woman here to meet him. He was sick of all them. His household was beginning to push him to find himself a wife. At the age of now twenty-two, it seemed as thought it was time for him to begin to settle down in order to start trying for an heir, in order for his kingdom to have a guaranteed lead when his time should pass.

None of the previous lady's had been of interest to him yet. They were all too plain and proper for his taste and there was no attraction. Jessica had been the closest he had gotten to wanting but that was only because of her willingness to spread her legs, not only for him but also a few of the other men in his castle. That was not going to be something that he was going to stand for. When Edward chose to marry, she was to be his and his alone.

A grunt leaves Edward's throat as he stands and slammed the top down on his piano. When he turned around he saw that Carlisle had yet to leave the room.

"I said I would be there!" he screamed at him.

"I'm sorry, sire," Carlisle spoke back to him, "but Mrs. Platts insisted that I usher you there."

He took a step back to the door.

"Oh witch thought that I would skip out on her again did she?" He laughed thinking about the time he never showed when Lady Angela came. Truth was that he saw her arriving from one of his bedroom windows and instantly was not interested; instead he went out hunting with a few of his men.

He made his way to the door, wanting to quickly get this over with. "Tell Jasper to prepare the horses, I want to go out for a bit once I get this over with." He stormed out of the room and through the castle halls.

Once he got to the hall in which he knew the introductions were going to be made, he slammed the door open and made his way to his thrown. The servants and court members stood straight and instantly quieted, not wanting to do anything to displease their master.

Edward knew that everyone was scared of him. He knew that he was known for his temper, but was not bothered by it. He just didn't understand how it was so hard to keep their ruler happy. That was something no one was able to do. Incompetent, is what he thought of them all.

The time started to tick by and Edward grew more and more irate. Not understanding what could be taking so damn long. If the Lady was not ready to be presented yet then way had Carlisle come to gather him already?

Just as he was about to give up and go meet Jasper in the stalls, the door finally opened and people began to file in.

Mrs. Platts, the older lady who had been with Edward all is life, basically raised him after his mother's death when he was just a boy. Looking upon her, he was unable to not feel a glimpse of love towards the women. She has been there for him through everything. Trouble as a young boy, training to be a leader, and the loss of his father. Even when her husband had passed in a robbery years ago, Edward tried to do all that he could to be there for her. He could only hope that one day she could find happiness again, even in her older years. She was the only person who was able to through to him when he was throwing one of his fits.

"Sir," Mrs. Platts bowed. "Lady Rosalie." She then stepped aside to see the women behind her.

To most men, they would have been in shock. They would have seen the women to be one of the most beautiful creatures on the earth. Edward could tell by the drool that was forming on the other men's mouths.

She was blonde, blue eyed, and gorgeous. Her round breast falling out of the top of her gown, her plump lips pressed together on the beautiful face.

But to Edward she was nothing. Just another woman, who held nothing against him.

Again, his people had failed him.

He was angry.

"What the hell is this?" Edward yelled.

"Excuse me, sire?" Carlisle asked from next to him.

"A blonde? Another damn blonde? I thought I said that I was sick of them! She is probably just another mindless twit like all the rest of them. Send her away. I am done with this game. Over it. Give it up you idiots. You are not going to be able to find the right one." Edward stood and started make his way out of the hall. "Start dinner, now! Jasper and I are going out and we will be back in a few hours. I want all my favorites prepared. You might as well let this women have a good dinner before you have to send her on her way tomorrow because of you mistakes in letting her come."

Huffing he walked past the people.

"You!" He turned to hear the unfamiliar voice. "You have no courtesy nor are you gracious to anyone. You don't deserve anything that you have." It was Rosalie, but her voice was dark, it not matching her immaculate exterior.

"Whatever." He started to walk out.

A strong gust of wind blew, slamming the doors shut. Surprised, Edward jumped and turned to face the crowd.

Rosalie, now surrounded by a dark cloud like a shadow, forming over her. It looked evil. "A lesson much be taught here. You, Sir, have no honor or respect for those around you. And unfortunately for them, they must suffer as well. You suck the life out of all those around you, making them live as miserable as you choose to. If it is your wish to live a long and lonely life alone, be it as what you will receive.

"You Edward have until your thirtieth birthday. You have until then to find a maiden in which to love you for the lifeless man that you are. Upon that day, if the task is not complete, you will live forever alone, continuously feeding off the human life, as you already do."

"In respect to the household and there generousness I will vow to protect them forever from you. Eight years, Edward, you have eight years or you will forever be this beast."

Then the cloud of smoke expanded, blackening out the entire room.

Minutes later when it finally thinned out, Rosalie was nowhere to be seen, but instead in her place is a large sand hour glass. Engraved on the bottom of it was the date of his thirtieth birthday.

Still not believing anything that crazy women had said Edward choose to ignore the show that he had just witnessed and made his way to the stalls to meet Jasper. As he was beginning to speak out he noticed that no one else was in the room either.

"Carlisle!" He yelled out.

"Over here sir." Edward looked around but didn't see another human.

Instead there were different objects everywhere.

"Where?" Edward yelled out.

"Down here sir."

When Edward looked down, he gasped, not sure what his eyes were seeing. "What is this?"

"Her curse, sir."

"What?" He still did not believe his eyes. "What kind of sick joke is this!"

"Sir?" He heard Mrs. Platts voice, but again was unable to see where she was in the mess of everything laying around. "Your teeth sir."

"My teeth?" Edward questioned before bringing his hand up to feel them. They were different. Some were larger. Looking around he spotted a wardrobe in the middle of the hall, where he could have sworn was where Alice was standing earlier. He ran to it to look into the mirrors reflection.

That's when he saw it and was sure that this was no joke.

The fangs.

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